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  Cirque du Soleil - Volta at Under The Big Top - Dodger Stadium

Cirque du Soleil - Volta

Under The Big Top - Dodger Stadium
1000 Vin Scully Avenue Parking Lot 1 Los Angeles

VOLTA is a captivating voyage of discovery. It's about finding yourself, and unveiling your personal powers. Inspired in part by the adventurous spirit that fuels the culture of street sports, the show weaves acrobatics in a visually striking world driven by a stirring melodic score. VOLTA is a story of transformation. It is about being true to oneself, fulfilling one's true potential and recognizing one's own power to make it possible. Ultimate freedom comes with self-acceptance, and with the liberation of the judgement of others.

Thru - Mar 8, 2020

Show Type: Childrens

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  Cirque du Soleil - Volta Reviews
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Los Angeles Times - Recommended

"...The show features aerialists who look like midair dancers, trampoline daredevils who seem intent on launching themselves through the roof and airborne BMX riders who spin their bikes like tops beneath them, but what makes this edition so inspiring is its admonition that what makes you stick out from the crowd is what makes you exceptional."
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Daryl H. Miller

Broadway World - Highly Recommended

"...I could go on and on about how transfixed I was during the entire show, but words cannot fully describe the experience of being in the audience and seeing such incredible feats of wonder performed before your eyes."
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Shari Barrett

Stage and Cinema - Recommended

"...The obscure storyline and so-so clowning may lessen comprehension for young viewers, but physically, Volta still manages moments of spectacle and pageantry that are sure to electrify you. Cirque du Soleil has visited Los Angeles about two dozen times in the past three decades; Volta holds up well with previous visiting editions, especially in its best acts and most glitzy visual effects."
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Tony Frankel

Hollywood Progressive - Somewhat Recommended

"...Over all, this was by far my least favorite Cirque I’ve ever seen. I had a sensation that the company was just rehashing and cashing in on its brand name and having run out of truly inspirational ideas was simply tossing acrobatic acts together just to have something to present and profiteer off of. The “Washing Machine” skit reminded me of something one would see in a slapstick silent movie, which I enjoyed because I’m a film historian. But as previously mentioned, other efforts at humor like one about going to the beach fell flat and similar to most of the overall show, were mildly amusing at best. These clowns were mainly just “Cirque jerks.”"
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Ed Rampell

Showmag - Highly Recommended

"...Under the Grand Chapiteau at Dodger Stadium, this Cirque eschews the fantasy-elite supernatural like Varekai, La Nouba, or Dralion for today's more modern action. BMX bikes provide the familiar street scene along with tumblers and trampoliners who defy space, seemingly projectiles beyond the normal. A young woman (Vanessa Ferreira Calado) turns and twists high above the audience suspended only by her hair. Double dutch skip ropes bring back the schoolyard on steroids. It is a visual delight if not the body-tortured, pretzel-twisting gymnastics often seen in this show. It's more exuberant and modern."
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Melinda Schupmann

Theatre Notes - Recommended

"...Cirque du Soleil always provides moments of humor employed by a clown. This time it is Russian born Andrey Kislitsin. The comedian uses a sort of double talk language of his own device that contains a welcome soupçon of English as he creates, with precise movement, gestures, and noises of a madcap world, of agitated washing machines that have a wills of their own and later, a beach scene with a naughty little girl and a giant angry dad."
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Paul Myrvold

On Stage Blog - Highly Recommended

"...VOLTA is one of Cirque du Soleil's finest. The performers infectious adventure and spirit fuels inspiration for WAZ to transform and become his true self. By fulfilling one’s true potential, and recognizing one’s own power, he is liberated and discovers freedom and happiness. "
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Jill Weinlein

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