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  The Originalist at Pasadena Playhouse

The Originalist

Pasadena Playhouse
39 S. El Molino Ave. Pasadena

Hailed by The Economist as "a timely, almost revolutionary work," The Originalist follows a bright, liberal law school graduate as she embarks on a nerve-jangling clerkship with conservative Justice Antonin Scalia. As infuriating a sparring partner as she often discovers him to be, he also surprises her by being an unexpected mentor. With Scalia's seat on the Supreme Court still empty, The Originalist looks into the complexities of one of the most polarizing Justices of all time. Whatever your personal politics, this Pasadena Playhouse production is a powerful examination of the people who spend their lives defending their interpretation of the truth.

Thru - May 7, 2017

Show Type: Drama

Box Office: 626-356-7529

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Will Call - Recommended

"...This historically pertinent drama pays homage to the man described as “the most polarizing figure in American political life” - until now. Antonin Scalia, Justice of the Supreme Court until his death in 2016, was easily the most colorful person in this illustrious position and he comes to life on the Playhouse stage, warts and all. Edward Gero, a Shakespearean trained actor with a resonant voice and majestic bearing, inhabits the role like a second skin. He’s sharp of tongue with a twinkle in his eye."
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Ingrid Wilmot

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