As Always, Jimmy Stewart - a moving stage tribute at Theatre West

May 21, 2022
As Always, Jimmy Stewart at Theatre West

It's Christmas time, 1994. Jimmy Stewart's beloved wife Gloria has recently passed away, and it's his first Christmas without her. It's two o'clock in the morning and he can't sleep. As he putters around the den in his house on Roxbury Drive, he begins to reminisce about his wonderful life on and off the screen...

In the moving stage tribute "As Always, Jimmy Stewart," hear one of Hollywood's favorite storytellers share tales of early Hollywood-his film triumphs, his biggest bombs, his youthful misadventures with lifelong pal Henry Fonda, and his amorous exploits with some of movieland's top leading ladies. Find out what it was like behind the scenes with John Wayne, Grace Kelly, Greta Garbo, Alfred Hitchcock and John Ford---and more. Learn about the man behind the movie legend----his boyhood, his family, the personal tragedy, and real-life heroism that made him not just America's favorite movie star, but one of America's favorite people.

Steve Nevil inhabits the role of Jimmy Stewart on stage. Nevil has numerous credits on stage, on screen and on television, including regular series roles on Hope and Gloria, The McLean Stevenson Show and Mama's Family. Nevil got to work with Stewart directly on commercials for Campbell's Home Cookin' Soups. Steve's other plays include the award winners Welcome to Heretofore and The Night Forlorn. His stage appearances include Falling Upward, The Time of Going Away, Bradbury x 2, Spoon River Anthology, The Night Forlorn, Our Man in Santiago (for which he recently won a Robby Award), and many more.

As Always, Jimmy Stewart has been endorsed by the Stewart family.