Santa Monica Playhouse presents Alice and the Wonderful Holiday Party

Nov 21, 2022
Alice and the Wonderful Holiday Party at Santa Monica Playhouse

Santa Monica Playhouse announces the return of the original Rudie-DeCarlo Family Theatre musical comedy ALICE AND THE WONDERFUL HOLIDAY PARTY based on the beloved books from Lewis Carroll. This lively show follows a grown-up Alice who goes back through the looking glass at the invitation of the Queen of Hearts to visit the wonderful Wonderland of her youth. Playing for ONE WEEKEND: Saturday at 2:00pm, and Sunday at 12:30pm, December 10 & December 11, 2022

Don't miss this joyful interactive Holiday edition of the Playhouse's classic Family Theatre Musical Comedy, hailed on three continents! Join the Jack of Hearts, the Tweedles, the Lady in Waiting and a host of colorful denizens of Wonderland as they prepare a holiday surprise party for a very special guest.

The cards are painting the roses, the Tweedles are surreptitiously consuming the food and drink with levi-tea, the Queen has set her heart on a perfect holiday celebration, and Alice attempts to get to the heart of the matter, but only you, our hearty audience, can help things go right!

Written and directed by the award-winning creative team of Chris DeCarlo and Evelyn Rudie, the Playhouse's ALICE, based on everybody's favorite Wonderland tales, has performed to great acclaim all over the world, from Santa Monica to England to Japan and back again, and was the centerpiece of Kulov's Tea Festival in Venice, CA, Valentine's Day 2009. Hearty concept and gorgeous costumes are by award-winning designer Ashley Hayes, inspired by designs from the late Cheryl Jennings.

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