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18 Minutes of Fame  
Pico Playhouse 18 Minutes of Fame
18 Minutes of Fame is subtitled A Musical Journey with Barbara Minkus. You’ve seen her ---a lot: On stage, on screen and especially on television. Other than the fact that she never became actually famous, she’s had what most performers would consider an enviable career. Because she started out as, and remains, an accomplished singer, her show business memoir is a musical one.
Absolutely Halloween  
Santa Monica Playhouse Absolutely Halloween
ABSOLUTELY HALLOWEEN, the heartwarming tale of the aptly named "Candy," a sweet young girl who learns some surprising lessons about life, love, laughter and sugar, from a delightful array of characters who take her on a magical All Hallows' Eve adventure, enlisting the audience's aid to help save Halloween for one more year. A delightful holiday tradition, back by audience demand.
Aleichem Sholom  
Santa Monica Playhouse Aleichem Sholom
Take a journey through the life, loves and laughter of the world's most beloved Yiddish humorist, as you are treated to an in-depth look at the foolish philosophers, philosophical fools, comical shtetl folk and not-so-comical scoundrels that populated Sholom Aleichem's real and fantasy worlds. Aleichem Sholom, this bold and bittersweet, raucous and romantic musical comedy celebrates the great man's 102nd Yahrzeit, journeying through his loves and losses, the controversy surrounding his stories and plays, his fame and his failures, his passionate involvement in the creation of a new homeland, his travels, his travails and the tremendous joy and optimism that kept him going against all odds, and touched the hearts of millions of audiences and readers across the globe. The new musical, performed in English with just a taste of Yiddish, stars veteran performer Chris DeCarlo, who once again assays the role of the beloved author, a characterization which has been enjoyed by more than a quarter of a million audience members, and Evelyn Rudie, who has created and portrayed more than three dozen Sholom Aleichem characters in over two thousand performances to date.
All Night Long  
Atwater Village Theatre All Night Long
The thin line between waking and dreaming, the conscious and subconscious, is exposed in playwright John O’Keefe’s outrageously funny, surreal sit-com about 18 hours in the life of an all-American nuclear family.
American Hero  
Pasadena Playhouse American Hero
Hailed as a "brilliant comedy with cutting social satire" (Variety), Bess Wohl's super-sized dark comedy about life, liberty and the pursuit of sandwiches now comes to the Carrie Hamilton Theatre at The Pasadena Playhouse. American Hero takes place at a newly-franchised sub shop at the local mall. There, three up-and-coming "sandwich artists" -- a teenager, a single mom and a downsized corporate banker -- are perfecting the mustard-to-cheese ratio according to the company manual. But when their shot at the American dream is interrupted by a series of peculiar events, they become unlikely allies in a post-recession world. Even as corporate America gives up on them, they band together to prove that heroes aren't born, they're made ... fresh to order on your choice of bread.
Avenue Q  
Cupcake Theater Avenue Q
The 15th anniversary Los Angeles production of Avenue Q comes to the Cupcake Theater's new location in North Hollywood. Full of humor and hummable tunes, the massively popular Avenue Q is a hilarious look at life in New York, featuring a fantastic cast of people and puppets. In its Broadway debut, Avenue Q scored the "Triple Crown" of Tony wins, grabbing honors for Best Musical, Best Score and Best Book. The lovable cast of characters, both flesh and felt, includes recent college grad Princeton, who moves to Avenue Q full of hope for the future, Kate (the girl-monster next door), and the colorful collection of neighbors who help Princeton discover his true purpose in life.
The Beauty Queen of Leenane  
Studio Stage The Beauty Queen of Leenane
Martin McDonagh's stunning black comedy traps four characters in a small Irish town. Spinster Maureen Folan has cared for her aging, manipulative mother Mag for twenty years. When she has a final chance at happiness with Pato Dooley, a local man with wider ambitions who sends her messages through his feckless brother Ray, suffocated dreams and simmering resentments surface, culminating in an unexpected climax that pits mother against daughter, love against rejection, and hope against fate.
The Bench, A Homeless Love Story  
Hudson Theatre The Bench, A Homeless Love Story
Based on true stories, The Bench, explores the emotional anguish of five homeless characters and the catastrophic hysteria surrounding the AIDS crisis in the 1980's. Humor and heartbreak bring these story to life, based on real people in the writers life.
BEWARE! The Hauntingly Hilarious Groundlings Halloween Show  
The Groundlings Theatre BEWARE! The Hauntingly Hilarious Groundlings Halloween Show
The only show where boos are encouraged… For the first time ever, The Groundlings Theatre is taking sketch comedy to scary proportions with it’s all new Halloween-themed comedy show. Featuring smoke effects, strobe lights, loud noises, gratuitous blood, tasteful gore, creepy clowns, unconscionable wig usage and an appropriate amount of severed body parts, this show will have you howling at the moon with laughter. May cause itchy spine, tingly fingers, Delapsus Resurgam (Fear of Comedy) and symptoms of uncontrollable bladder. Viewer discretion is advised.
Bloody Poetry  
Little Fish Theatre Bloody Poetry
One line: Bloody Poetry plunges into the bohemian lives of Lord Byron, Percy Bysshe and Mary Shelley, and enables the audience to enter their summer Villa – a place where the poets take refuge from the upheaval of their country and turn creative writing into a collective practice of subversive intent and revolutionary ambition. It's 1816, and Percy Bysshe Shelley, Mary Godwin Shelley and Claire Clairmont have traveled to a Villa in Lake Geneva to meet with “mad, bad and dangerous to know” Lord Byron. The Shelleys are in a self-imposed exile from England due to their radical unconventional beliefs. Byron has fled his debts and his reputation in England, having an unconventional lifestyle of his own. Arriving with his own personal doctor and biographer Dr. William Polidori, they are instantly bonded. Shelley has run away with Mary and their children, having abandoned his first wife and two children. Claire is pregnant with Byron’s child. They join together to attempt a utopian experiment where they can live with freedom from constraint. During the historical 'year without a summer', weather forces them indoors and Lord Byron suggests that they each write their own ghost stories. Out of those literary experiments comes one of the greatest novels the world has ever known - Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. As the summer comes to an end, love and lives are lost as each of the revolutionaries face additional hardship as they struggle with their attempts at a hedonistic metamorphosis.
Broadway Bound  
Miles Memorial Playhouse Broadway Bound
It’s 1949, the war is over, and America is beginning a new chapter. Eugene Jerome and his brother Stan are being given a chance to audition as comedy writers for CBS in the emerging medium of television. If they succeed, they’ll move out of the family home in Brighton Beach and into the Big City. Eugene, however, is distracted. He’s fallen in love and thinks his new girl is The One. Stan has episodes of writer’s block. Meanwhile, all is not well within the family: father Jack is often “working late” and mother Kate suspects the worst. Grandpa Ben no longer lives with his wife and resists his wealthy daughter Blanche’s attempts to move him to Florida. Will Eugene find bliss with the love of his life? Will he and Stan achieve fame and fortune?
The Cake  
Geffen Playhouse The Cake
When Della, a North Carolina baker and devout Christian, is asked to bake a wedding cake for her best friend's daughter, she is overjoyed. But that joy is short-lived when she learns that the intended is another bride and realizes she is faced with an agonizing choice between faith and family. Struggling to reconcile her deeply-held belief in "traditional marriage" and the love she has for the woman she helped raise, Della finds herself in strange new territory. Inspired by a story still in the headlines, this marvelously funny new play by Bekah Brunstetter (This Is Us) is proof that love is the key ingredient in creating common ground. That '70s Show matriarch Debra Jo Rupp returns to the role of Della as The Echo Theater Company's production of The Cake takes the stage at L.A.'s Geffen Playhouse.
Cal In Camo  
VS. Theatre Company Cal In Camo
Do wounds from the past irrevocably impact our capacity to connect? Heartfelt and mysterious, Hoffman’s play probes the nature of bonding in family relationships, and beyond. With an unexpected sense of humor towards humanity, he mines those sometimes excruciating revelations that are necessary before healing can begin.
Desperately Seeking Sunday  
The Groundlings Theatre Desperately Seeking Sunday
The Groundlings Sunday Company puts forth new sketches every week in its hilarious show Desperately Seeking Sunday. It's a fun cast brimming with new talent from the top level of L.A.'s Groundlings School.
Double Play  
Stephanie Feury Studio (SFS) Theatre Double Play
It sounds like a play about baseball, but it is really about two loners who meet at the crack of dawn in front of Yankee Stadium. Act One, Pennant Fever, was originally produced in 1980 by the Los Angeles Actors Theatre. The LA Times called it "touchingly comic" with "delicious dialogue" and Variety called it "wonderfully funny." Thirty-eight years later, Act Two, Home Plate, completes this romantic comedy which follows two lonely people who meet in front of Yankee Stadium through the course of their courtship and a 28-year marriage.
Everything That Never Happened  
Boston Court Performing Arts Center Everything That Never Happened
Everything That Never Happened uses The Merchant of Venice as a jumping off point, exposing the realities of Jewish history and drawing three-dimensional characters from the stereotypes depicted in the original Shakespeare. Mantell’s fresh and time-bending story is rich with humor and heartbreak while bridging the 16th century with today and beyond. What do we lose or gain by leaving our own culture? And what sacrifices does love demand of fathers and daughters, lovers and friends? Everything That Never Happened is a play about disguise, assimilation, pomegranates, and everything Shakespeare left out.
Fire in a Dark House  
Whitefire Theatre Fire in a Dark House
In this beautiful and poignant wartime romance, a passionate young woman falls for the son of a newspaper publisher a politically powerful man who wages a dangerous propaganda campaign against immigrant families, including her own. Drawing inspiration from historical events, FIRE IN A DARK HOUSE explores themes that resonate today, including what it means to be an American, an immigrant, a young Dreamer, and a patriot.

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