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  Buddha: Triumph & Tragedy at Bootleg Theater

Buddha: Triumph & Tragedy

Bootleg Theater
2220 Beverly Blvd. Los Angeles

The life of the Buddha assembled from the original texts as a one-man play. The man we know as the Buddha lived in Northern India around 500BC and introduced the teaching known as Buddhism. After his death, an extensive oral history of the movement was written down and carried throughout Asia, becoming the taproot for all Buddhist traditions. Framed in a most unusual and personal context, writer/performer Evan Brenner brings selections from these texts to the stage, unchanged, to enact the extraordinary life of the man from start to finish. It’s an epic story of personal struggle, supreme enlightenment and horrific tragedy.e life of the Buddha assembled from the original texts as a one-man play.

Thru - Apr 1, 2012

Price: $30

Show Type: Drama

Box Office: 213-389-3856

  Buddha: Triumph & Tragedy Reviews
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  • Somewhat Recommended
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Los Angeles Times - Somewhat Recommended

"...Solo performance can never get too personal — the more it intimately exposes, the more it draws us in. Right now Brenner seems to be embodying his Buddhist story better than he is telling it."
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Charles McNulty

LA Weekly - Recommended

"...His conversational style, in concert with an unpretentious script and good direction by John Reilly, makes this an entertaining and, yes, enlightening 90 minutes."
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Lovell Estell III

Backstage - Recommended

"...The text, smoothed and simplified by centuries of oral transmission, possesses a fairy-tale simplicity, austere and restrained. Brenner performs it with the same simplicity and quiet authority, free of distracting mannerisms or regionalisms."
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Neal Weaver - Recommended

"...One thing is sure – audience members leave the theatre, rejoicing at the message of hope that marks Shakyamuni’s deathbed admonition to his followers. They are more than ready to celebrate with a glass of wine or a beer at Bootleg’s bar, or perhaps go on to partake of the band that follows shortly after."
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Leigh Kennicott

Examiner - Recommended

"...So you have to have some sense of adventure to go and watch a one man performance entitled “Buddha – A Fantastic Journey.” But for those possessing that sense of adventure it will be about 75 minutes of pure delight."
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Ron Irwin

Buzzine - Recommended

"...So, in that sense, the performance was really a two-for-one. A wonderfully entertaining 90 minutes, and a subject for introspection and conversation for…well…a period to be determined by the listener."
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Clare Elfman

On Stage Los Angeles - Not Recommended

"...Sitting through Brenner’s premeditated and yet seemingly wandering blocking and hesitant delivery may have been deliberate. Either this was the choice of the director or the performer’s choice to do it his own way. Sadly, there was suffering."
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Michael Sheehan

Neon Tommy - Recommended

"...If you go see “Buddha—A Fantastic Journey” at the Bootleg—which I hope you do—arrive early; take the evening to relax and truly enjoy the immersive experience of this wonderful production."
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Sara Itkis

Thespian Thoughts - Recommended

"...Currently playing at the Bootleg Theater in Los Angeles, California, the one-man show “Buddha—A Fantastic Journey,” is a must see."
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Kristina Nikols

Working Authur - Recommended

"...For those familiar with the Buddha’s story and those not, for anyone with an interest in matters spiritual or religious, and especially for those who seek to experience exceptional theater this is one journey you won’t regret. And who knows, you may even be the witness of your own thoughts."
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Earnest Kearney

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