The Pig Farm - a play of comedy and horror in two acts

May 27, 2022
The Pig Farm in Los Angeles

The Pig Farm - a world premier play in two acts directed by John Wayne Leingang and written by Richard Paul Klein will spring forth from the rotting bowels of Saint Thomas Aquinas and Sir Thomas More, fully formed for Hollywood Fringe. Preview night at 8:00PM on June 3rd at The Broadwater Black Box Theatre (6322 Santa Monica Blvd). The play will continue its run on Saturday June 11, 2:00 PM, Saturday June 18, 9:30 PM, Thursday June 23, 11:00 PM, and Saturday June 25, 2:30 PM. The tickets are $13.00 and can be purchased online and at the door.

The Pig Farm is an immersive and visceral audience experience of sound, light, darkness, comedy and horror that follows the journey of two young religious schoolgirls trapped on a pig farm.

Imagine if The Gilmore Girls made love to The Exorcist and then nine months later aborted the dead baby from Agnes of God then you would have: The Pig Farm.

This production starring Molly Bibeau, Tessa Nesbet, Morgan Smalley, Jeanne Carr, Sam Enos and Sean Spencer begins in the wee hours of the morning, where two young, devoted Christian women find their faith in the Lord tested as they attempt to dispose of the evidence of a recent overzealous display of faith by feeding it to pigs housed on a rural farm. Caught in the act, these young women find the evening becomes progressively more complex, morbid and dangerous as they encounter test after test of both super and natural origin. Their attempts to assuage their God, explain away their actions, and save their own lives and souls, turns into a rollicking debate on faith, the afterlife, and the existence of the devil herself.