A Noise Within to Open 2014-15 Season with The Tempest

Aug 30, 2014
The Tempest

A Noise Within (ANW), the acclaimed classical repertory theatre company, inaugurates its 2014-2015 REVOLUTIONary season with The Tempest by William Shakespeare. Directed by Timothy Douglas in his ANW debut, the show opens on Saturday, September 13 and runs through Saturday, November 22, 2014.
This will be the third production of The Tempest for A Noise Within, which also mounted the play in 1993 and 2006; going against the grain in true revolutionary form, Prospero will be cast with a woman in the role, ANW favorite Deborah Strang. Shakespeare's final major work, The Tempest occupies an in-between world that straddles the fine line between the ethereal (magic, fairies, and hybrid humans) and the real (love, freedom, and the power of nature).
The Tempest tells the tragicomic tale of Prospero, The Duke of Milan, and his daughter, Miranda, who are marooned on an island due to the machinations of Prospero's brother, Antonio. When Antonio's ship is run aground by a massive storm, he and his comrades must navigate an isle rife with spirits and temptation. It is a morality tale about the rulers and the ruled, and how those roles can shift over time. "The playwright places the estranged relationship between a parent and child right at the center of the story.

In this production we'll be 'making flesh' the female-essenced aspect of authentic parenting through the performance of Deborah Strang," says director Douglas. "After just two rehearsals, I can sense the tension and authority she brings to this role; these are qualities that I think will touch, even mesmerize, the audience." Written in 1610-11, The Tempest is said to be Shakespeare's farewell to the theatre - driven home by Prospero's famous final speech, in which he drowns his book of magic in the sea. The revolution here is at once political and personal; and the theme of the ruling classes vs. the ruled makes the play utterly topical. The cast features Deborah Strang* as Prospero, Alison Elliott as Miranda, Kimberleigh Aarn* as Ariel, and Esteban Andres Cruz* as Caliban. * Denotes member of Actors' Equity Single ticket prices for The Tempest start at $40. Contact the A Noise Within box office in person, via phone at 626-356-3100, or online at www.ANoiseWithin.org for updated pricing and seat availability.