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  Theatre In LA Top Rated Plays List - The Highest Rated Shows In the LA area
The "Theatre In LA Top Rated Plays List" is a list of the top rated plays now running in the Los Angeles area based on what the current reviews are saying. To see all of the play reviews go to Review Round-Up.

A Misunderstanding  
The Complex A Misunderstanding
A Misunderstanding — Leave all your preconceived notions at the door: this play is sure to turn them inside out. Elina de Santos directs a playful play of ideas by Matt Chait (Disinherit the Wind) that challenges our understanding of reality while asking the question, “Can two people fundamentally disagree and continue to love one another?”

Broadway World- Highly Recommended
LA Splash- Recommended
On Stage Los Angeles- Recommended
Total Theater- Recommended
Santa Monica Daily Press- Recommended
Stage Raw- Somewhat Recommended
Theatre Notes- Recommended
Discover Hollywood- Somewhat Recommended



To see the reviews of all plays go to Review Round-Up.