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  Happy Days Reviews
Happy Days
Happy Days

Happy Days
Mark Taper Forum
Thru - Jun 30, 2019

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Mark Taper Forum

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Stage and Cinema- Somewhat Recommended

"...Both the limitations and the expansiveness of language is key. In Happy Days, itís as if Winnie is trying to write her own story but canít find the storyline or her true self. She repeatedly sighs that words fail her, as she moves between present, past, and future tenses, searching for a way to define herself but always coming up short. She falls back on marveling what happy days she has had, what a happy day she is having, and all the happy days that lie ahead."
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Samuel Garza Bernstein

Stage Raw- Highly Recommended

"...Happy Days invites the audience to gawk at the strangeness they witness. Throughout the play, Winnie repeats how comforting it is for her to have someone - anyone - listen to her. There are endless metaphors and meanings to unearth in Happy Days: the apocalyptic effects of climate change, the crushing monotony of time, the triviality of life itself. But Beckett's plays are also strange for the sake of being strange, for seeing what happens when the mundane is translated into the bizarre, and for relishing what happens when an Academy Award-winning actress like Wiest has only her face and voice to tell a story."
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Taylor Kass