Rogue Machine Extends Performance Schedule for World Premiere of Blue

Jun 8, 2023
Blue at The Matrix Presented by Rogue Machine

Rogue Machine announced the extension of the world premiere of Blue now playing through July 3. A thrilling quest for truth. The play, penned by June Carryl and orchestrated by Michael Matthews, marks the opening of The Henry Murray Space located on the upper floor of the Matrix. Blue delves into the inseparable connections between authority, aggression, and the tension between protection and enforcement. The central question posed by the play is, ""What happens when those granted the power to protect us see us as the enemy?"

"I wrote this play as part of a conversation," says June Carryl. "A fundamental hypocrisy lies at the heart of the founding of this country that prioritizes white (straight cis male) bodies over black and brown bodies, and a direct line can be drawn from the authoritarian impulse to the present state of policing as practiced in the United States."

The play "Blue," currently showing at Rogue Machine at The Matrix, is receiving a wave of positive reviews, with an average rating based on the reviews. The play has been highly recommended by Broadway World, LA Splash, Stage Scene LA, Hollywood Progressive, and Discover Hollywood.

Broadway World praises the unsettling experience of witnessing a proud man's fall and a principled cop's compromise, while LA Splash commends the controversial play for its thought-provoking questions and frequently hazy answers. Stage Scene LA highlights the play as a ripped-from-today's-headlines stunner, and Hollywood Progressive describes it as a perfect choice for the inauguration of the Henry Murray Stage, putting one of America's central pressing problems onstage. Discover Hollywood, on the other hand, lauds the unique setting where the 4th wall is broken, creating a realistic ambiance.

Stage Raw and Glamgical also recommend the play, with Stage Raw focusing on the grim, all-too-frequent horror show of murder-by-cop, and Glamgical praising the director's achievement of creating an impactful image with just a light, a table, and two chairs.

Overall, the play "Blue" is being celebrated for its powerful storytelling, thought-provoking themes, and innovative staging