Hellcab Opens at The Elephant Theatre

Nov 26, 2014

Elephant Theatre Company has announced the return of "HELLCAB", at The Elephant Theatre. The Critic's Choice Holiday favorite, by Will Kern, will be directed by David Fofi. This 90 minute show is set to open in a limited engagement on December 3rd, 2014)

HELLCAB is a collection of scenes from a day in the life of a Chicago cabbie. Written with darkly humorous realism by Will Kern, this is a fast-paced, entertaining and gritty look at nightlife in the big city. Seen through the eyes of a Chicago cab driver, we meet a wide variety of offbeat characters, as each flag down his cab at Christmastime. In 80 fleeting minutes, we experience 20 different vignettes, situations and wacky stories flying at this sympathetic and kindly cabbie.

Featuring an impressive cast including Danny Parker, Anita Curran, Charlotte Taschen, Cody Anderson, Dominic Rains, Eric Bunton, Erick Nathan, Ethan Rains, Etienne Eckert, Jason Konopsis, Jennifer Finch. Joe Tomasini, John Charles Meyer, Jolie Carina, Katherine Barcsay, Keena Ferguson, Kim Estes, Kimberly Alexander, Lawrence Dillard, LeShay Tomlinson Boyce, Marina Mouhibian, Meghan Cox, Rey Goyos, Scott Krinsky, Shannon McManus, Tara Norris, and Tim Starks.

For tickets, go to: www.plays411.com/hellcab - Opening Dec. 3rd through 20tht, 2014.