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  Aleichem Sholom! The Wit and Wisdom of Sholom Aleichem at Santa Monica Playhouse

Aleichem Sholom! The Wit and Wisdom of Sholom Aleichem

Santa Monica Playhouse
1211 4th Street Santa Monica

ake a journey through the life, loves and laughter of the world’s most beloved Yiddish humorist, as you’re treated to an in-depth look at the foolish philosophers, philosophical fools, comical shtetl folk and not-so-comical scoundrels that populated Sholom Aleichem’s real and fantasy worlds. This bold and bittersweet, raucous and romantic musical comedy celebrates the great man’s 102nd Yahrzeit, journeying through his loves and losses, the controversy surrounding his stories and plays, his fame and his failures. The new musical — the fifth in the Playhouse Sholom Aleichem quintilogy — stars veteran performer Chris DeCarlo, who once again takes on the role of the beloved author. Catch Aleichem Sholom! at The Other Space at Santa Monica Playhouse.

Thru - Dec 14, 2019

Price: $35

Show Type: Musical

Box Office: 310-394-9779

  Aleichem Sholom! The Wit and Wisdom of Sholom Aleichem Reviews
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Broadway World - Highly Recommended

"...DeCarlo's amazing portrayal of Aleichem is the heart of the show, for it is his sharing of all the people he has encountered in his life (or imagination) that populate the many humorous or heartbreaking tales shared in this musical. As he literally switches hats, vests, ties and jackets, new characters emerge to share their lives with us. Costumer Ashley Hayes is to be commended for her many dazzling, historically correct and beautiful ensembles worn so stunningly during the show."
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Shari Barrett

LA Splash - Recommended

"...Happily for audiences, Chris DeCarlo does not act the role of Sholom. He has become the reincarnation of Sholom as the writer goes on speaking tours touting his works - while his wife spends more time asking his publishers for the money he is earning than taking in the view. Evelyn Rudie does a superb job of portraying Sholom's formidable wife, torn between the practical and the esoteric. For she is a nascent feminist who works as a trained dentist - a female dentist in the nineteenth century! - with her earnings helping to keep a large family afloat while Sholom hobnobs with his countrymen gathering stories to tell."
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Elaine Mura

The Tolucan Times - Recommended

"...Aleichem Sholom is well crafted in all the right ways. With simple background images displayed on a projection screen and no set changes, the minimal production is impactful as it keeps the audience focused on the substance of the great monologues and dialogues. There are also eight catchy and engaging songs."
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Shawn Dhanak

Stage Raw - Somewhat Recommended

"...Ultimately, though, the slightness of the material belies the show's point: It's essentially a love story, charting a relationship that has spanned half a century. Their charisma together is impressive, and they possess what appears to be a genuine closeness that comes across as a great stage partnership. The result is a show that's a little iconic that holds a place within a larger body of work, more than itself alone."
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Paul Birchall

  Aleichem Sholom! The Wit and Wisdom of Sholom Aleichem Photo Gallery

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