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  Between Us Chickens at Atwater Village Theatre

Between Us Chickens

Atwater Village Theatre
3269 Casitas Ave Atwater Village

Meagan and Sarah are two small town Pennsylvania girls who move to Los Angeles post-college. Meagan goes out every night but Sarah won't leave the apartment. When Meagan brings home an intriguing L.A. native, Charles, he offers Sarah an “in” to the city -- if he can sleep on her couch. As a manipulative love triangle develops we discover what everyone is hiding and that the City of Angels operates on its own moral code.

Thru - Jun 19, 2011

Fridays: 8:00pm
Saturdays: 8:00pm
Sundays: 2:00pm

Price: $10-$15

Show Type: Comedy/Drama

Box Office: 323-644-1929

  Between Us Chickens Reviews
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  • Somewhat Recommended
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Los Angeles Times - Somewhat Recommended

"...Not surprisingly, “Chickens” is a young writer’s play. Even its jaded view of human nature seems eager to please. The dialogue is natural, insightful and often funny (Meagan refers to Charles as a “mooching, dirty man-child”), but the story is contrived. Could there really be enough pedophiles in the online poker community to make Sarah’s scheme so profitable? Would Meagan and Charles, who seem venal and opportunistic, be that scandalized by what she’s up to? And although it may be realistic to show young people socializing online, it’s not very theatrical."
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Margaret Gray

LA Weekly - Somewhat Recommended

"...Though the pairing of polar opposites can be the stuff of great comedy and/or dramatic strife, Alvarez's hand is too clumsy to make the contrast crackle. When Meagan brings home Charles (Ben Huber), a homeless L.A. native who exhibits strange behavior (he answers Sarah's phone and tells her mother he is Sarah's boyfriend, for instance), things go from mildly inauthentic to entirely implausible"
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Amy Lyons

Backstage - Recommended

"...In 90 minutes, Alvarez tackles the changing face of today's 20-somethings. Unlike many youthful and superficial comedies, hers presents a somewhat darker face on surviving in a place like Los Angeles, suggesting that the inherent character of success may lead to an opportunistic and destructive ending. Debate certainly doesn't end with the final curtain."
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Melinda Schupmann

Talkin Broadway - Somewhat Recommended

"...Between Us Chickens does not open well. We are introduced to Meagan, who is dressed in a short satin dress, textured tights, and leopard-print wedge shoes. She's wearing a gold glittery headband and a necklace with feathers hanging off it. She comes home to talk to her roommate, Sarah, who is wearing pajama bottoms and a fleece zip-up while she sits at her computer. And this is such a disappointing opening because neither of these characters is even close to realistic. Meagan is drawn (and costumed) as every stereotype of a flaky party girl, while Sarah is such a homebody, she earns (and spends) all her money on the Internet, and never leaves the apartment."

Sharon Perlmutter - Somewhat Recommended

"...I think we were supposed to learn lessons here about young persons in LA, nature of friendship, battle of the sexes, and Internet hanky-panky. There are some interesting ideas here ad even a plausible story but the dialogue will have to be made much more real. Given the material I think the actors did the best they could but I feel they and the director should have worked more on the given circumstance that is actor-speak for what are these relationships about."
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Robert Machray - Somewhat Recommended

"...Don’t get me wrong: BETWEEN US CHICKENS is not a turkey. What it lacks in emotional oomph it makes up for with intellectual prowess. Author Alvarez and company present a logical, believable premise that carries the potential for great fun. The outcome comes as a bit of a surprise too. Do those two factors make for an enjoyable evening of theatre? Take a look see."
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Robert Axelrod

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