Serial Killer Barbie Opens at NoHo Arts Center

Nov 9, 2014
Serial Killer Barbie

Producer Ronnie Marmo and Theatre 68 will present SERIAL KILLER BARBIE - By playwrights Colette Freedman and Nickella Moschetti - Opening tonight, November 7th at The NoHo Arts Center. Marmo and Theatre 68 are elated to be granted the rights for this world premiere musical by internationally produced playwrights Freedman and Moschetti.

Quirky Barbara spends her life desperate to get in with the popular "Debbies." From first grade through high school, she obsessively attempts to join the coveted social circle of Debbie, Debby and the queen of the WASPY clique, Debbi. After several failed attempts to fit in, she realizes, if you can't join them, kill them. A hilarious and fast moving dark comedy, with original music including songs "21 Ways To Kill A Debbie", Middle School Sucks" and "Price of Popularity".

General admission $30.00. Tickets are available at: or calling (323) 960-5068.