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  All My Sons Reviews
All My Sons
Lounge Theatre

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Broadway World- Recommended

"...It was a slow start at the beginning for the cast to warm up with their relationships and dialogue, but by the end (and I won't give away the ending) this production and its actors had this reviewer captivated so much so that when the big ending came, I jumped out of my seat with the rest of the audience."
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Jeffrey Scott

On Stage Los Angeles- Recommended

"...Director Gary Lee Reed has purposed his cast well and guided them all to bring their characteres to life within the boundaries of what we might call 'hyper' life that settles into fine tuned portrayals. "
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Stage Raw- Highly Recommended

"...Each actor’s performance is fleshed out with clear intent. As Kate, Casale’s denial of her son’s death follows her throughout the entire show, with her emotions continuously running overboard. By contrast, the mission of Belnick’s Joe — of keeping everything intact, especially within his family — is very evident. Throughout, he exemplifies tenacity as this strong leader of the family — until he is confronted about the death of his son and his own connection to it."
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Julyza Commodore