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  I Love Lucy Live on Stage Reviews
I Love Lucy Live on Stage
Greenway Court Theatre

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Broadway World- Highly Recommended

"...This is a very entertaining evening thanks to the entire cast and crew whose merry mood/antics throughout create more than ample sparks."
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Don Grigware Highly Recommended

"... The bottom line is that this show points out that when humor is solidly developed, a 1950 joke can float just as well in 2011 if the delivery is good. And this show delivers –real GOOD, as Ricky would say."

Jose Ruiz

Melpomene Blogs Back- Highly Recommended

"...This show is fun stacked on top of fun stacked on top of fun. Fans of the classic show will be in absolute heaven, but even the most casual of viewers will have a great time. If this production is as successful as it should be, there will be a tour in its future. Don’t wait that long to see it; check it out soon, before it gets its legs."
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Susan Burns