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Hudson Theatre Wigfield
Wigfield the can-do town that just may not — is shadowed by the Bulkwaller Dam, a structure the government wants to tear down. Since the “residents” (squatters) of Wigfield have built ramshackle structures that violate all ordinances of the fire code, the government has no plans to pay for their relocation and the “town” will be flooded. Wigfield must prove they are a town worth saving and maybe … even recognizing.
A Year In Dragonfly  
Studio C Artists A Year In Dragonfly
World Premier of A Year in Dragonfly is the true survival story of one woman’s journey after being brutally attacked by her newlywed husband. Using all original poetry and music, Austin Musick shares her navigation back from the darkest corners of fear, shame, and depression as she finds a way to no longer tread the water’s of a painful past and begins to fly in the present towards the bright horizon of the future. From nymph in water to dragon in sky. Appropriate for audiences 16+

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