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Theatre of NOTE Roots
ROOTS: An Evening of World Premiere Shorts is an evening of four wonderfully strange world premiere short plays, written by four accomplished Theatre of NOTE-grown playwrights, which together usher audiences through the complexity of the human condition. A dark comedy for dark times unfolds at a wedding…in either a sitcom or just a disturbed mind (Deadpan). A one-night stand takes a Kafkaesque turn. Is this stranger the one? Or just something very strange (The Smell of Something to Eat)? A story of people who probably definitely love each other, as they encounter tectonic distress (Big Ones). Escaping Soviet Russia, a young woman goes on to found modern conservative philosophy before becoming the subject of her own musical theater production (Rand!). Everyone has their own journey, but we all start at our ROOTS.
MET Theatre Samsara
In Samsara, Katie and Craig are having a baby—via a surrogate—who lives in India. A month before the baby’s due date, Craig reluctantly travels to the subcontinent where he meets Suraiya, their young, less-than-thrilled surrogate. As all three parents anxiously await the baby’s birth, flights of fancy attack them from all sides.
Seven Guitars  
Long Beach Playhouse Seven Guitars
From the master playwright of Fences, August Wilson, comes this story in his decade-by-decade exploration of the black experience in America. In a Pittsburgh tenement in 1948, friends gather to mourn the sudden death of a blues guitarist who has died on the verge of his musical success. Flashing back to the busy week preceding Floyd “Schoolboy” Barton’s demise, we learn the reasons for his tragic fall.
Sex with Stangers  
Hudson Theatre Sex with Stangers
Are you willing to go get what you want? How far will you go and will you be the same person if you do? Ethan is a 20-something star sex blogger and memoirist and Olivia is a talented but eccentric novelist almost twice his age. When Ethan finds Olivia, he discovers they each crave what the other possesses. In the age old game of attraction, uncovering the truth of ambition and sex is never as far away as it seems.
Shame of Thrones: The Hilarious Musical Parody  
Whitefire Theatre Shame of Thrones:  The Hilarious Musical Parody
Just in time for Game of Thrones’ final season, spoof musical Shame of Thrones returns to L.A. for more hilarious reimagining of the show’s backstabbing siblings, clever imps and dragon mamas, all set to an addictive rock score that’ll stick in your head (unless the king orders it off, natch). Watch your favorite daring and most despised characters sing and dance towards epic plot twists and the coveted Iron Throne. It’d be a shame, shame, shame to miss the show The New York Times called “a tribute a dragon or anyone else could love” when Shame of Thrones comes for one more round of musical parody fun at Whitefire Theatre.
Sister Act  
Casa 0101 Theater Sister Act
Based on the beloved 1992 Whoopi Goldberg film, the Tony-nominated Broadway musical Sister Act tells the hilarious tale of a wannabe disco diva whose life is turned upside-down when she witnesses a crime and is put into hiding in a convent. As this free-spirited soul singer shakes things up under the watchful eye of Mother Superior, she rediscovers her own voice in the process. Featuring original music by Tony and Oscar winner Alan Menken (Newsies, Beauty and the Beast, Little Shop of Horrors), this uplifting musical brings powerful gospel vocals, outrageous dancing and a moving story to the Casa 0101 Theater in Los Angeles.
So Happy It's Thursday Show  
Edgemar Center for the Arts So Happy It's Thursday Show
Come and enjoy a night of improv at the Edgemar Center for the Arts with the So Happy It’s Thursday Show! Enjoy watching Spinach Ninja as they get suggestions from the audience and create hilarious scenes right in front of your eyes, laugh out loud with Geisha as they improv in both English AND Japanese! And let’s not forget about BuzzBuzz, the hiphop improv group where they rap on the fly with YOUR suggestions.
Standing On My Knees  
The Sherry Theatre Standing On My Knees
Addressing the ever relevant theme of creativity and its possible connection to madness, Standing on My Knees tells the tale of Catherine, an up and coming poet who has recently returned home after a lengthy hospitalization for schizophrenia. With the help of Joanne, her psychiatrist and Alice, her good friend and publisher, Catherine hopes to find the balance of regaining a normal life while also getting back to work on her writing. At a party, she meets handsome stockbroker Robert and there is instant attraction which leads to a new relationship. Will Catherine be able to navigate the waters of staying healthy, falling in love and trying to write or will all of this turbulence lead her back to her demons? Standing On My Knees tackles the ever relevant issue of how creativity is perhaps tied to madness and how far one can safely go in the name of art.
Write Act Repertory Theatre Swing
Swing! tells the story of Adrianna, a factory worker in the 40’s who is holding down her husband Butch’s factory job while he’s at war. Once he returns home, both Adrianna and Butch feel like they don’t fit into their old lives. When she meets Janine, Adrianna rediscovers old passions that she put away when she was first married. While her feelings blossom for Janine, Adrianna‘s love for her husband is also rekindled. Adrianna’s difficult choice in a time of forbidden love fuels this passionate musical journey.
The Tempest  
Miles Memorial Playhouse The Tempest
Theatre for a Small Space presents William Shakespeare’s brilliant fantasy The Tempest at the beautiful Miles Memorial Playhouse in Santa Monica. This production is performed by a fantastic cast with the emphasis on Shakespeare’s language and the story as he wrote it. This productions perfect for Shakespeare aficionados and novices alike! Great for students to hear one of the plays live.
Trump In Space  
Second City Trump In Space
Trump in Space is Star Trek meets Avenue Q meets Trump, a musical battle of good vs. bad and ideals vs. opportunism. This original musical is an epic space adventure filled with all the sci–fi tropes we love and all the politics we love to hate. Four hundred years in the future, the fallout of the Trump administration has left humans stranded without a planet. Captain Natasha Trump, a direct descendant of President Donald J. Trump, races to find humanity a new planet because the earth blew up!
12 Angry Men,12 Impassioned Women  
Promenade Playhouse 12 Angry Men,12 Impassioned Women
A diverse cast of women will lend their impassioned voices to a vibrant and staged reading of the classic play, Twelve Angry Men, Adapted by Sherman L. Sergel, based on the Emmy-Award Winning Television Movie by Reginald Rose. About the power one person can have when they speak with conviction in our judicial system.
We Should Hang Out Sometime  
Santa Monica Playhouse We Should Hang Out Sometime
Best-selling author, comic, Paralympian and YouTuber Josh Sundquist tracked down all the women he'd ever tried to date to ask why they had rejected him. He shares the results of his semi-scientific investigation (and yes, it's a true story) in this one-of-a-kind live performance that blends interactive storytelling with stand-up comedy. Hear his embarrassing tell-all live at the Santa Monica Playhouse.
Wild Son: The Testimony of Christian Brando  
Santa Monica Playhouse Wild Son:  The Testimony of Christian Brando
Set under the white-hot glare of Hollywood and Celebrity, Wild Son: The Testimony of Christian Brando tells the story of Marlon Brando's troubled, headline-making son…in his own words.

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