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  Theatre In LA Top Rated Plays List - The Highest Rated Shows In the LA area
The "Theatre In LA Top Rated Plays List" is a list of the top rated plays now running in the Los Angeles area based on what the current reviews are saying. To see all of the play reviews go to Review Round-Up.

Billy Elliot: The Musical  
La Mirada Theatre for the Performing Arts Billy Elliot: The Musical
Set to what the New York Post called Elton John's "best score yet," and named "Broadway Musical of the Decade" by TIME magazine, the explosive musical Billy Elliot comes to La Mirada. Based on the hit film of the same name, this heartwarming show is about a motherless boy in a small, poverty-stricken mining town who trades his boxing gloves for ballet shoes and fights against social pressure and stereotypes to achieve his dream of becoming a dancer. His talent and ambition becomes a symbol of hope for a town that's enduring more than it's fair share of hardship. Follow Billy's journey as he stumbles out of the boxing ring and into a ballet class where he discovers a passion for dance that inspires his family and community, and changes his life forever.

Los Angeles Times- Recommended
LA Weekly- Recommended
LA Splash- Recommended
Stage Scene LA- Recommended
OC Register- Recommended
Neon Tommy- Recommended
Musicals In LA- Recommended
Grigware Blogspot- Recommended

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Serrano The Musical  
The Matrix Serrano The Musical
“Cyrano” meets “The Sopranos” in this World Premiere musical! Serrano D’Angelo is a renaissance man - poet, connoisseur of arts…and the enforcer for the Reyo crime family. Don Reyo seeks Serrano’s help in educating his nephew Vinnie, a handsome but foul-mouthed young mobster. The goal: to take the “crude” out of Vinnie so he can seduce the beautiful and refined daughter of a judge who sits on a case involving “The Family.” If Vinnie succeeds, the judge would be compromised and have to recuse himself from the case; and the next judge in line is owned by the mob. Serrano accepts Don Reyo’s challenge only to discover that the judge’s daughter is the beautiful Rosanna, the woman with whom Serrano is secretly in love.

Los Angeles Times- Somewhat Recommended
LA Weekly- Somewhat Recommended
Broadway World- Recommended
Stage Scene LA- Recommended
Examiner- Recommended
Total Theater- Recommended
Grigware Blogspot- Recommended
Gia on the Move- Somewhat Recommended

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Train To Zakopane  
Edgemar Center for the Arts Train To Zakopane
Train To Zakropane: A true story of hate and love, by Henry Jaglom, reveals humanity in the most unlikely of places – prejudice. This original new play, which will have its World Premiere October 23rd at the Edgemar Center for the Arts, is based upon true events that occurred in the life of Henry Jaglom’s father as he crossed Poland on a train in 1928. Anti-Semitism was, at that time, rife in much of Europe, especially in Poland. In TRAIN TO ZAKOPANE: A true story of hate and love, a successful Russian businessman meets a captivating young nurse in the Polish army on a train-trip to Warsaw, and he is faced with a life-changing dilemma when he discovers that the nurse he is drawn to – and who is enchanted by him -- is fiercely anti-Semitic. Will he reveal to her he is Jewish? Will he move toward love, or will he move toward revenge? The actual train-ride across Poland – and the weekend stop-over in the resort town of Zakopane that followed - haunted Henry Jaglom’s father for a lifetime.

Los Angeles Times- Somewhat Recommended
Broadway World- Recommended
Stage Scene LA- Not Recommended Recommended
Will Call- Recommended
Jesther Entertainment- Recommended
LifeInLA- Recommended
Joe Straw #9- Recommended

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