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  Ready, Steady, Yeti, Go at Electric Lodge

Ready, Steady, Yeti, Go

Electric Lodge
1416 Electric Ave Venice

In the aftermath of a hate crime, 7th grader Goon befriends one of the victims, Carly. A youthful romance blossoms, while the town plans a rally "to destroy racism forever," and the two must navigate the pitfalls of falling in love while dealing with prying eyes, especially those of Wikipedia Jones, the crime-solving son of the Chief of Police. Passive-aggressive antics, bad parental advice, and ill-informed gestures of kindness create a "white guilt perfect storm" that threatens to make the course of true love a very rocky road.

Thru - Jul 29, 2019

Price: $40

Show Type: Drama

Box Office: 310-306-1854

  Ready, Steady, Yeti, Go Reviews
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  • Somewhat Recommended
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Los Angeles Times - Recommended

"...The writing does capture the ineffable delights and indignities of being 12, however, and the actors, warmly directed by Guillermo Cienfuegos, have such a good time letting their inner children out to play that they’re a treat to watch."
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Margaret Gray

Broadway World - Recommended

"...In David Jacobi's 2016 ensemble play, life goes by rapidly and performances are strong yet divided. Standouts include the above mentioned Brophy and St. Clair who have some electric scenes (especially St Clair when she recreates a conversation as her parents). It would be fascinating to see more from these actors in other productions as they have wonderful chemistry. Another standout is Kenney Selvey who plays younger brother, Gandry. Selvey brings innocence without being campy and youthful intelligence without being over the top."
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Jeffrey Scott

Stage and Cinema - Recommended

"...David Jacobi writes from a place of understanding the chasm between intention and effect. He pokes fun at “The More You Know…” NBC’s public service announcement campaign from the 1990s that often took up issues of tolerance and diversity. Certainly, allowing Carly to take control from a white character playing her mother is a nod to that understanding. Yet over the course of the evening, the play inadvertently becomes the very thing it takes aim at: a white response to racism that makes white people feel better about themselves."
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Samuel Garza Bernstein

LA Splash - Recommended

"...READY STEADY YETI GO will reverberate with childhood secrets and unbridled life while presenting a fun and laugh-filled evening for all. The only possible issue seemed to be the child-like whoops and yells and spins and falls, which could grow old after a while - perhaps too much of a good thing. A nip-and-tuck edit might leave the audience begging for more."
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Elaine Mura

Stage Scene LA - Somewhat Recommended

"...Sixth-graders reenact a local hate crime for reasons that don't particularly make sense in David Jacobi's Ready Steady Yeti Go, a talent showcase for its gifted 20something ensemble that would work even better with age-appropriate casting."
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Steven Stanley

On Stage Los Angeles - Highly Recommended

"...Jacobi's "Ready, Steady, Yeti, GO!" hits us with social issues, ethics, silliness, puppy love and a roundabout of excellent theatre that I defy anyone who appreciates the stuff of taking chances to not fully appreciate and enjoy."
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Will Call - Recommended

"...Among our local theatre cognoscenti, Rogue Machine has an unsullied reputation as a top notch Company, consistently delivering excellent and unforgettable, new productions that are exciting, provocative and multi-awarded. This current piece takes some getting used to and is a lesson in pre-teen awkwardness. On the plus side, you see some outstanding performances by six young artists portraying them, directed by Guillermo Cienfuegos. Their mannerisms, facial expressions and body language are believable in every detail. Their intentions are pure, admirable, politically correct and up to the minute, timely."
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Ingrid Wilmont

Hollywood Progressive - Somewhat Recommended

"...In addition to raising the specter of racism - which, alas, remains all too timely and topical - Yeti also probes the nature of good and evil and delves into the stirrings of young love. However, I felt like the 90-ish minute play, which is performed sans intermission, never comes to a resolution, explaining the motive for the hate crime that triggers the plot into motion."
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Ed Rampell

Total Theater - Recommended

"...The other surprises in Ready Steady also come out of character. Just when you’re just about ready to write these kids off, judge them for their crazy, self-absorbed, spoiled behavior, they show themselves to be more complicated than that, more admirable and brave and likable. I was happy to have spent an evening in their company—even though I did feel the play would have worked a lot better at sixty rather than ninety minutes."
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Willard Manus

Stage Raw - Somewhat Recommended

"...David Jacobi’s new play Ready Steady Yeti Go is a satirical comedy that narrows its focus on a white community’s response to a hate crime told through a middle-schooler’s point of view. The Rogue Machine’s snappy, playful production maintains poignancy despite the script’s ultimate shortcomings."
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Dana Martin

Peoples World - Highly Recommended

"...Rogue Machine says nothing about what audiences they hope to reach, but young people would get a lot out of this production-maybe more than those feckless adults."
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Eric Gordon

Hollywood Revealed - Highly Recommended

"...Director Guillermo Cienfuegos keeps the action moving at a clip and the talented cast have ably mastered the body language and the physicallity needed to convincingly portray 12 year olds."
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Peter Foldy

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