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The Complex

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LA Weekly- Somewhat Recommended

"...As a whole, the ensemble has too many ham-fisted moments to usher the stereotypical characters - a boorish iron worker (Tim Borquez) with a supposedly ironic love of books; a self-loathing housewife (Judi Stewart) chained to her laundry basket; a valet (Tyrone Washington) who, by golly, refuses to let car parking rob him of his plainspoken pluck - to more meaningful ground. But a few stand-out performers spin their snatches of sloppily stitched material into meaningful musings on time-clock punching. Jill Kocalis Scott, for instance, successfully seeks out the joyful motivation of a sophisticated waitress in "It's an Art." Amanda Celine Miller goes from hooker to receptionist to cleaning lady with ease, crafting flesh-and-blood characters defined by toil. There's an undeniable pleasure in seeing everyday people take center stage, but the real blue collar trenches are certainly filled with more interesting men and women."
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Amy Lyons

Stage Scene LA- Highly Recommended

"...It’s Working’s musical numbers, however, that make it such a crowd-pleaser even on an otherwise empty blackbox stage. A jazzy “Lovin’ Al” has parking lot attendant Al (Washington) joined by a three-girl backup; Judi Stewart’s “Just A Housewife” features a quartet of homemakers miming daily chores in perfect sync; Tiffany Oliver sings a gorgeous James Taylor’s “Millworker” accompanied by the graceful moves of her female castmates; Miller’s “Cleaning Women” salutes the ladies who keep things spotless, and “If I Could Have Been” features the full cast singing in glorious harmonies of their abandoned dreams."
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Steven Stanley