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  Nine at MET Theatre


MET Theatre
1089 N. Oxford Ave. Los Angeles

Embark on a musical journey that explores the passion and pitfalls of an Italian film director grappling with his mid-life crisis and creative block. All Guido Contini wants to do is make a film - but the women in his life are demanding attention. Amid a failing marriage, a distraught mistress and the betrayal of his former muse, Contini ponders his unraveling life and career by revisiting the innocence of his childhood at the age of nine. Through a series of flashbacks and dreams, Contini discovers the solution to his problems by combining art and reality in a spectacular collusion of love, regret and fidelity.

Presented by DOMA Theatre Company

Thru - Aug 18, 2013

Fridays: 8:00pm
Saturdays: 8:00pm
Sundays: 3:00pm

Show Type: Musical

  Nine Reviews
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LA Weekly - Not Recommended

"...Unfortunately, neither will find much to like in director Marco Gomezís uninspired and decidedly un-Felliniesque revival (on Amanda Lawsonís drab cinderblock set). As the storyís sexually charged but woman-troubled film director, David Michael TreviŮo proves an unusually low-voltage romantic lead. Itís a drawback that retards whatever sparks might have flown among the admittedly uneven, nearly all-female ensemble."
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Bill Raden

LA Splash - Recommended

"...DOMA theatre never disappoints. The production quality, the acting, costumes and singing all excel in their new production."
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Serita Stevens

Stage Scene LA - Recommended

"...While not the unqualified triumph that was their recent Dreamgirls, Nine The Musical adds to DOMA Theatre Companyís growing reputation, at the very least offering Broadway musical lovers the rare opportunity to check out this rarely-produced Maury Yeston gem."
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Steven Stanley - Recommended

"...In the new production at Doma I am pleased to say that the songs come through fairly well.
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Robert Machray

Examiner - Recommended

"...There is, however, one element that I found a little uncomfortable. To my simple mind I found the show to wander a bit. Maybe it was the abundant use of flash backs, or maybe it seemed to me that in various moments there was no ascertainable purpose or direction. I also found both the opening and the closing scenes to be a little weak. Again the performances were all first class and overall the show is superbly entertaining but as with all of life Ė not perfect."
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Ron Irwin

The Tolucan Times - Recommended

"...This is an elaborate and entertaining production, folks. Do try to catch it!"
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Pat Taylor

ArtsBeatLA - Somewhat Recommended

"...The problem with Nine as a musical is not the music or the story, however, but the disconnect between the two. Yestonís music seems to outpace Arthur Kopitís book and because of that flaw, Guido becomes something of an unbalanced character."
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Jesse Herwitz

LA Stage Times - Not Recommended

"...Arthur Kopitís book meanders, and Maury Yestonís score is surprisingly lackluster. Iíve now seen at least three productions of Nine, but I think it will take another six before Iím able to remember any of the songs a day later."
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Don Shirley

LA Progressive - Not Recommended

"...Despite the fact that Iím a stickler for originality and have a chip on my shoulder against the endless recycling of material in order to capitalize on pre-established brand names (donít get me started, Superman!), I actually quite enjoyed DOMA Theatre Co.ís iteration of Nine at the MET Theatre."
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Ed Rampell

Frontiers - Recommended

"...Still, while this production of Nine might not be a 10, it is a wonderful opportunity to hear a charming score ópart Sondheim, part Jacques Brelódelivered by a game cast in a well-appointed but intimate setting."
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Christopher Cappiello

Culture Spot LA - Recommended

"...DOMAís co-founder Marco Gomez skillfully directs his gifted cast of spectacular voices with clever staging and Rae Toledoís delightful and sometimes very sexy choreography."
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Gil Kaan

Grigware Blogspot - Recommended

"...Known for some pretty terrific singing, DOMA accepts the challenges of Nine and with director Marco Gomez pulling out the stops and letting his skilled cast reach for the stars, this production works on many levels, will entertain you, and even make you muse from time to time."
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Don Grigware

LifeInLA - Recommended

"...The plot is amusing, the characters are compelling, but what makes Nine such an enjoyable show is ultimately its music. You will find yourself leaving the theater humming memorable refrains from the various musical numbers, and there are several that are indeed memorable."
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Marianne Fritz

The Los Angeles Post - Not Recommended

"...There really isnít a likable character. Itís a story about a self-destructive person who leaves victims every time he moves. I found I just didnít care what happened in the end. The play dragged and I drifted off, unable to stay focused on the activity. Perhaps it just was just not interesting enough to keep me alert. I was not alone in this experience. The man sitting next to me, a perfect stranger, turned and asked me in a low whisper to nudge him if he falls asleep again."
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Rose Desena

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