Ben and George premieres at the Hollywood Fringe Festival

May 21, 2022
Ben and George

Two friends, Ben and George are forced to share a room. They begin to form a fast friendship with an underlying unspoken romance that uplifts them both. So, they decide to get an apartment together. When Ben begins asserting his dominance in the household, George withdraws. Ben starts bringing around new friends making George a little jealous and a little crazy. Will these two reconcile their differences and have a beautiful romance? or Will George kill Ben? Find out in the newest dark comedy from fringe veteran Lorne Stevenson.

"I wrote this play so I could spend more time with my work crush," exclaims Stevenson. "He was leaving the job, and I knew he was an actor, so I wrote this play for him and I to star in. He read the script, declined, and I haven't seen him since. I then did some rewrites, and I found out that this play is basically commenting on male toxicity. And just because a man is gay or non-binary, that doesn't mean they can't be toxic."

Presented by Blue Vanity Productions in association with Theater Asylum. Written; produced and directed by Lorne Stevenson. Starring Jared Gaxiola, Raphael Buenaventura and Lorne Stevenson.