Theatre Unleashed Presents POPE! An Epic Musical

Sep 27, 2014
POPE! An Epic Musical

Theatre Unleashed follows up its wildly successful 2014 Fringe season (in both Hollywood and San Diego) by once again tapping into the source of the company's most successful show to date, the unique musical genius of New York's Justin Moran. In 2012, TU packed houses with the clever parody The Spidey Project. Now the company once again brings an original Moran piece to the West Coast with POPE! An Epic Musical playing at The Belfry in North Hollywood from Oct. 11-Nov. 17 .

In the show, an idealistic young Pope (who, incidentally is named Pope!) is framed for a heinous crime and banished from the Vatican. The people, blinded by the media frenzy, allow a tyrannical archbishop to seize power. As this new Pope tightens his iron fist the people are disheartened and in despair and the world is crying out for a hero...can Pope reclaim his glory to become the hero the world needs? POPE! is an adventure that echoes the timeless mythological hero's journey; when good and evil engage in an epic power struggle lines must be drawn, sides must be taken, and confrontations must be musical. "It's a fascinating script," said director Gregory Crafts.

"Imagine a super hero origin story set against the backdrop of the Catholic Church, a grand battle of good versus evil, and a universal theme we can all get on board with, no matter our system of beliefs. It's a story that truly lives up to its name." This marks TU's first collaboration with Moran since the immensely popular and critically acclaimed run of The Spidey Project. "We are thrilled to work with Justin and composer Chris Pappas for another West Coast premiere - this time with Pappas heading up musical direction," said Jenn Scuderi, Artistic Director. "POPE! An Epic Musical had a cult following in New York that was drawn to the classic hero story set against a mysterious yet familiar and humorous world. We are confident that L.A. audiences will be as delighted by this off-kilter and thoughtful musical as New York audiences."

POPE! plays Saturdays and Mondays at 8 p.m. and Sundays at 7 p.m. TU also presents original One Acts from the company's Writer's Group on Fridays at 8 p.m. and Saturdays immediately following POPE!

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