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  Middle8 at Stella Adler Theater


Stella Adler Theater
6773 Hollywood Blvd. Hollywood

The path to fame is a winding, uncertain road. When is it too late to succeed and what is success? A 40-year-old father gets the band back together to take one last shot at stardom.

Thru - Dec 15, 2018

Price: $20-$25

Show Type: Comedy/Drama

Box Office: 323-465-4446

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  Middle8 Reviews
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  • Somewhat Recommended
  • Not Recommended

Los Angeles Times - Somewhat Recommended

"...The talented Marks, who directed as well as wrote "Middle8," might benefit from a very severe editor to help him locate the story he wants to tell in this promising material. On the other hand, as one of Adam's bandmates says of his rock opera, "You can't possibly cut everything you need to cut.""
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Margaret Gray

Broadway World - Highly Recommended

"...As director, author, lyricist, and actor (Stefan Marks) stated in his Director's Notes, "This is a super collaborative effort". And it truly shows. Whether it be Marks' staging, Mark Svastics' simple but very effective light design, the stellar scene work at the climax of the show between Adam (Kaminsky) and Lee (the multifaceted Ken Weiler), or the playfulness of the beginning of the show with the entire cast, Marks has written a superlative piece of theatre that has a voice so many of its audience members will hear and identify with (no matter what age). As an actor, Marks plays Chris with dry sarcasm. A male Joanne from "Company" if you will. But on a dime, he can turn and have the audience in silent awe from a personally emotional revelation."
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Jeffrey Scott

Stage Scene LA - Highly Recommended

"...If Thornton Wilder were still alive to write a rock opera about five musicians dealing with issues of love, life, death, and what comes after, he might choose to title it Our Band. Stefan Marks calls his play-with-songs Middle8, and for anyone who's seen the playwright-actor-director-musician-designer's past work, it should come as no surprise that Middle8 is label-defyingly special."
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Steven Stanley

The Tolucan Times - Highly Recommended

"...Stefan Marks not only wrote and acted in this play, he directed it, wrote the music and collaborated on the set design. The dialogue and song lyrics flow naturally and provoke thought. But it is a group effort and the acting is cohesive. The Skype scene between Adam and Cassidy (Brittany Joyner) is so realistic one can almost taste the toast she is eating. When the remaining (think older) bandmates attempt to perform hip hop, the results are hilarious."
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Laura Voeth

Discover Hollywood - Recommended

"...Middle 8 works best when it's a comedy. It's frequently hilarious and the musical numbers are just plain great, particularly the opening number with its three-part harmonies, and the boy band number that opens the second act, which is one of the funniest pieces of theatre I have seen this year. The male cast members are all members of The Four Postmen, and have obvious talent and musical chemistry."
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Kathy Flynn

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