Meta Theatre Presents Somwhere

Oct 5, 2014

SOMEWHERE... is a new play starring Josh T Ryan, Amir Khalighi, Kristen Hansen, Melissa Kite, Tammy Minoff and Willy Romano-Pugh. Written by Antony J. Bowman (Paperback Hero with Hugh Jackman) and directed by Jeanie Drynan (Muriels Wedding).

"You think people talk about you behind your back? Wait until you are dead."

The story unfolds as friends and family gather in a modern apartment in lower Manhattan. On a wet, winding road, prominent architect, Michael Fields loses his life in a horrific car accident. Caught in limbo, Michael appears as a spirit and has to endure the surprising revelations brought on by family and friends.

Somewhere is a story about self-discovering and moving on -- somewhere.

SOMEWHERE... plays the Meta Theatre, located at 7801 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles 90046. Runs 3rd Oct - 26th Oct (Fri-Sun) at 8pm (Sun 7pm). For more information, visit, and for tickets, click: or call 323-314-5044.