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Pantages Theatre Aladdin
From the producer of The Lion King comes the timeless story of Aladdin, a thrilling new production filled with unforgettable beauty, magic, comedy and breathtaking spectacle. It's an extraordinary theatrical event where one lamp and three wishes make the possibilities infinite. Hailed by USA Today as "Pure Genie-Us," ALADDIN features all your favorite songs from the film as well as new music written by Tony and Academy Award winner Alan Menken (Newsies) with lyrics penned by the legendary Howard Ashman (Beauty and the Beast), Tony Award winner Tim Rice (The Lion King, Aida), and book writer Chad Beguelin (The Wedding Singer).
Annie Oakley and the Princess Cafe  
Santa Monica Playhouse Annie Oakley and the Princess Cafe
Santa Monica Playhouse presents Annie Oakley and the Princess Café, a heart-warming rhythm and boos musical comedy that offers great audience interaction as they boo the villain and cheer the heroine in the true spirit of the American Melodrama. Annie Oakley coming back to life in 2017? Impossible. But that's exactly what happens as the legendary heroine comes to the aid of a single mom, Kat, and her daughters, struggling to find a balance between the bottom-line temptations of modern living and the comforting solid roots of tradition. Should "Annie's Place," the local gathering-place celebrating wild-west tradition, passed down through the generations of women in Kat's family, become the new-fangled, modernized "Princess Café?" That's exactly what wealthy land-owner Mable Q. Moneypots wants! But is the "out with the old, in with new" Moneypots mentality the right one? Should Kat sell her family café? Should Princesses replace Cowgirls? Or is there a way to unite the old and the new? Audiences help Annie, Kat and her daughters hold their own against smarmy villain Mable Q. Moneypots, and create a whole new family tradition.
Barefoot In The Park  
Glendale Centre Theatre Barefoot In The Park
Paul and Corie Bratter are newlyweds in every sense of the word. He's a straight-as-an-arrow lawyer and she's a free spirit always looking for the latest kick. After a six-day honeymoon, they get a surprise visit from Corie's loopy mother and decide to play matchmaker during a dinner with their neighbor-in-the-attic, Velasco, where everything that can go wrong, does. One of Neil Simon's best!
Black Coffee  
Long Beach Playhouse Black Coffee
In this seldom seen and intricately crafted mystery, Agatha Christie weaves scientific discoveries, international espionage, and unimaginable murder together to give the audience a night of unraveling the knots of danger and suspense. Christie's master sleuth, Hercule Poirot, teams up with Captain Hastings and Inspector Japp to solve the murder of accomplished physicist Sir Claud Amory, who has constructed a workable formula for one of the most deadly weapons known to man: the atomic bomb. Not only must Poirot solve the murder, he must retrieve the stolen formula before it falls into the hands of some of the most infamous spies on the planet. Long Beach Playhouse brings the dapper Belgian and his "little gray cells" to their MainStage in Long Beach.
bled for the household truth  
MET Theatre bled for the household truth
Keith doesn't need a roommate, but wants one. He wants a female roommate. Pen needs a place to live - and a lot more. bled for the household truth is a play about intimacy and yearning, and what happens when the world we live in, and the experiences we have, make simple human interactions the most intolerable and painful acts we could ever imagine.
Highways Performance Space and Gallery Bloodhound
The newest full-length play from Los Angeles theatre luminary and legendary artist-activist Michael Kearns, Bloodbound fights for the freedom to love against overpowering and unreasonable odds. Familial implosion, interminable and unjustified incarceration, distorted sexual childhood boundaries, and rollercoaster rides of mental illnesses -- Kearns' play tracks the lives of two misfit brothers who are destined to love in spite of the gnarled realities they cannot avoid sharing. Don't miss this powerful play at the Highways Performance Space and Gallery in Santa Monica.
Bugaboo and The Silent One  
Lounge Theatre Bugaboo and The Silent One
Chris Bender Presents: Marja-Lewis Ryan's world premier drama about two female inmates faced with life in prison.
La Mirada Theatre for the Performing Arts Cabaret
Step into the divinely decadent Kit Kat Klub of 1930 Berlin, where seductive singer Sally Bowles enchants the crowd nightly. Led by the enigmatic Emcee, the colorful characters of this Kander and Ebb masterpiece are eager to entertain you with numbers like "Maybe This Time," "Don't Tell Mama," "Two Ladies" and, of course, "Cabaret." The misfits and outcasts of Berlin dance on the edge of oblivion, taking refuge from the storm of a rapidly changing society where their kind is less than welcome. Don't miss this musical that The New York Times hails as "one for the ages" at the La Mirada Theatre for the Performing Arts.
The Chosen  
Fountain Theatre The Chosen
Based on Chaim Potok's beloved novel, and adapted by Aaron Posner and Potok, The Chosen is an award-winning tale about tolerance, compassion and how embracing the differences of others brings wisdom and understanding to ourselves. Set in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, against the backdrop of World War II, the revelation of the Holocaust and the desperate struggle of Zionism, The Chosen is a moving coming-of-age story about two observant Jewish boys who live only five blocks -- yet seemingly worlds -- apart. Sometimes called a "Jewish Catcher in the Rye," The Chosen made Potok a literary star in 1967. Now, Los Angeles' Fountain Theatre brings this beautiful story to the stage.
Cirque du Soleil: Luzia  
Grand Chapiteau at Dodger Stadium Cirque du Soleil: Luzia
Step right up into the Grand Chapiteau at Dodger Stadium and discover the surreal world of LUZIA, where an imaginary Mexico springs to life to the soundtrack of brassy Mexican and Latin American sounds. Inspired by the cultural richness of Mexico, Cirque du Soleil's new big-top show LUZIA features original music written for a live acoustic setting mixed with the electro-pop of Nortec Collective's Bostich + Fussible. Catch LUZIA -- a combination of the Spanish words luz (light) and lluvia (rain), two elements at the heart of the show -- on the Los Angeles stop of its world tour. VIP ticketholders can enjoy these high-flying acrobatics from the comfort of superior seats complete with an open bar cocktail reception, hors d'oeuvres before the show and access to an exclusive VIP terrace and restrooms.
The Crucible  
Westchester Playhouse The Crucible
Using the historical and controversial subject of the 1692 Salem Witch Trials, The Crucible presents an allegory of events from the McCarthy Hearings of the 1950s, as reason and fact become clouded by irrational fears and the desire to place blame for society's problems on others. John Proctor, an out-spoken farmer, gets caught up in a conspiracy not even his own strength can control when his ex-lover Abigail throws false accusations on his wife Elizabeth. As Proctor tries to free his wife and prove all others accused of witchcraft innocent, he finds himself accused as well. Watch as one man stands in a tug-of-war between God and Satan, pride and damnation, good and evil, when The Crucible comes to the stage of the Westchester Playhouse in Los Angeles.
Atwater Village Theatre deLEARious
Tragedy meets hilarity and King Lear gets a happy ending in a madcap musical romp à la Mel Brooks and Monty Python. Open Fist Theatre Company revives its smash hit production of this award-winning play-within-a-play by Second City’s Ron West and composer Phil Swann, Ron and Phil are writing about King James I and Shakespeare — who in turn are writing about the legendary King Lear. Phil gets sick of Ron’s laziness and womanizing; King James gets sick of Shakespeare and demotes him to working on the Bible; and King Lear gets sick of everyone and goes crazy. Great songs, a clever story and lots of laughs!
A Delicate Ship  
The Road on Magnolia A Delicate Ship
A haunting love triangle triggers an unexpected chain of events in this poetic play. In the early stages of a new relationship, Sarah and Sam are lovers happily discovering each other. Sarah and Nate know everything about each other, best of friends since childhood and Maybe something more. But when Nate shows up unannounced on Sarah’s doorstep, she’s left questioning what and who she wants in this humorous and heartbreaking look at love, memory, and the decisions that alter the course of our lives.
Eclectic Stew  
Eclectic Company Theatre Eclectic Stew
Eclectic Stew is a monthly event that brings professional writers, actors, directors, poets and musicians together to display their work. See a genre-blending assortment of small productions on stage at Eclectic Company Theatre in Valley Village.
The Enchanted Nightingale  
The Garry Marshall Theatre The Enchanted Nightingale
Journey to far away ancient China in this magical tale of a powerful Emperor and the rarest of treasures - the enchanted nightingale, based on the fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen. Experience a magical Tai Chi practice, colorful fan dancing, a royal wardrobe, and above all, a most valuable story celebrating the wealth in generosity and the culture and artistry of the Far East. Witness a show unlike any other at Burbank's Garry Marshall Theatre, and you can even meet the cast in the lobby after the performance!
Freud's Last Session  
Odyssey Theatre Ensemble Freud's Last Session
Imagine being a fly on the wall for a heated conversation between Dr. Sigmund Freud, the devoutly atheist father of psychoanalysis, and philosophical Christian writer-professor C.S. Lewis, author of The Chronicles of Narnia, on the very day that England enters into World War II. If your synapses started firing off at the mere thought of such a stimulating debate, you're in luck. Los Angeles' Odyssey Theatre Ensemble brings that imagined encounter to vivid life in Freud's Last Session. Don't miss this spirited and critically acclaimed off-Broadway play, which finds these two intellectual giants confronting each other over their beliefs concerning love, sex, death and the existence of God.
The Hothouse  
Malibu Playhouse The Hothouse
Harold Pinter's The Hothouse tells a blisteringly funny story of a government-run institution in which the wardens may be more mad than the patients. Filled with the Nobel Prize-winning writer's biting political commentary on the perils of unchecked power, the battle for control results in absurdly comedic mayhem at the Antaeus Theatre Company in Glendale.

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