Sacred Fools presents Three Guys, One Groupon

Jun 1, 2022
Three Guys, One Groupon at The Broadwater

The Sacred Fools Theater Company is delighted to welcome Hollywood Fringe Festival audiences back to the Broadwater for this year's festival. The venue will be hosting dozens of shows, including the Company's own offering, "Three Guys, One Groupon," by J. Bailey Burcham, directed by Rebecca Larsen. Previewing Saturday, June 4 at 5:00 PM, with five performances throughout June during the festival (exact dates and times listed below), Fringe audiences will get a chance to take a load off from the stresses of life with their new best friends, four men, all played by women.

About "Three Guys, One Groupon"
On a very special day, pals Stan, Geoff, Craigory and Ollie (Cj Merriman, Amanda Blake Davis, Rebecca Larsen and Leigh Wulff, respectively) share their wholesome hearts as they crack some beers, watch the sunset, and try to decide on the perfect Groupon activity to do together.

The genesis of the show began during the Spring of 2019, during the 14th season of Sacred Fools' long-running, late-night sensation Serial Killers. Playwright J. BaileyBurcham saved the day after one of the scheduled five sketches had to drop out. Burcham wrote out four pages of long, drawn-out sweetness on his phone and handed it over to director Rebecca Larsen.

Larsen realized that the piece could work even better if it wasn't actually played by cisgendered men and, week after week of getting voted through by the audience, "Three Guys, One Groupon" was the ultimate winner of Serial Killers Season 14's Playoffs. Then the pandemic hit. Burcham realized that the sketch had legs as a one-act, and after two years of honing the piece, it's ready for Fringe audiences. Produced by Scott Leggett ("How We Got On," "The Word"), this often-silly exploration of sweetness, masculinity, friendship and love is a comic spoonful of sugar reminding us that while we may not be promised tomorrow, we'll always have each other.

"This is a feel-good play that will make you cry with laughter," said Leggett. "These four amazing women (playing men) are truly something to behold."