L.A. Theatre Works to Present You Never Can Tell

May 5, 2015
You Never Can Tell

A rare performance of George Bernard Shaw's, "You Never Can Tell," is presented by L.A. Theatre Works at UCLA'S James Bridges Theater in mid-May for five performances only.

These performances feature James Callis, Nicholas HormannMarvin Jarvis, Christopher Neame, Susan Sullivan, Simon Templeman, Matthew Wolf and Moira Quirk.

In George Bernard Shaw's response to The Importance of Being Earnest, we begin in a dentist's chair, where Dolly (Moira Quirk) sits waiting to have a tooth pulled. In a series of hilarious events, Dolly's sister, Gloria, finds love at first sight with the dentist, appropriately named Mr. Valentine. Meanwhile, the Lady Bracknell-esque Mrs. Clandon (Susan Sullivan, Castle) reencounters her former husband, Mr. Crampton (Christopher Neame). As they rekindle the tenderness they once shared, the plot thickens in a wild masquerade party with the kind of witty dialogue only Shaw can write.

Thanks to the cucumber sandwiches and puppet-mastery served up by The Waiter (Martin Jarvis), everyone goes home happy in this delicious comedy of manners.

"A rollicking, genteel, snappy meringue of a play" -Time Out Chicago