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Studio C Artists #metoo
A one-woman comedy, #metoo evaluates our modern dating culture through the eyes of a mid-twenties woman struggling to embrace her body while also exploring her sexuality. Told with an impressive myriad of unique characters and stories from acclaimed artist Star Stone’s life, the show also focuses on sexual safety, highlighting the wide spectrum of #MeToo experiences and why this movement is so important in educating men and women alike.
100 Aprils  
MET Theatre 100 Aprils
100 Aprils mines the dark humor of oppression and creates a story that illuminates the struggle of all marginalized people. It is both timely and universal in scope. John Sapian is a modern-day Don Quixote. He and his family are second generation Armenians whose parents escaped the Genocide. John believes that a tormentor is pursuing him. Is the enemy a haunted memory from his childhood or is he real?
Aleichem Sholom  
Santa Monica Playhouse Aleichem Sholom
Take a journey through the life, loves and laughter of the world's most beloved Yiddish humorist, as you are treated to an in-depth look at the foolish philosophers, philosophical fools, comical shtetl folk and not-so-comical scoundrels that populated Sholom Aleichem's real and fantasy worlds. Aleichem Sholom, this bold and bittersweet, raucous and romantic musical comedy celebrates the great man's 102nd Yahrzeit, journeying through his loves and losses, the controversy surrounding his stories and plays, his fame and his failures, his passionate involvement in the creation of a new homeland, his travels, his travails and the tremendous joy and optimism that kept him going against all odds, and touched the hearts of millions of audiences and readers across the globe. The new musical, performed in English with just a taste of Yiddish, stars veteran performer Chris DeCarlo, who once again assays the role of the beloved author, a characterization which has been enjoyed by more than a quarter of a million audience members, and Evelyn Rudie, who has created and portrayed more than three dozen Sholom Aleichem characters in over two thousand performances to date.
Alice and the Fabulous Tea Party  
Santa Monica Playhouse Alice and the Fabulous Tea Party
Santa Monica Playhouse is proud to host the Fairy Stories for Pride Company during the LA PRIDE Festival for the fourth year in a row. It's a wild and crazy ride as the company presents a "fabulous" re-invention of Lewis Carroll's wonderful Wonderland stories in a imaginative recreation of the celebrated Rudie-DeCarlo musical Alice and the Wonderful Tea Party. Vaudeville, burlesque, panto, farce and fantasy combine to make Alice and the Fabulous Tea Party a no-holds-barred evening of hilarious theatre. Set in a fabulously overdone and wild garden-themed Victorian salon, Alice (now a grown woman) returns to Wonderland at the invitation of her old friend, the Queen of Hearts. Once there, she finds that things are just as madcap and nonsensical as ever. It's a perfect night out with all seats at $20, where everyone is invited to enjoy a glass of complimentary champagne or sparkling cider to toast Lewis Carroll's 120th birth year! Previous Fairy Stories for Pride have included Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast and Dorothy's Adventures in OZ.
All American Sex Addition/Woke  
The Complex All American Sex Addition/Woke
Jack, a self-proclaimed sex-addict and his estranged girlfriend, Ashley, try and put their relationship back together while attempting to write their story into a movie that doesn't offend anyone. This proves harder than they thought as it seems everyone is offended by something different. Then Riley, Jack's last illicit lover, crashes the party with her own ideas about the script. And Jack's upstairs neighbor, Andie, a young African American woman, has her own thoughts on what makes someone "woke." New comedy All American Sex Addict/Woke AF makes its world premiere at L.A.'s Dorie Theatre as part of the Hollywood Fringe Festival. For ages 18+
Anxiety Written  
Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts Anxiety Written
Anxiety Written follows a girl with OCD through the struggles and triumphs of treatment, the quirky shenanigans of growing up anxious, and comedic growing pains that accompany meaningful change. Amidst the silliness of emotional support pandas and group therapy in a porta-potty, Carleton deftly slips in moments of profound stillness. There’s an ease, joy, and simplicity about her work that keeps the audience on the edge of their seats. Ages 10+
As We Babble On  
David Henry Hwang Theater As We Babble On
As We Babble On explores the pursuit of success, its costs, and conquering the Swedish BIGBOX. Benji, a first-generation Asian American, struggles in New York City to find his voice as his writing career stalls. As the professional paths of his best friend Sheila and his half-sister Laura begin to blossom, he begins to unravel. As We Babble On explores what lengths we are willing to go to realize our dreams, whether morality is tied to upward mobility, and whether boxed wine and soda is an appropriate sangria recipe after the age of 24.
Baby Boy  
The Complex Baby Boy
Adrian Eli is a third-generation Texican and the youngest of five siblings, therefore the Baby Boy, eternally The Cute One. This enables him to get away with a lot. When he is ten years old, he witnesses his older sister being expelled from the family home and subsequently shunned by their parents because she is a lesbian. As Adrian grows, he tries to be straight, but somehow knows that’s not his destiny. He’s really a gay man who also wants to be an actor, and he’s even more reticent about admitting that he wants to act than he is about admitting his sexuality. Through his life experiences and thanks to the support of his friends and associates, he ultimately realizes that he will not be a complete human being until he accepts both his professional aspirations and his true sexuality. His parents, however, still haven’t found out that he’s gay.
Babylon Cabaret  
El Cid Babylon Cabaret
Take a trip back to some of the sultriest locales in history for a night of live music, classic songs and titillating burlesque at the Babylon Cabaret. You'll experience the Golden Era of Hollywood, the red-light district of the French Quarter in New Orleans and the anything-goes neighborhoods of Berlin in the 1920s. With live original music, singers, burlesque dancers, magicians and other floor show specialties, this will be a night to remember at El Cid in Los Angeles.
Bad Jews  
Odyssey Theatre Ensemble Bad Jews
Daphna Feygenbaum considers herself a "real Jew" -- the most devout in her family -- while her cousin Liam is a self-described "bad Jew," complete with a shiksa girlfriend. When the two arrive in New York for their Holocaust-surviving grandfather's funeral, they instantly butt heads in a savagely funny battle royale over a cherished family heirloom. Hailed by The Washington Post as "the funniest play of the year," Joshua Harmon's Bad Jews comes to The Odyssey Theater in Los Angeles. Jewish or not, you're sure to find something to love, and laugh at, in this riotous exercise in familial feuding.
The Actors Company Benevolence
In Hamid Janguard’s new two-act play, benevolence is a guiding principal in the conduct of the individuals in his narrative. No one is deliberately cruel. All want to do the right thing, even when the consequences of their actions don’t always make that apparent. Benevolence is actually comprised of three interconnected stories: In 1986, the marriage of a young couple with a baby begins to disintegrate; In 2000, a couple takes a getaway camping trip in a state park; In 2016, an older man with two marriages behind him moves to a small town to be near his successful son, from whom he has kept a dark secret. The gay bartender at the local tavern has recently broken it off from a longtime partner. Suggested for ages 16 to Adult.
Best Friend  
Stephanie Feury Studio (SFS) Theatre Best Friend
Following a life-changing family tragedy, Ben seeks solace in his childhood friend Andrew. Despite being out of touch for many years, Andrew and his fiancée Lilly agree to take Ben in and help him get back on his feet. But with Ben comes emotional baggage -- toxic behavior and a stridently stubborn worldview that tests Andrew and Lilly’s patience and threatens their relationship.
Big River  
Simi Valley Cultural Arts Center Big River
Presented by Actors' Repertory Theatre of Simi, Big River is a Tony-winning musical based on Mark Twain's classic novel, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Featuring music in the bluegrass and country styles in keeping with the setting of the novel, Mark Twain's beloved classic takes you back to old "Muddy Waters," as Huck Finn and the runaway Jim escape down the mighty Mississippi River in search of freedom. Featuring a score from country music legend Roger Miller, the hilarious, suspenseful and heartwarming Big River can be enjoyed at the Simi Valley Cultural Arts Center.
Black When I Was a Boy  
Studio C Artists Black When I Was a Boy
Black When I Was A Boy is an honest, moving and even humorous look at a complex, fascinating and powerful coming of age story. It’s Cooper Bates’ autobiographical recollection of the extraordinary inner life of his younger self - Frankie Bates, who grew up as the only Black child in a small Caucasian community in Kansas (population 1,500). He never saw himself as Black, until he was cast as Nigger Jim in the school production of Huckleberry Finn in 6th grade. Ages 13+
The Book That I Am Going To Write, by Judy Garland  
The Complex The Book That I Am Going To Write, by Judy Garland
In 1964, following her Oscar-nominated comeback performance in Judgment at Nuremberg and her historic Carnegie Hall concert, the legendary Judy Garland decided to revisit a project she’d abandoned many years before — writing her memoirs. Garland was encouraged to put her thoughts and memories on tape to be transcribed later. The tapes revealed a woman who was seemingly hurt by every person she had ever trusted, all while bringing joy to people the world over through her unparalleled talent, infectious warmth, and indomitable spirit. Faithfully adapted from these long-lost private recordings, performer Jason Powell brings Judy’s actual spoken words to life, without spectacle or artifice, just naked honesty.
Bordertown Now  
Pasadena Playhouse Bordertown Now
Twenty years after their searing hit Bordertown premiered, L.A.'s very own Culture Clash returns to the southern border to investigate the state of affairs once again. Re-imagined, remixed and fully reloaded, Bordertown Now at Pasadena Playhouse is an irreverent look at the people at the center of one of America's most hot-button controversial issues, and the walls that divide us all. Infused with their trademark comedic approach, the nation's premier Chicano/Latino performance trio joins Obie Award-winning director Diane Rodriguez to redefine the boundaries of theater and break down the divisions between cultures.
Broadway Sings Disney  
Rockwell Table and Stage Broadway Sings Disney
Bad is always better -- just take a look at any Disney villain: they've got a killer look, a devious master plan and a big, loud song-and-dance number that shows off all their evilness. And now you can revel in all the wicked delights of Disney's most iconic baddies when L.A.'s Rockwell Table & Stage presents Broadway Sings Disney. Hosted by Kate Pazakis (The Big Gay Musical) and Peter Vogt (The Goodbye Girl), this whimsical show tune showcase features some of the brightest stars from Broadway, film and TV belting out your favorite villain tunes. Whether its Ursula's voice-snatching anthem or Gaston's macho tribute to himself, you never know what deliciously evil song you'll hear next -- but you can be sure to have an awfully good time singing along.

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