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The Marvelous Wonderettes
The Marvelous Wonderettes May 28 - Jun 26, 2022

This smash Off-Broadway hit takes you to the 1958 Springfield High School prom, where we meet Betty Jean, Cindy Lou, Missy, and Suzy: four girls with hopes and dreams as big as their crinoline skirts! As we learn about their lives and loves, the girls serenade us with classic '50s hits including "Lollipop," "Dream Lover," "Stupid Cupid," and "Lipstick on Your Collar." In Act II, the Wonderettes reunite to take the stage and perform at their ten-year reunion. We learn about the highs and lows the girls have experienced in the past decade and are charmed to find that no matter what life throws their way, they will conquer it together. Featuring over 30 classic '50s and '60s hits, The Marvelous Wonderettes will keep you smiling in this must take musical trip down memory lane!

Come From Away
Come From Away May 31 - Jun 12, 2022

Following well-received engagements on Broadway and its premiere city Toronto, this new hit musical based on true events will launch its first-ever national tour in Seattle in October 2018! Nominated for eight Tony Awards and nine Drama Desk gongs, this is a musical that celebrates human endurance, compassion and bravery under dreadful circumstances. Written by Canadian husband and wife team Irene Snakoff and David Hein, this surprise hit is the toast of Broadway.

Uncle Vanya
Uncle Vanya Jun 1 - Jun 26, 2022

This exhilarating revival pairs one of the greatest plays ever written with the world's most celebrated translators of Russian literature. After years of caring for their family's crumbling estate, Vanya and his niece receive an unexpected visit from his brother-in-law and his alluring wife. When hidden passions and tumultuous frustrations come to a boil in the heat of the Russian summer, their lives threaten to come undone. Comic, cutting, and true to life, this translation of Uncle Vanya provides an up-close, conversational-style encounter with a classic drama that every theater-lover must see.

King James
King James Jun 1 - Jul 3, 2022

In a town that was searching for someone to look up to, no figure loomed as large as LeBron James. Playwright Rajiv Joseph (Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo) chronicles the friendship of two Clevelanders as they bond over the rise of the greatest player in Cavaliers' history. Tony Award winner Kenny Leon (A Raisin in the Sun) directs this new play from the Pulitzer Prize-short lister hailed as "wonderfully daring, imaginative, and compassionate" (The New York Times). 

California Coast Classic
California Coast Classic Jun 1

In this one-woman show, Luella chronicles the years of training and setbacks that eventually led to her 525-mile bike ride down the coast. Come along on the adventure and experience the hills of San Francisco, the beauty of the 17-mile drive, the challenge of the Twin Sisters, the charm of California's wineries and vineyards and the allure of the Pacific coastline and all the people along the way that made this trip "The Ride of a Lifetime!" And who knows, maybe you too will take the adventure!

Dead Skin
Dead Skin Jun 2 - Jun 25, 2022

Dead Skin is told from the perspective of seventeen-year-old Andie. She is a human sponge for connection, unaware of the neglect she's endured from all spheres of her life, causing her immense intimacy issues; a simple touch to her hand sends Andie into a spiral of hyper-sexuality and self-hatred simultaneously. Approaching her eighteen birthday, Andie decides that she needs to find her mother to cure her maternal pain. Andie sees visions of her mother everywhere and plays out how her mother and father met in the convenience store she works at. This plot is mirrored by Andie falling for her best friend Maggie (played by Ashlee Juergens), her first queer love, in the same convenience store.

Interstate Jun 2 - Jun 26, 2022
East West Players at David Henry Hwang Theater

INTERSTATE is the touching story about how two transgender people at different stages of their journey navigate love, family, masculinity, and finding a community in the era of social media. It tells two stories - that eventually intersect.

Cassandra Jun 2 - Jun 25, 2022

Cassandra is an original chamber musical with a story by McMahon, a book by Anthea Carns, and featuring the songs of Patti Smith. After centuries of having men write about her--and put words in her mouth--Cassandra is given the opportunity to tell her own story. Invited by The Three Fates, she relives and reflects upon her life, her prophecies and the relationships she has with the three important women in her life: her mother (Hecuba), her avenger (Athena) and her murderer (Clytemnestra). Most powerfully, she considers a question all can find resonant: if you know your actions can't or won't change things, why do you bother?

In The Heights
In The Heights Jun 3 - Jun 26, 2022

In the Heights tells the universal story of a vibrant community in New York's Washington Heights neighborhood - a place where the coffee from the corner bodega is light and sweet, the windows are always open and the breeze carries the rhythm of three generations of music. It's a community on the brink of change, full of hopes, dreams and pressures, where the biggest struggles can be deciding which traditions you take with you, and which ones you leave behind. Written by Lin-Manuel Miranda (Hamilton), this hip musical will win you over with its sweet story and hot tunes!

The Desperate Hours
The Desperate Hours Jun 3 - Jul 10, 2022

Father, mother, daughter and son are captive and have their mettle tested as they try to prevail over a terrifying situation. Hayes' storytelling is gripping and this taut thriller races to a breathtaking conclusion.

Breed or Bust
Breed or Bust Jun 3 - Jun 19, 2022

With her breeding window rapidly shrinking, she reflects on her abortions, the father of her abortions and the complexity of modern womanhood. A timely dark comedy with deep heart.

We Are Traffic: An Uber Adventure
We Are Traffic: An Uber Adventure Jun 3 - Jun 25, 2022

When Jonathan Tipton Meyers lost his girlfriend, his business and his identity, he got in his car and drove. With the audience in the backseat, this bravura monologue chronicles Jonathan's two-year journey through the Los Angeles gig economy via Uber and Lyft. In a timely story simultaneously personal and universal, heartbreaking and hilarious, he explores - through vignettes based on actual passengers - how the vehicles of segregation might just be our best hope for integration.

Harvey Jun 3 - Jul 10, 2022

Elwood P. Dowd insists on including his friend Harvey in all of his sister Veta's social gatherings. Trouble is, Harvey is an imaginary six-and-a-half-foot-tall rabbit. To avoid future embarrassment for her family - and especially for her daughter Myrtle Mae - Vita decides to have Elwood committed to a sanitarium. At the sanitarium, a frantic Veta explains to the staff that her years living with Elwood's hallucination have caused her to see Harvey also. It seems that Elwood and his invisible companion have more influence than expected, but is that really so bad?

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner Jun 3 - Jul 17, 2022

A progressive white couple's proud liberal sensibilities are put to the test when their daughter brings her black fiance home to meet them in this fresh and relevant stage adaptation of the iconic film. Blindsided by their daughter's whirlwind romance and fearful for her future, Matt and Christina Drayton quickly come to realize the difference between supporting a mixed-race couple in your newspaper and welcoming one into your family. They're surprised to find they aren't the only ones with concerns about the match, and it's not long before a multi-family clash of racial and generational difference sweeps across the Draytons' idyllic San Francisco residence. At the end of the day, will the love between young Joanna and John prevail? With humor and insight, Guess Who's Coming to Dinner begins a conversation sure to continue at dinner tables long after the curtain comes down.

Paper Cuts
Paper Cuts Jun 3 - Jun 24, 2022

Books. As children, they were our gateways to the past, the present, and the future. They took us to faraway lands and taught us right from wrong. But as adults, we know they're full of it. This 60 minute sketch comedy show is a wacky tribute to the historical figures and fictional characters of yesteryear, the frazzled adults of today, and the literary tomes that set up their readers to fail. Come laugh and sing with some of the freshest young comic talents in LA as we slap a band-aid on our PAPER CUTS!

The Pig Farm
The Pig Farm Jun 3 - Jun 25, 2022

In the wee hours of the morning, two young, devoted Christian women find their faith in the Lord tested as they attempt to dispose of the evidence of a recent overzealous display of faith by feeding it to pigs housed on a rural farm. Caught in the act, these young women find the evening becomes progressively more complex, morbid and dangerous as they encounter test after test of both super and natural origin. Their attempts to assuage their God, explain away their actions, and save their own lives and souls, turns into a rollicking debate on faith, the afterlife, and the existence of the devil herself.

The Undiscovered Country: The Skeptic's Guide to the Afterlife
The Undiscovered Country: The Skeptic's Guide to the Afterlife Jun 4 - Jun 21, 2022

While on vacation in Mexico, Larry Davidson was overcome by the apparent effects of food poisoning. Airlifted to a San Diego emergency room, he flatlined. However, he didn't stay dead. He came back to life. He did not emerge from the experience entirely unscathed. What he did have was a second chance at life.

Is It History or Is It His-Story?
Is It History or Is It His-Story? Jun 4 - Jun 25, 2022

Kirsten has been tasked to find heroes in American History for her drama class. She finds herself on a game show called Opposing Viewpoints, where pundits from across the ideological spectrum get to decide which historical figures get to be included in the Almighty 7th Grade History Book, (The audience gets to cast votes, too. Among the figures under consideration: Mercy Otis Warren, a playwright during the American Revolution; Phillis Wheatley, sold into servitude by the chief of her West African tribe, who later purchased her freedom with the earnings from her volume of poetry; Sarah Josepha Hale, magazine editor and originator of the Thanksgiving holiday as we know it today, while glossing over its darker origins.

Tru Jun 4 - Jun 25, 2022

Tru is set in New York City - 1975 - Truman Capote's Penthouse Apartment - The Eve of Christmas Eve. Currently ostracized from polite society due to his allowing Esquire Magazine to publish a salacious chapter from his upcoming novel 'Answered Prayers'. This one-person show finds Truman "A little agitated!" as he navigates being one of the first high profile celebrities to be officially canceled. Tru breaks the third wall as he talks on the phone with friends and associates, speaking directly to the audience regarding his life, career, friendships, lovers, and secret childhood wish to be a girl.

Schmaltzy and Princie: Diary of a Not-So-Great Daddy's Girl
Schmaltzy and Princie: Diary of a Not-So-Great Daddy's Girl Jun 4 - Jun 18, 2022

MaryLee has never been able to wholeheartedly commit to, or finish, well... anything. Even with her daddy's undying support. MaryLee's dad, 'Schmaltzy' has been her best friend her entire life, always there for her. Her mother, not so much. Now in her fifties, with a Sundance screenwriting competition deadline looming that could be a life-changer, she clings to Anaïs Nin's words, "And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom." MaryLee has less than three days to "blossom", for however much a post-menopausal woman can blossom, she needs to overcome her fears, stop dreaming and start doing-and it all begins with this script. But before she can succeed, a few people in her life are going to have to go.

Crude Jun 4 - Jun 25, 2022

A Completely Unauthorized Play About The Baddest of The Rock and Roll Bad Boys. Not authorized or endorsed by Motley Crüe. A darkly humorous drama starring Ryan Ruffing, Phillip-Charlie Daniell and Madison Hansen. Rated PG-13. In the early 1980's a band rose up from the streets of Hollywood to become a cultural phenomenon and for one brief shining moment all things seemed possible.

Mother Grace
Mother Grace Jun 4 - Jun 26, 2022

The protagonist, Linus Stephenson, has a heart of gold and has touched countless lives during his decades of ministry work. He proudly attributes his effect on people to the healing influence of God, who turned him from an abused little boy and tormented young man into a pillar of the community. Yet there is much we do not know. Even as Linus uses the Lord's strength to aid a traumatized young congregant, he realizes he may have entered a battle in which even his spiritual mother cannot help him. Yet if she can, does he deserve it? This timely play builds on the strength of the #MeToo movement while asking timeless and universal questions.

No One Will Be Immune and other plays and pieces
No One Will Be Immune and other plays and pieces Jun 4 - Jun 24, 2022

These short one-act plays, all published in the 90s, revolve around a single question - when one person tells a story, can any other person truly understand? They are: "Almost Done"|"No One Will Be Immune"|"A Perfect Mermaid"| "Sunday Afternoon"|"L.A. Sketches" (Total running time: 60 minutes.)

Tommy Cooper: I Didn't Let You Down, Did I?
Tommy Cooper: I Didn't Let You Down, Did I? Jun 4 - Jun 25, 2022

The King of British comedy comes roaring back to life in the solo show "Tommy Cooper: I Didn't Let You Down, Did I?". This hilarious, heartbreaking show is about addiction, love, and success, delving deep into the psychology of the famously private comedian and magician as he lingers in his dressing room before his final performance.

A Dream at the End of Time
A Dream at the End of Time Jun 4 - Jun 25, 2022

The musical is an adaptation of the H.P. Lovecraft short story "The Quest of Iranon"; in it, an immortal bard is on a journey to find his lost homeland of Aira. Along the way, he encounters Romnod, a youth who longs for art and music, who joins Iranon on his mission. As they get closer to their destination, though, it becomes clear that Iranon isn't who he seems.

25 Plays Per Hour
25 Plays Per Hour Jun 4 - Jun 23, 2022

25 Plays Per Hour is back at the Hollywood Fringe Festival with June performances at studio/stage. The rebirth of the "Super Short," 25PPH features 25 BRAND NEW short, original plays featuring a handful of the company's premiere actors playing over 50 characters in just one hour! Fusing comedy, drama and everything in between, these amazing pieces are set in a specific order to provide an emotional crux and unique thru-line to create a theatrical journey for the audience in 60 minutes or less. It's speed theatre at its best!

Stilettos and Steel
Stilettos and Steel Jun 4 - Jun 19, 2022

The thrilling new rock musical Stilettos and Steel will make its debut at the Hollywood Fringe Festival on June 4, 12 and 19. Stilettos is based on the true story of a suburban girl who ran away to San Francisco in the 1960s and became the top gangster and pimp of the Tenderloin District. The show grapples with issues of gender identity, morality, and how far you'd go to discover your true self.

Mr. Malcolm's Music Factory
Mr. Malcolm's Music Factory Jun 4 - Jun 26, 2022

MR. MALCOLM'S MUSIC FACTORY is an all-ages puppet show devoted to social/emotional learning and having fun! Mr. Malcolm and his friends - Lord Boom Boom Stick the cat, Willow the garden weasel, and Sandewanda the lizard - create music and rhythms in their lighthouse factory. But something has been happening: Strange blotches have been attaching to the lighthouse lamp, making the light dimmer and changing everyone's mood! As things get darker, Malcolm and his pals have to discover what they can do to bring back the light!

She Is History!
She Is History! Jun 5

Why do we know more about Kim Kardashian than Abigail Adams? Alarmed and inspired when her 10-year-old daughter planned on doing her women's history project on Cher, Amy Simon wrote She's History!, a fascinating and funny solo play about women who made and make history. Told through the eyes of a modern single mother, the show employs multimedia, audience interaction and storytelling to bring to life "the most dangerous women in America ... then and now." Audiences ages 10 and older will be entertained while learning about the struggles and triumphs of such movers and shakers as Abigail Adams, Bella Abzug, Shirley Chisholm and Sojourner Truth, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Eleanor Roosevelt, Golda Meir, Malala Yousafzai and more.

Housewife '52
Housewife '52 Jun 5 - Jun 25, 2022

Housewife '52, the new "physical-musical" by acclaimed creator and Hollywood Fringe veteran John Wuchte (Scarlett Fever), focuses on a day in the life of four women and the men in their lives as they prepare for a party in 1952. As the women wake, we learn of their dreams and fears and follow them through the day. Secrets are revealed, deceptions are confronted, Tupperware is burped, and laundry is folded. This WORLD PREMIERE features seven full, original songs and the use of a four-piece band (with live percussion) as its tale is also told through gesture, movement and dance, along with song and text, making it a truly unique theatrical experience.

I Wanna Fall in Love
I Wanna Fall in Love Jun 5 - Jun 25, 2022

I Wanna Be in Love is a romantic memoir of sorts. Shelley has been in love at various times with different people in widely disparate corners of the globe. Beautiful and gifted with exceptional musical talent, she's a catch. Nonetheless, she is single, and wants to fall in love again. She asks, "Why would anyone want to fall in love? What's the payoff? Why would any sane person put themselves through this?" After all these questions, she still concludes, "I wanna fall in love."

Thom Pain (based on nothing)
Thom Pain (based on nothing) Jun 5 - Jun 25, 2022

The play is an existential comedy ... or maybe it's not ... about the beautiful mysteries of the human experience and what may happen when one holds on to them, never being able to make total sense of them, buries them - and then suddenly needs to talk about it all. A meditation on disappointment? An exercise in futility? An attempt, perhaps, to not feel so alone in the world.

A Terrible Show for Terrible People
A Terrible Show for Terrible People Jun 5 - Jun 24, 2022

A Terrible Show for Terrible People is a unique entertainment, non-verbal (i.e., there are only two spoken words) physical comedy, with movement, dance, brief video clips, burlesque, some audience participation and some props. Prominent among the props are pickles. You and Dr. Freud may make of that what you will.

Camp Ginger: An Original Musical
Camp Ginger: An Original Musical Jun 5 - Jun 16, 2022

In this original musical, Steve Trzaska plays a variety of characters. He's a redhead, and Camp Ginger is a metaphor, with redheaded campers and counselors standing for the characters he meets on his semi-autobiographical journey. Substantive themes covered include navigating puberty, bullying, faith, sexual abuse, and coming to terms with one's sexuality (Steve's gay). The show's musical score and comedic tone make the material accessible without being preachy.

Tragic Magic
Tragic Magic Jun 5 - Jun 26, 2022

A riveting saga of tragedy, trauma, transformation and recovery. Daughter of Lithuanian "DP's" (displaced persons), needing to fit in, Sigute experienced the dragon of addiction at an early age. From hanging with the bad boys, harrowing blackouts, falling prey to the "casting couch", a "star" of Rodeo Drive, endangering her young daughter, confrontations with the law, to getting sober, transforming in India, and reconnecting with her first love - nature - she weaves her redemptive journey with raw honesty, pathos, song, poems and humor.

Lyme Disease: The Musical
Lyme Disease: The Musical Jun 5 - Jun 26, 2022

In the world premiere of this musical dark comedy at the Hollywood Fringe Festival, an optimistic young woman is stricken by a mysterious illness and must navigate unsympathetic doctors, disbelieving friends, and her own depression as she fights to recover both her health and sense of hope. Book & Lyrics by Ellen Thompson. Music by Hughie Stone Fish. Directed by Robert Glen Decker.

Dog Jun 5 - Jun 25, 2022

Beer, liquor and football. The three things Dog needs to get by. And right now, he needs a whole lot of each one. A searing dark comedy about a man coping with the death of his dog, "DOG" is a dirty, rollicking dive into the lure of alcohol, the power of America's game and the lengths we'll go to remain in denial - all while waking up from the worst blackout ever.

Criminal Genius
Criminal Genius Jun 5 - Jun 26, 2022

This play follows the excursions of the low life thug Rolly and his son Stevie. Rolly and Stevie have been hired by a Mafioso Boss to burn down a restaurant. Instead of torching the restaurant, the two criminals kidnap the head chef who turns out to be the daughter of the man who hired them and in true three stooges' fashion, chaos ensues.

Abortion Weekend
Abortion Weekend Jun 5 - Jun 23, 2022

Written by multifaceted creatives Jairis Carter and Mareshah Dupree, "ABORTION WEEKEND" is a hilarious, honest, and heartfelt representation of the young, gifted, and black femme experience in America today. Adulthood hits preacher's daughter Dazia (Jairis Carter) full force as she unexpectedly gets pregnant the summer before her senior year of college. Her best friend and ride or die Ayanna (Mareshah Dupree) takes it upon herself to plan a wild and crazy "Abortion Weekend" in order to terminate the pregnancy.

Buskers Ball
Buskers Ball Jun 5 - Jun 25, 2022

Who is Mikey? He's been the boogeyman of the streets for months, terrorizing women who are unlucky enough to cross his path. That is, until Anora North, a street busker, tipped off the coppers as to Mikey's whereabouts. That should have been the end of it with Mikey behind lock and key. But last night Mikey escaped and the word on the street is that he's not too happy that Anora ratted him out. News of Mikey's escape breaks at the Busker's Ball, an annual party where Johanna Tart showcases top busking talent in hopes of recruiting new busker's. But Mikey's out there somewhere. Could even be at the party right now looking for that busker that ratted him out.

It's In Our Bones
It's In Our Bones Jun 5 - Jun 25, 2022

Olive and Amber are sisters who are ten years apart in age and lifetimes apart in personal experience. Manic and uncontrollable Olive has been living at the family cabin trying to perfect the ultimate suicide note. She also has come to believe the supernatural family folklore. She's interrupted by her younger, controlling sister, Amber, bringing news from the outside. They clash and Olive runs off into the woods in search of her lost family when a drifter appears claiming he knows the supernatural family secrets. Ultimately, the plays covers themes of loss, mental illness, family and reconnection.

Tight Jun 5 - Jun 24, 2022

In Tight: Sexy Stories About Pelvic Pain, the Upright Citizens Brigade veteran pulls back the covers on her private struggle with sexual dysfunction in a comedic yet deeply personal solo show.

Ben and George
Ben and George Jun 5 - Jun 25, 2022

Two friends, Ben and George, decide to get an apartment together. Will these two reconcile their differences and have a beautiful romance? or will George kill Ben? Find out in the newest dark comedy from fringe veteran Lorne Stevenson.

The Toughest Man In Chicago
The Toughest Man In Chicago Jun 5 - Jun 25, 2022

The Toughest Man In Chicago tells the story of cantankerous Chicago columnist Mike Royko, a 34-year newspaper veteran who wrote 7,500 columns in his career, this year marks the 25th anniversary of his passing. Royko wrote about the city the way people like to think of themselves: cynical, humorous, and with compassion for the little guy.

This Remains Between Us
This Remains Between Us Jun 5 - Jun 25, 2022

In this macabre and darkly funny play, sisters Cora and April reunite after years of estrangement to pack up their childhood home. But lurking in the attic, a dark secret threatens to shatter their tenuous relationship and ruin their entire lives. Premiering as part of the Hollywood Fringe Festival.

Blood Pig
Blood Pig Jun 5 - Jun 26, 2022

What happens when a naive virgin and a hard-nosed cop are trapped in a basement by a Satanic cult member? All hell breaks loose! Blood Pig is a bromantic horror comedy that explores how some relationships feel like they are impossible to escape.

Stomp Jun 7 - Jun 11, 2022

The performers "make a rhythm out of anything we can get our hands on that makes a sound," says co-founder/director Luke Cresswell. A unique combination of percussion, movement and visual comedy, STOMP has created its own inimitable, contemporary form of rhythmic expression: both household and industrial objects find new life as musical instruments in the hands of an idiosyncratic band of body percussionists. It is a journey through sound, a celebration of the everyday and a comic interplay of characters wordlessly communicating through dance and drum.

Too Big for her Britches
Too Big for her Britches Jun 7 - Jun 25, 2022

Too Big for Her Britches centers around the battle between the main character, Luna's, Inner Shame and inner Warrioress. After a near miss of being wiped out by a transport truck, Luna questions everything about her life. Journey with her through heartbreak, bullying, eating disorders, mental health, generational trauma, narcissistic mothering, and finding her light.

Call Me Elizabeth
Call Me Elizabeth Jun 7 - Jun 12, 2022

Fresh off her triumph as Best Actress for "Butterfield 8" and recovery from a recent brush with death, Elizabeth Taylor is struggling with her hardest role yet: herself. Told as an intimate conversation with her biographer, this captivating one-woman show examines the movie star's early life, career and loves as she grapples with the culture of celebrity and her place as Hollywood's brightest star.

Chriskirkpatrickmas: A Boy Band Christmas Musical
Chriskirkpatrickmas: A Boy Band Christmas Musical Jun 7 - Jun 25, 2022

It's Christmas Eve 2009 and Chris Kirkpatrick from *NSYNC has a decision to make. A parody mashup of holiday classics A Christmas Carol and It's A Wonderful Life featuring 9 original songs composed by Valen Shore, with book and lyrics co-written by Shore and Alison Zatta.

The Legend of Georgia McBride
The Legend of Georgia McBride Jun 8 - Jun 26, 2022

International City Theatre presents the The Legend of Georgia McBride, a crowd-pleasing, music-filled, laugh-out-loud comedy by Matthew Lopez. Casey is young and broke, with a baby on the way and the landlord knocking on his door. Now, the owner of the bar where Casey works as an Elvis impersonator has replaced his act with a B-level drag show, and Casey's about to learn a lot about show business-and himself.

Andre and Dorine
Andre and Dorine Jun 8 - Jun 19, 2022

If you missed it before, here's your chance: Spain's celebrated Kulunka Teatro returns to the Los Angeles Theatre Center with Andre & Dorine, the company's poignant depiction of love and aging disrupted by Alzheimer's. This Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle award-winning production tells the story of an elderly couple-Andre with his typewriter, Dorine with her cello-and how they relive and reinvent their love together as the disease becomes a permanent part of their relationship. Three actors portray more than 15 different characters, telling the story with masks, gesture and movement, with no spoken dialogue.

Sleuth Jun 9 - Jun 26, 2022
Ensemble Theatre Company at The New Vic

An exquisitely constructed comic thriller, Anthony Shaffer's classic play of cat-and-mouse games was a hit on Broadway in the late 1960s and the basis for two hit movies (both starring Michael Caine). The cast includes John Tufts, whose acclaimed performances in An Iliad and I Am My Own Wife thrilled ETC's audiences.

West Jun 9 - Jun 25, 2022

West lyrically tells the hauntingly beautiful story of a couple who fall in love and decide to leave Wales in order to build a new life in the New World.

The Irish Curse
The Irish Curse Jun 9 - Jun 19, 2022

What "The Irish Curse" is - and how it manifests itself - is the raw centerpiece of this wicked, rollicking and very funny new play. From its blistering language to its brutally honest look at sex and body image, The Irish Curse is a revealing portrait of how men, and society, define masculinity. In doing so, it dares to pose the fundamental question that has been on the minds of men since the beginning of time: "Do I measure up to the next guy?"

And...Out Of The Blue - A Miraculous Musical
And...Out Of The Blue - A Miraculous Musical Jun 10 - Jun 11, 2022

Writer-composer-performer Eli Hans portrays 25 characters in this swift-paced musical journey. Eli is Mexican-Polish-Jewish and gay. After a dire cancer diagnosis, Eli must learn to make peace with his past as a gay kid on a quest for love. As he navigates his several identities, dealing with his parents and learning to accept himself through shame and fear, coping with tragic loss, and struggling with cancer, he miraculously finds The One (his true love) and manages to turn all of those challenges around. Infused with humor and original music, And... Out of the Blue is a heart-warming and inspiring true story celebrating the resilience of the human spirit.

The Tanner
The Tanner Jun 10 - Jun 25, 2022

A searing portrayal of the reality of the battles fought by the Scottish freedom fighter William Wallace, as seen through the eyes of a common soldier (The Tanner).

The Merry Wives of Windsor
The Merry Wives of Windsor Jun 11 - Oct 2, 2022

Shakespeare's buoyant comedy, re-set in 1950s small-town America to a score of rockin' '50s tunes. When opportunistic schemer and womanizer John Falstaff blows into town on his Harley and tries to woo two wealthy women at once, the townspeople gleefully plot his comeuppance. Things might seem picture perfect in "Small Town U.S.A"... but just underneath the surface, the fight for women's rights has begun in full force.

From a Yardie to a Yankee
From a Yardie to a Yankee Jun 11

This vivid presentation portrays writer and performer Sardia Robinson's epic struggles from the murderous streets of Kingston, Jamaica to the deadly consequences of Chicago's drug wars. The one-woman show starring Robinson is full of colorful characters (she portrays eleven different roles), powerful portrayals, obstacles overcome, and heartwarming humor. This show will grip your heart and imagination.

The Beautiful People
The Beautiful People Jun 11 - Jul 25, 2022
Rogue Machine at The Matrix

It's the late '90's and you're hanging out in the basement of an average home, somewhere in suburban America, with two teenagers as they stay up on a school night; chugging soda, watching MTV and preparing for the future. As the morning approaches, their seemingly innocent sleepover reveals another purpose...what are they doing down here?

The Hebrew Hillbilly:  Fifty Shades of Oy Vey!
The Hebrew Hillbilly: Fifty Shades of Oy Vey! Jun 12

The longest-running solo musical play in the USA, The Hebrew Hillbilly: Fifty Shades of Oy Vey! makes its way to the Santa Monica Playhouse. Raised in the Deep South, Shelley Fisher has had success as a jazz and blues vocalist and a recording artist in L.A., along with creating her own romantic-comedy cooking show, Forkplay. She even had a close encounter with The King, Elvis! Her tale is a heartwarming testament to the power of dreams, determination and finding purpose beyond the Hollywood sign. The Hebrew Hillbilly, her funny and moving musical celebration, features 17 original Memphis-inspired pop, blues and rock 'n' roll songs, which she penned with pop composers Harold Payne and Ken Hirsch. This show is recommended for ages 12 and older.

All American
All American Jun 12 - Jun 25, 2022

All American, a new drama laced with comedy, time travel and magical realism. The world is so chaotic that time itself has broken. Two families from 1971 and 2021 live in the same house at the same time. A modern-day teen plans a school shooting, but his plans go awry when he connects to the other characters and reconnects to his own humanity.

A Midsummer Night's Dream
A Midsummer Night's Dream Jun 12 - Oct 1, 2022

Theatricum returns with its signature production, an annual event infusing Shakespeare's beautiful language with music and song to heighten the pleasure. The most magical outdoor setting in Los Angeles is once again transformed into an enchanted forest inhabited by lovers both fairy and human. Shakespeare conjures a world of wonder, magic and romance where comical misunderstandings and the pain of unrequited love are resolved, and all is reconciled through midsummer night revelries and the enduring power of nature.

Pretty Woman: The Musical
Pretty Woman: The Musical Jun 15 - Jul 3, 2022

One of Hollywood's most beloved stories of all time, PRETTY WOMAN: The Musical is brought to life by a powerhouse creative team representing the best of music, Hollywood, and Broadway. Featuring direction and choreography by two-time Tony Award winner Jerry Mitchell (Hairspray, Kinky Boots, Legally Blonde), an original score by Grammy winner Bryan Adams and Jim Vallance ("Summer of '69", "Heaven"), and a book by the movie's legendary director Garry Marshall and screenwriter J.F. Lawton, PRETTY WOMAN: The Musical will lift your spirits and light up your heart. "If you love the movie, you'll love the musical!" (BuzzFeed News).

Perra de Nadie (Nobody's Bitch)
Perra de Nadie (Nobody's Bitch) Jun 15 - Jun 26, 2022
Latino Theater Company at The Los Angeles Theatre Center

Latino Theater Company presents Spanish dancer, choreographer and performance artist Marta Carrasco in Perra de Nadie ("Nobody's Bitch"). In the deepest part of everyone, where the underworld of vulnerability, madness, tenderness and fragility exist, lives Lili and her night watchmen, and her endearing vastness blooms. Marta Carrasco's highly original creations, influenced by artists such as Mary Wigman, Martha Graham and Pina Bausch, are characterized by an expressionist and grotesque aesthetic and are performed without dialogue. The topics she deals with illuminate the darkness and imperfection of humanity.

A Midsummer Night's Dream
A Midsummer Night's Dream Jun 17 - Aug 13, 2022
Open Fist Theatre Company at Atwater Village Theatre

Open Fist Theatre Company presents a provocative new production of A Midsummer Night's Dream set in the Antebellum South. Intrigued by the Mechanicals' line "That would hang us every mother's son," director James Fowler has moved the action from Athens, Greece to Athens, Georgia circa 1855. There, with Shakespeare's text unchanged, we enter a world where the magic of an enslaved people plays out in the lives of those to whom they remain invisible.

Afghanistan Is Not Funny
Afghanistan Is Not Funny Jun 18 - Jun 25, 2022

In 2002, UK comedian and 3-time Edinburgh Fringe First winner, Henry Naylor, went to the Afghan War Zone to conduct research for Naylor's Edinburgh Fringe play "Finding Bin Laden." They were threatened by a war criminal, captured by the Mujhadeen, and almost blown up by the Taliban. Now, as the Taliban return to power, Naylor incisively asks: what has been lost in the ruins of Kabul?

I'm With Stupid
I'm With Stupid Jun 18 - Jun 25, 2022

The US premiere of director, screenwriter, author, storyteller and stand-up comedian jD (sic) Shapiro's uniquely comedic account of his unconventional journey from scrappy New Jersey childhood to collaborations with Hollywood icons Mel Brooks ("Robin Hood Men in Tights"), John Travolta ("Battlefield Earth"), Stan Lee ("The Guardian Project"), and many others.

Etta Mae Mumphries: And the Rest Is History!
Etta Mae Mumphries: And the Rest Is History! Jun 19

Nobody tells stories like Etta Mae Mumphries. And nobody has met and influenced so many important people! You may not have heard of Etta Mae, but surely you know of Josephine Baker, Billie Holiday, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Sammy Davis, Jr., and the list goes on and on. Known sometimes as the "Geriatric Forrest Gump," Miss Etta Mae is a font of biblical wisdom and encourager extraordinaire. Her hilarious words of wisdom will bless your soul and have you in stitches all at the same time. If you are a fan of Dame Edna, Tyler Perry's Madea or your own Grandma - you will love Etta Mae. She is topical, rhetorical, and always HYSTERICAL! Enjoy this joyful journey through history, with delightful musical stylings from actor/singer Pam Trotter.

Rock 'n' Roll Heretic
Rock 'n' Roll Heretic Jun 24 - Jun 26, 2022

t's the late 1970s, and ex-Pentecostal Black queer female electric guitarist Rory Tharpe navigates the cutthroat world of corporate rock, dive bars, dusk-to-dawn recording sessions, and shady contracts as she travels the nation in a dilapidated tour bus with her bickering, boozing all-male band. Much-imitated and little-credited, Rory is in a late career tailspin when she goes on tour with international superstar Jude Justis, a white woman blues-rock singer who has built a turbulent mega-platinum career out of stealing from Black musicians. Broke and frustrated by the racism, sexism, and ageism of the rock boys' club, Rory warily joins forces with Jude. She then takes a detour through the painful past she shares with childhood nemesis Divinity Mason Mulvaney, a maverick pastor at the helm of the mega church enterprise Revivals, Inc.

The Life and Times Of A Einstein
The Life and Times Of A Einstein Jun 25 - Jun 26, 2022

"The Life and Times of A. Einstein" is a funny, offbeat comedy about a day in the life of the famous scientist, as seen through the eyes of his secretary, Ellen. As his secretary, chauffeur and bodyguard (she shoots, too!), Ellen shields him from the press, keeps him on time for appointments, runs his household, and tries unsuccessfully to hide her passion and feelings for him. It's Einstein's birthday, with an ensuing press conference for him for which he is late., We never meet Einstein, but Ellen manages to explain the Theory of Relativity (hilariously oversimplified), lay out the dos and don't for journalists pending Einstein's arrival, and "vamps" her way through his life. She fields questions, evading answers and putting her own spin on those she feels are too important for the truth. It is Princeton, 1934. Einstein has just arrived there (yes, he is just learning English…..and doing quite well, thank you!) and we learn through Ellen of his colleagues, Berlin, and the life that Einstein and his wife had to leave behind. Through the course of the play, Einstein seems to be sitting right next to Ellen as she passes on her insights on one of the great minds of the 20th Century.

Dear Evan Hansen
Dear Evan Hansen Jun 29 - Jul 31, 2022

Following its hugely successful run at Broadway's Music Box Theater, this darkly comic musical is set to tour across the country from Fall 2018, kicking off in Denver. The six-time Tony winning, poignant and thought-provoking production has received rave reviews from critics for its unexpectedly touching portrayal of misunderstood youth, young love and the search for acceptance, with a score from the composing team behind 2017's Academy Award-winning La-La Land, Benj Pasek and Justin Paul.

Moulin Rouge! The Musical
Moulin Rouge! The Musical Jun 30 - Sep 4, 2022

Enter a world of splendor and romance, of eye-popping excess, of glitz, grandeur and glory! A world where Bohemians and aristocrats rub elbows and revel in electrifying enchantment. Pop the champagne and prepare for the spectacular spectacular...Welcome to Moulin Rouge! The Musical.

As Always, Jimmy Stewart
As Always, Jimmy Stewart Jul 9 - Jul 10, 2022

In the moving stage tribute "As Always, Jimmy Stewart," hear one of Hollywood's favorite storytellers share tales of early Hollywood-his film triumphs, his biggest bombs, his youthful misadventures with lifelong pal Henry Fonda, and his amorous exploits with some of movieland's top leading ladies. Find out what it was like behind the scenes with John Wayne, Grace Kelly, Greta Garbo, Alfred Hitchcock and John Ford---and more. Learn about the man behind the movie legend----his boyhood, his family, the personal tragedy, and real-life heroism that made him not just America's favorite movie star, but one of America's favorite people.

Stew Jul 11 - Aug 6, 2022

Mama's in the kitchen early preparing her famous stew for a big event, but even as her daughter and granddaughters help, she still feels like time is running out. Soon these three generations of Black women begin to feel their past and present closing in. A finalist for the 2021 Pulitzer Prize for Drama, Zora Howard's hilarious, haunting, and taut 90-minute drama has a lot more cooking underneath the surface.

freestyle love supreme
freestyle love supreme Jul 12 - Aug 7, 2022

From the creators of Hamilton and In the Heights, and direct from Broadway comes a show unlike anything else that has been on our stage before, freestyle love supreme. This Special Tony Award recipient defies definition as the audience joins in the creative process for each performance. Audiences are led by a troupe of the best freestyle rappers in the business and backed by an onstage band. Thomas Kail, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and Anthony Veneziale have created a show that comes to life each night in new ways as the audience suggests ideas that are turned into rhythm and rhyme, right before their eyes. freestyle love supreme redefines "live theater" and explores the boundaries of what theater can be now, and into the future.

Newsies Jul 15 - Jul 24, 2022

Set in New York City at the turn of the century, NEWSIES is the rousing tale of Jack Kelly, a charismatic newsboy and leader of a ragged band of teenaged 'newsies,' who dreams only of a better life far from the hardship of the streets. But when publishing titans Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst raise distribution prices at the newsboys' expense, Jack finds a cause to fight for and rallies newsies from across the city to strike for what's right.

Green Day's American Idiot
Green Day's American Idiot Jul 15 - Aug 14, 2022

Slinging razor guitars, thundering drums, and an anti-hero named Johnny. Not the prelude of typical entries in the canon of musical theatre. But these elements herald a groundbreaking American musical all the same: with the burning passion of characters who yearn for something more, songs bursting with emotion, and a story that dares you to feel and celebrate and hope. The music of Green Day and the lyrics of lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong captured the zeitgeist of a generation with its Grammy Award-winning multi-platinum album. American Idiot puts those raw emotions front and center in a highly theatrical and thoroughly satisfying rock opera that burns up the stage.

Men, Money and Madness
Men, Money and Madness Jul 15 - Jul 17, 2022

The song-filled show is packed with tunes from The Great American Songbook, with the addition of a few songs by our favorite modern European composers for good measure.

Trevor Noah: Back To Abnormal
Trevor Noah: Back To Abnormal Jul 16

Trevor Noah is the most successful comedian in Africa and is the host of the Emmy Award-winning "The Daily Show" on Comedy Central. Under Trevor, "The Daily Show with Trevor Noah" has broken free from the restraints of a 30-minute linear show, producing engaging social content, award-winning digital series, podcasts and more for its global audience. In 2020, "The Daily Show with Trevor Noah" received six Emmy Award nominations, including Outstanding Variety Talk Series and Outstanding Writing for A Variety Series.

The Metromaniacs
The Metromaniacs Jul 21 - Aug 21, 2022

It's springtime in Paris, 1738. Metromania, the poetry craze, is all the rage. Damis, a young, would-be poet with a serious case of verse-mania falls for a mysterious poetess from Breton. She turns out to be none other than a wealthy gentleman with a touch of the mania himself-looking to unload his sexy but dimwitted daughter-who also just happens to be cuckoo for couplets. Soon scheming servants, verbal acrobatics, and mistaken identities launch a breathless series of twists and turns in this breezy "translaptation" of a rediscovered French farce by comedic master David Ives (The Liar, Venus in Fur, All in the Timing).

18 Minutes of Fame
18 Minutes of Fame Jul 22 - Jul 24, 2022

While searching for fame, Barbara Minkus found the more meaningful things in life. Featuring a variety of show-stopping songs, this heartfelt performance showcases Barbara's journey of love, life, difficult decisions, family dynamics and so much more.

Too Old, Too Asian, Too Short
Too Old, Too Asian, Too Short Jul 29

A story about a girl whose future was already decided for her. She was an obedient Filipina, destined to be a licensed registered nurse. Pamela grew up in a household of secrets and lies, mental and emotional abuse, including neglect and bullying. Her family moved from the Philippines and immigrated to America. She grows into adulthood looking for love in all the wrong places. Pamela's already fragmented self-esteem was shattered when her infatuation with a charming singer-songwriter from Georgia abandoned her for his budding music career. An unruly character, Obsession, emerges from her psyche and has her behaving like the 'crazy-ex girlfriend'.

Jim Gaffigan: The Fun Tour
Jim Gaffigan: The Fun Tour Aug 4

Jim Gaffigan is a five-time Grammy nominated comedian, actor, writer, producer, two-time New York Times best-selling author, two-time Emmy winning top touring performer, and multi-platinum-selling recording artist. He is known around the world for his unique brand of humor, which largely revolves around his observations on life.

Versatile Aug 7

Kevin, a mixed-Black, gay person adopted out of foster care, wades through a political existence. With the help of characterized African wildlife, Kevin winds through celebration and despondency, calling out the absurdity of race, racism, and homophobia. The story unfolds through, 20+ characters, digital media and poetry; from police encounters, sexual discovery, systemic racism, shame and pride, Kevin finds meaning in identity politics.

The Prom
The Prom Aug 9 - Sep 11, 2022

Grab your corsages and start planning your prom-posals because the Tony-nominated Broadway hit The Prom is heading out on its first national tour! Directed and choreographed by Tony nominee Casey Nicholaw The Prom features music by Matthew Skylar and a book by Chad Beguelin and Bob Martin, Beguelin also penned the lyrics. Uplifting and extremely amusing with show-stopping dance numbers, this musical is about acceptance and being the star you were born to be!

Oklahoma! Sep 13 - Oct 16, 2022

Stripped down to reveal the darker psychological truths at its core, Daniel Fish's production tells a story of a community circling its wagons against an outsider, and the frontier life that shaped America. Upending the sunny romance of a farmer and a cowpoke, this OKLAHOMA! allows the classic musical - and our country - to be seen in a whole new light.

Jagged Little Pill
Jagged Little Pill Sep 13 - Oct 2, 2022

Joy, love, heartache, strength, wisdom, catharsis, LIFE-everything we've been waiting to see in a Broadway show- is here in the exhilarating, fearless new musical based on Alanis Morissette's world-changing music. This electrifying production about a perfectly imperfect American family "vaults the audience to its collective feet" (The Guardian). "Redemptive, rousing and real, JAGGED LITTLE PILL stands alongside the original musicals that have sustained the best hopes of Broadway." (The New York Times)

Sanctuary City
Sanctuary City Sep 14 - Oct 9, 2022

From Pulitzer Prize-winner Martyna Majok (Cost of Living) comes a provocative, unforgettable story of two life-long friends, their tenuous grip on living in America, and persevering through whatever comes their way with wit and grit. Profoundly human and undeniably universal, it begs the question: how much do we owe to one another?

A Clean Brush
A Clean Brush Sep 22 - Oct 23, 2022

This brand new Norm Foster play tells the story of two house painters, Dick and Mello, who land a job painting a room in the basement of recently-widowed Zoe Craig's home. Zoe's husband died in the room when he 'accidentally' fell into a stand of fireplace implements and suffered a severe head trauma, and now Zoe is looking to turn the room into a rental cash cow. The house painters think this is just another job until Zoe's nosy neighbor stops by and plants doubt in the painter's minds as to what really happened to the Widow Craig's clumsy spouse. A Clean Brush marks the 6th Norm Foster play Theatre 40 has produced and it promises to keep you laughing from start to finish...or until the paint is fully dry.

The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity
The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity Sep 23 - Oct 23, 2022

Experience pro wrestling in a whole new light - or perhaps for the first time - in Kristoffer Diaz's Pulitzer Prize-nominated play. Chad Deity follows the life of wrestler Macedonio Guerra. As a lifelong fan, he has followed wrestling only to become a "jobber," one who is paid to lose to bigger-name stars in the ring. Macedonio meets Vigneshwar Paduar, and together they find a way to push it to the limit and say what needs to be said. But will it finally get Mace his big shot at Chad Deity himself? Unspoken racism, politics, and courage are all woven into this play that leaves it all on the mat.

To Kill A Mockingbird
To Kill A Mockingbird Oct 25 - Nov 27, 2022

All rise for Academy Award winner Aaron Sorkin's adaptation of Harper Lee's Pulitzer Prize-winning masterwork. The New York Times Critic's Pick TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD is "the most successful American play in Broadway history." (60 Minutes). Rolling Stone gives it 5 stars, calling it "an emotionally shattering landmark production of an American classic," and New York Magazine calls it "a real phenomenon. Majestic and incandescent, it's filled with breath and nuance and soul." With direction by Tony Award winner Bartlett Sher, TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD - "the greatest novel of all time" (Chicago Tribune) - has quickly become "one of the greatest plays in history" (NPR). Emmy Award-winning actor Richard Thomas will play the role of Atticus Finch in the National Tour.

Tango: The Musical
Tango: The Musical Oct 28 - Oct 30, 2022

The dancers, musicians and passion all come direct from Argentina for this new musical about one of the world's most sensual dance forms, the tango. The show centers around a timeless love story, and the powerful music and dance convey both of the beauty of blossoming love and the agony inflicted during Argentina's Dirty War in the late '70s and early '80s.

Chris Rock - Ego Death World Tour
Chris Rock - Ego Death World Tour Nov 17

Chris Rock will return to live comedy with his first world tour in over five years. The Grammy and Emmy Award-winning comedian, actor, director, writer and producer will make at least 38 stops on his Ego Death World Tour 2022 and will be at the Dolby Theatre on November 17.

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? Nov 17 - Dec 18, 2022

A progressive white couple's proud liberal sensibilities are put to the test when their daughter brings her black fiance home to meet them in this fresh and relevant stage adaptation of the iconic film Guess Who's Coming to Dinner. Blindsided by their daughter's whirlwind romance and fearful for her future, Matt and Christina Drayton quickly come to realize the difference between supporting a mixed-race couple in your newspaper and welcoming one into your family--especially in 1967. But they're surprised to find they aren't the only ones with concerns about the match, and it's not long before a multi-family clash of racial and generational difference sweeps across the Draytons' idyllic San Francisco terrace. At the end of the day, will the love between young Joanna and John prevail? With humor and insight, this play begins a conversation sure to continue at dinner tables long after the curtain comes down.

Annie Nov 29 - Dec 18, 2022

Holding onto hope when times are tough can take an awful lot of determination, and sometimes, an awful lot of determination comes in a surprisingly small package. Little Orphan Annie has reminded generations of theatergoers that sunshine is always right around the corner, and now the best-loved musical of all time is set to return in this new production - just as you remember it and just when we need it most. This celebration of family, optimism and the American spirit remains the ultimate cure for all the hard knocks life throws your way.

Mean Girls
Mean Girls Jan 4 - Jan 29, 2023

Cady Heron may have grown up on an African savanna, but nothing prepared her for the vicious ways of her strange new home: suburban Illinois. Soon, this naive newbie falls prey to a trio of lionized frenemies led by the charming but ruthless Regina George. But when Cady devises a plan to end Regina's reign, she learns the hard way that you can't cross a Queen Bee without getting stung.

Incident at Our Lady of Perpetual Help
Incident at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Jan 19 - Feb 19, 2023

Money-strapped family tries to cope in 1973, nineteen-year-old daughter is our narrator and she is attempting to re-enact the most turbulent day of her life, but her family keep interrupting to tell their side of the story. The 70s were a time of old school living; no social media and public ridicule in a close-knit community was the ultimate nightmare. Her parents want her to explain to her younger sister about the birds and the bees. Somehow the blunt explanation is overheard by the parish priest and he is not amused. He confronts her parents about the "corruption of their eldest daughter's very soul."

Sunday in the Park with George
Sunday in the Park with George Feb 14 - Mar 19, 2023

One of the most acclaimed musicals of all time, Sondheim's most innovative and groundbreaking musical has rarely been produced in Los Angeles with the full-scale production it deserves-until now. Inventive, insightful, and in a class of its own, this ravishing, captivating masterpiece encapsulates the complexity of life-and the art of understanding it.

It's Only a Play
It's Only a Play Mar 23 - Apr 23, 2023

It's the opening night of The Golden Egg on Broadway, and the wealthy producer is throwing a lavish party in her Manhattan townhouse. Downstairs, celebrities are pouring in, but the real action is upstairs where a group of insiders have staked themselves out, waiting for the reviews to come in. Included are the excitable young author; the brilliant, unstable director; the pill-popping leading lady; and the playwright's best friend, an egotistical but insecure comic actor who passed up a chance to star in the play for a television series-which has since been cancelled. As euphoria slides into despair, the narcissism, ambition, childishness and just plain irrationality that infuse the theatre and its denizens take over, and as the curtain falls plans are eagerly afoot for their next venture-this one sure to be the hit they have been hoping for.

Six Apr 11 - Jun 11, 2023

In SIX, the queens of Henry VIII take the mic to reclaim their identities out of the shadow of their infamous spouse-remixing five hundred years of historical heartbreak into an exuberant celebration of twenty-first-century girl power. The all-woman cast, backed by an all-woman band known as the "Ladies in Waiting," traverses the spectrum of modern-day pop with a soundtrack that has stormed up the UK charts.

A Little Night Music
A Little Night Music Apr 25 - May 28, 2023

In honor of its 50th Anniversary, the Playhouse is proud to present this unsung sensation in its full, original, and soaring orchestration. Boasting one of the most singular and sumptuous scores in Broadway history, Sondheim's enchanting, hilarious romantic farce is a bona fide classic of American musical theater.

Hairspray May 2 - May 21, 2023

You Can't Stop the Beat! HAIRSPRAY, Broadway's Tony Award-winning musical comedy phenomenon is back on tour! Join 16-year-old Tracy Turnblad in 1960's Baltimore as she sets out to dance her way onto TV's most popular show. Can a girl with big dreams (and even bigger hair) change the world? This all-new touring production will reunite Broadway's award-winning creative team led by Director Jack O'Brien and Choreographer Jerry Mitchell to bring HAIRSPRAY to a new generation of theater audiences. Don't miss this "exhilaratingly funny and warm-hearted musical comedy" (The New Yorker).

The Revolutionists
The Revolutionists May 18 - Jun 18, 2023

Four beautiful, badass women lose their heads in this irreverent, girl-powered comedy set during the French Revolution's Reign of Terror. Playwright Olympe de Gouges, assassin Charlotte Corday, former queen (and fan of ribbons) Marie Antoinette, and Haitian rebel Marianne Angelle hang out, murder Marat, and try to beat back the extremist insanity in 1793 Paris. This grand and dream-tweaked comedy is about violence and legacy, art and activism, feminism and terrorism, compatriots and chosen sisters, and how we actually go about changing the world. It's a true story. Or total fiction. Or a play about a play. Or a raucous resurrection...that ends in a song and a scaffold.

Bernadette Peters in Concert
Bernadette Peters in Concert Jun 10 - Jun 11, 2023

Bernadette Peters, Broadway's brightest star and Sondheim's most stunning muse, in an unforgettable evening of song from the Broadway shows she's received accolades for, as well as from all her Grammy Award winning and nominated albums. A glamorous evening as only Bernadette Peters can do.

Tina - The Tina Turner Musical
Tina - The Tina Turner Musical Jun 13 - Jul 9, 2023

This new musical reveals a comeback story like no other, of a woman who dared to defy the bounds of racism, sexism and ageism to become the global Queen of Rock n' Roll. TINA - THE TINA TURNER MUSICAL is a celebration of resilience and an inspiration of triumph over adversity.

Beetlejuice Jul 11 - Jul 30, 2023

It's showtime! Based on Tim Burton's dearly beloved film, this hilarious musical tells the story of Lydia Deetz, a strange and unusual teenager whose whole life changes when she meets a recently deceased couple and a demon with a thing for stripes. With an irreverent book, an astonishing set, and a score that's out of this Netherworld, BEETLEJUICE is "SCREAMINGLY GOOD FUN!" (Variety). And under its uproarious surface (six feet under, to be exact), it's a remarkably touching show about family, love, and making the most of every Day-O!