7 Redneck Cheerleaders Returns Tonight at The Lillian Theatre

Feb 19, 2015
7 Redneck Cheerleaders

7 REDNECK CHEERLEADERS is the story of a novice playwright and expert push over, Ben, attempting to direct his first play at the advice of a favorite aunt on her deathbed. He meets a Hollywood theatre producer at Trader Joe's and the Equity-waiver hell begins. Ben's play within the play is an American Tale of a small town boy, Young, who against the wishes of a tyrannical, Podunk father, is determined to become a high school cheerleader for the sake of love. Out of his element with actor-types, Ben rehearses the cast in their redneck roles. Hearts are trampled on. Rim jobs are discussed. Testicles are mangled and some actors die. But not without a serious, and cathartic, cheer-competition finale and Ben's favorite aunt smiling down from Lesbian Heaven.

Written by Louis Jacobs, Directed by David Fofi, Produced by Bren Coombs, Set and lighting by Elephant Stageworks with Sound Design by Matt Richter.

Starring Cody Andersen, Daryl Armbruster, Iris Bahr, Micah Cohen, Etienne Eckert, Jennifer Finch, David Fofi, Whitney Fortmueller, Alexandra Hoover, Kate Huffman, Louis Jacobs, Julia Larson, Tara Norris, James Pippi, LeShay Tomlinson.