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10 Ten-Minute Play Festival  
Stella Adler Theater 10 Ten-Minute Play Festival
Towne Street Theatreís Tenth Annual 10 Ten-Minute Play Festival. A succession of 10 ten-minute plays based on the theme of ďCelebration!Ē For a decade, Towne Street Theatre (TST) has produced the popular 10 Ten-Minute Play Festival. This yearís plays involve the celebrations of birth, death, marriage, separation and everything in between.
Second City 177Fox
Seventeen Seventy Fox is the true story of the Constitution as told by the heroes at "Fox And Friends." Learn the true meaning of Free Speech, The 2nd Amendment, and Christmas. MERRY CHRISTMAS, BY THE WAY. "It's like 'Hamilton' for loud, angry uncles!" - Uncle Matt. This Second City Hollywood Premium Show stars Jason Ryan Bornstein, Lauren Frost, Chase Ingrande, Derick Otto, Brendan McCay, Jessie Sherman and Jacklyn Uweh. Written and Directed by David Colan. Assistant Director, John David DeFour. Music & Lyrics by Wessels. Musical Director, Tony Gonzalez.
Sacred Fools Theater Akuma-shin
In 1956, a giant kaiju (monster) destroys Tokyo and sends seismic waves of fear, anger and ignorance through generations. Facts are questioned, history is alternatively written and modern politics is set against primal religion in this ferociously civilized cautionary tale of two nations coping with their own damaged legacies. Can humanity reckon with the monsters that rise against us, the ones that live within us all?
The Alamo  
Ruskin Group Theatre The Alamo
In the blue collar Bay Ridge section of Brooklyn sits a rundown neighborhood institution called The Alamo; the last great American bar. Today, with an aging clientele, the place is fighting to keeps itís doors open and the only hope seems to be the arrival of artist/gentrifiers who are moving into the neighborhood and wanting to adopt the bar as an entertainment hangout. Bay Ridge locals and The Alamo regulars donít want to surrender their bar, much less their neighborhood, to these young neo-carpetbaggers. The Alamo paints a humorous and dramatic portrait of eight working class Bay Ridge natives who always seem to find themselves on the front lines of change in America.
All Shook Up  
El Portal Theatre All Shook Up
Take the timeless songs of Elvis Presley, combine them with the plot of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, add some hip-swiveling swagger and you're guaranteed to get All Shook Up. This hit Broadway show centers on a '50s-era guitar-playing roustabout named Chad who rides into a small town and changes everything -- especially the life of a young girl with big dreams and a big crush. With a book by Tony Award-winner Joe DiPietro (Memphis), this musical comedy rocks and rolls along on hits like "Heartbreak Hotel," "Jailhouse Rock," "Don't Be Cruel," "It's Now or Never" and more at El Portal Theatre in North Hollywood.
Pasadena Playhouse Belleville
From Amy Herzog, the award-winning author of 4000 Miles (a finalist for the 2013 Pulitzer Prize for Drama), comes Belleville, which follows a young American expat couple living in a trendy Parisian neighborhood. Their life seems lovely, but beneath the surface of Zack and Abby's enviable marriage, unrest simmers. Hailed by The New York Times as "thrillingly good," this chilling psychological drama asks unsettling questions about whether you can ever really "know" another person. Starring Anna Camp (Pitch Perfect, True Blood) and Thomas Sadoski (Life in Pieces, The Newsroom), this modern Hitchcock-style drama will keep you on the edge of your seat at The Pasadena Playhouse.
Kirk Douglas Theatre Bloodletting
Center Theatre Group is presenting encore productions from three outstanding companies at their second annual Block Party at the Kirk Douglas Theatre. Playwrights' Arena's Bloodletting, the first production, is a fantastical journey to discover the power we hold within. On a visit to the Philippines to spread their father's ashes, a brother and sister befriend a local girl who is revealed to be an Aswang, a supernatural creature from Filipino folklore. Together they unlock the truth about their father, and the truth about themselves.
The Chosen  
Fountain Theatre The Chosen
Based on Chaim Potok's beloved novel, and adapted by Aaron Posner and Potok, The Chosen is an award-winning tale about tolerance, compassion and how embracing the differences of others brings wisdom and understanding to ourselves. Set in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, against the backdrop of World War II, the revelation of the Holocaust and the desperate struggle of Zionism, The Chosen is a moving coming-of-age story about two observant Jewish boys who live only five blocks -- yet seemingly worlds -- apart. Sometimes called a "Jewish Catcher in the Rye," The Chosen made Potok a literary star in 1967. Now, Los Angeles' Fountain Theatre brings this beautiful story to the stage.
The Columbine Project  
LOFT Ensemble-Sherman Oaks The Columbine Project
Praised by L.A theatre critics, survivors and families of the victims, The Columbine Project was created from direct correspondence with people involved in and affected by the event. Storiale happened to be driving from L.A. to Chicago in 1999 when he heard news of the Columbine shooting and out of morbid curiosity, he stopped in Littleton, Colorado just days after the massacre. What he saw in that community in those early days left an impression. Storiale embarked on a journey of extensive research and reaching out to those involved with the incident, and put what he had learned into a collection of scenes and monologues, all based in the facts as he learned them from direct interviews, journal entries, police reports, etc., and The Columbine Project was born. Beyond its local runs in 2009, 2010 and 2014, The Columbine Project has also been produced and praised in New York and Baltimore. The show returns to L.A. during a time where society needs perspective and solace in regards to gun violence in schools now more than ever.
Confessions of a Mulatto Love Child  
LA Gay and Lesbian Center Confessions of a Mulatto Love Child
Confessions of a Mulatto Love Child, the acclaimed solo play by Bellina Logan (Sons of Anarchy) is a hilarious, touching, and poignant story of a daughter, her eccentric mother, and the deep bond they forged on an extraordinary coast-to-coast journey.
Damaged Furniture  
Whitefire Theatre Damaged Furniture
When a shocking furniture accident claims the life of his Uncle Max, L.A. actor Doug Elling must work in his family business in Brooklyn to be confronted with not only his dysfunctional family, but what lead him to become an actor in the first place. This Miserable Productions play stars Alex Skuby (King of Queens, The Fosters), Mo Collins (Mad TV, Lady Dynamite) and more at Whitefire Theatre in Sherman Oaks.
Dance Theatre of Harlem  
The Broad Stage Dance Theatre of Harlem
Named "one of ballet's most exciting undertakings" by The New York Times, the Dance Theatre of Harlem has electrified theaters around the world with the passion, power and technical precision its dancers bring to each performance. Pushing boundaries for four decades and counting, this multicultural ensemble has evolved into one of the nation's most vital dance institutions. For this program at The Broad Stage in Santa Monica, the troupe of 14 racially diverse dance artists will perform a thrilling and eclectic program of neo-classical and contemporary ballet, including Brahms Variations, Dancing on the Front Porch of Heaven and Vessels.
Death Before Cocktails  
Theatre 68 Death Before Cocktails
When your famous twin sisterís suicide letter instructs you to put together a makeshift wake in a Palm Springs cocktail lounge, what can you do but grant her final wish? LA writer Lana arrives in Palm Springs to host an evening with competing ex-lovers, surprising new flames, and enough arousing confessions to raise the dead. DEATH BEFORE COCKTAILS IS a modern black comedy about love, sex, and the secret concoction at the end of the tunnel.
Lonny Chapman Group Repertory Theatre Deathtrap
The Group Rep presents the comic thriller Deathtrap, written by Ira Levin (The Stepford Wives, Rosemary's Baby). A successful-but-currently-stalled playwright whose recent offerings have been flops, conspires with his wife to "collaborate" with a student whose new thriller shows tremendous potential. Suspense mounts as the plot begins to twist and turn with devilish cleverness, and with such an abundance of thrills and laughter, that audiences will be held enthralled until the final, startling moments of the play. Directed by Jules Aaron and produced by Larry Eisenberg, see Deathtrap at the Lonny Chapman Theatre in North Hollywood.
UCLA Campus Disgraced
Ayad Akhtarís controversial Pulitzer Prize and Obie Award-winning drama has become one of the most passionately discussed plays in the world. Amir Kapoor is a brilliant, successful Muslim American attorney who has turned his back on his faith in order to thrive in post-9/11 Manhattan. On the surface, he has it all: a beautiful wife, a swanky apartment and a lucrative career. But the charmed life he so artfully constructed is put in jeopardy when a dinner party turns tumultuous and the guests' ideals of culture, marriage, career and family collide. Hari Dhillon reprises the role of Amir he created in New York, London and Los Angeles for this live-in-performance recording, joined by Behzad Dabu and Emily Swallow from the Mark Taper Forumís L.A. premiere and Geoffrey Arend (Body of Proof, Madame
The James Bridges Theater Disgraced
Amir has left his Pakistani heritage behind climbing the corporate ladder, but his wife, Emily, doesn't share his negative feelings about Islam. In fact, she's encouraged Amir to help his nephew with the case of a controversial imam. When they throw a dinner party for Amir's colleague Jory and her husband Isaac, hard truths lead to brutal consequences in Ayad Akhtar's Pulitzer-winning drama Disgraced, presented as a live audio performance at James Bridges Theater in Los Angeles.
The Dorothy Parker Project  
Pacific Resident Theatre The Dorothy Parker Project
This witty and intimate piece invites you to spend an evening with Dorothy Parker and 14 actors in her New York apartment in 1958. The Dorothy Parker Project brings alive several of her short stories and poems, giving you an opportunity to experience the full range of this sensitive writer beyond her fabled acerbic wit and her membership in the legendary Algonquin Circle. She may dispel some rumors you've heard about her, and reveal some important things you might not have known when this new play opens at Pacific Resident Theatre in Venice.

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