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  Eurydice at Dorothy Chandler Pavilion


Dorothy Chandler Pavilion
135 N. Grand Avenue Los Angeles

Matthew Aucoin partners with playwright Sarah Ruhl for a new opera that reimagines ancient mythology for a modern age. This time, the tale unfolds from the heroine’s point of view. (Finally, right?) Tragically killed on her wedding day, a young bride descends into the underworld, where she reconnects with her adoring father. Presented with the opportunity to return to her husband in the world of the living, she must choose between the two men she loves.

Thru - Feb 23, 2020

Price: $41-$244

Show Type: Opera

  Eurydice Reviews
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Broadway World - Highly Recommended

"...We have often seen tenor Barry Banks as the soprano's lover, but here he was an evil villain from the Underworld. No matter, his laser-sure high notes clearly told his story. The three stones played the part of a Greek chorus in that they commented on the actions of other characters. As Little Stone, Stacy Tappan emitted radiant top notes while Raehann Bryce-Davis sang with mellifluous middle and low tones. As Loud Stone, tenor Kevin Ray sang with stentorian tones. Grant Gershon's chorus sang Aucoin's delightfully edgy harmonies with superb style while wedding guests danced Denis Jones's amusing choreography at the nuptials."
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Maria Nockin

Stage and Cinema - Recommended

"...The production is assertively modern; there might be a lord of the underworld, but this world also has light bulbs and water coolers (sets by Daniel Ostling; lights by T.J. Gerckens). That accessibility, coupled with its English libretto, highly familiar myth, and occasional laugh-out-loud moments of humor, make it a decent choice for a non-opera fan companion. You've got to have water in a Mary Zimmermann production, and here, while there is disappointingly no actual River Styx to jump into (her triumphant Metamorphoses has Greek gods jumping in and out of a pool), the elevator that brings people to the underworld appears to have pouring water inside, and has the power to wipe memories."
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Monya De

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