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  Chico's Angels: Chicas in Space at The Colony Theatre

Chico's Angels: Chicas in Space

The Colony Theatre
555 North Third Street Burbank

Chico's Angels: Chicas in Space, a live comedy production that parodies the 1976–1981 television series Charlie’s Angels. In their newest case, a one-hour space oddity, Kay Sedia (Oscar Quintero), Chita Parol (Ray Garcia), and Frieda Laye (Danny Casillas) head to Florida for a well-earned vacation where they are accidentally launched into space and encounter an Evil Princess who plans to destroy the planet. Will the Angels have the space skills needed to save the world or will the bean burrito Kay had for lunch be the end of all of them? Join Chico's Angels as they take the audience on the best space voyage ever in cha-cha pumps!

Nov 21 - Nov 24, 2019

Show Times TBA

Show Type: Comedy

Box Office: 818-558-7000

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