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  Mommy Are We Poor! at The Broadwater

Mommy Are We Poor!

The Broadwater
1078 Lillian Way Los Angeles

Chelsea is a widowed single mom in her late 30s with two young kids, two jobs and like most bankruptcy lawyers’ clients, she’s in a 100-foot-deep financial hole with only a 50-foot ladder. Chelsea’s world begins to crumble after receiving an eviction notice, a credit card lawsuit and almost having her car repossessed, just in time for Christmas. The last thing Chelsea wants to do is file bankruptcy, but once her paycheck gets garnished, she can no longer rob Peter to pay Paul and is backed into a corner. The office holiday party gets a little out of hand when Clark, Chelsea’s supervisor, presents her with an offer that will solve her financial problems and avoid a bankruptcy filing. Faced with a choice of whether to buy food for her kids or buy Christmas presents for them, Chelsea is tempted and confused about the offer from Clark. Will she file bankruptcy and get a fresh start, but risk her reputation? Will she accept his offer? Will she file a sexual harassment lawsuit to try to vindicate herself but risk being fired from her job? Will she get the promotion she needs to increase her salary? Or will she do nothing, which will allow her to remain financially stable, but emotionally insolvent?


Show Times TBA

Price: $40

Show Type: Drama

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