A Dynamic Duo Returns Theatre 68 to NoHo

Aug 28, 2022
Theatre 68 in Hollywood

Ronnie Marmo (Theatre 68) and Racquel Lehrman (Theatre Planners), two powerhouses in LA Theatre, have partnered to bring you a new and improved state-of-the-art theatrical complex!

Marmo, Actor/Writer/Director/Producer and proud Artistic Director of Theatre 68 since February 14th 2001, has partnered with Lehrman of Theatre Planners. Lehrman previously owned The Lounge Theatres for 15 years, currently owns the Lounge on Melrose studios and manages the Zephyr Theatre in West Hollywood. Both highly respected theatre professionals couldn't be more excited about their joint venture bringing the ARTS back to NoHo Arts District!

Theatre 68 is reopening its doors on September 17th in North Hollywood and now it's bigger and better than ever! Renamed and fully remodeled, THEATRE 68 ARTS COMPLEX will open the new venue with the critically acclaimed one man show, "I'm Not A Comedian...I'm Lenny Bruce" written and performed by Ronnie Marmo and directed by Tony Award winning stage and television star, Joe Mantegna. Followed by an opening night gala. The award-winning production will also celebrate its 400th performance September 24th. The show officially returns Sept. 17th - Oct. 1st, 2022.

During the pandemic, both Theatre 68 and Theatre Planners were struggling to keep the doors open and lights on in their respective locations. There were sleepless nights, yard sales and basically trying anything possible to bring in money and keep the space thriving. "Ultimately, we couldn't keep up with the bills and so we sadly had to close Theatre 68", Marmo said. "We were heartbroken but we had to move on. The only thing that gave us a little peace was knowing the entire world was in this situation and not just us. But we had lost our home. We were devastated."

Flash forward eighteen months later, Marmo received an email from the Landlords asking if he would consider coming back to the space. "So many different emotions came rushing in and I was stunned. After the Landlords had discussions with many potential tenants, they decided it would be best that Theatre 68 was to come home and reopen in the space. Having gone through so much during the pandemic and having to let the space go was so overwhelming for me and the company. I thought the only way I would have the heart, stomach and enthusiasm to open Theatre 68 again, was to bring in the incomparable Racquel Lehrman, a phenomenal producer in Los Angeles Theatre." After meeting, they both decided that they were ALL IN! "Her expertise is what we needed to take Theatre 68 Arts Complex to another level. And we did!"

"After losing the Lounge Theatre after 15 years during pandemic, I'm excited to get a chance to open another Theatre. I am thrilled to be coming over the hill to North Hollywood and continue doing what I love to do", Lehrman said.

Marmo says, "It's been difficult to see so many Theaters go under and we feel beyond blessed to do our part to bring the ARTS back to the NoHo Arts District"!