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Towne Street Theatre at Stella Adler Theater 1969
In 1969, playwright Morgan has created a snapshot of turbulent times. We travel back to the late 1960's, where passions are fueled by a potentially deadly confrontation between a black revolutionary, a successful black businessman, and his socialite wife. A drama ripped from the headlines of the past, with glaring similarities to the headlines of today.
2 Across  
Santa Monica Playhouse 2 Across
Set entirely on a San Francisco BART train, 2 Across follows the hilarious, poignant, literal and emotional journey of two strangers who meet while doing the New York Times crossword puzzle. She's a sensible psychologist; he's a free-spirited, unemployed ad exec. She's a crossword pro; he always quits. When he tosses his puzzle away, she snaps, "Crosswords are a metaphor for life: Those who finish, succeed; those who don't, fail." The 80 minutes of sparkling dialogue that ensue transition from light banter to moving emotional catharsis as these two unlikely conversationalists roll down the tracks toward a destination neither one of them saw coming. Playwright Jerry Mayer is no stranger to writing snappy dialogue. His talents as a television writer on shows like M*A*S*H, The Mary Tyler Moore Show and The Facts of Life translate perfectly to the live stage in this witty look at the ups and downs male/female relationships.
2 Pianos 4 Hands  
Rubicon Theatre 2 Pianos 4 Hands
Winner of the coveted Dora Award (the Canadian equivalent of the Tony), this musical comedy has debuted on five continents and in more than 200 cities! Two actors, two pianos and many, many characters grace the stage as fifteen years of piano playing unfolds in all its awful and hilarious glory—crazy instructors, obsessed parents, torturous recitals, and other high points of musical training. From classical to pop to jazz, this funny play provides the chance for two performers to give their “all” in a virtuoso performance. Along the journey, the actors/pianists portray a remarkable range of characters and display piano wizardry featuring the music of Bach, Beethoven, Elton John and Jerry Lee Lewis, among others.
The 39 Steps  
Malibu Stage Company The 39 Steps
This ingenious comic stage adaptation of Alfred Hitchcock's thriller The 39 Steps turns a cast of four into more than 130 zany characters (in 100 minutes) with a mix of Hitchcockian panache, spy novel thrills and a touch of Monty Python absurdity. The winner of two Tony and Drama Desk Awards, The 39 Steps is a fast-paced and funny whodunit that's brimming with action and romance. Accused of a murder he didn't commit, Richard Hannay flees from the authorities and encounters a string of hair-raising adventures -- as well as an unlikely love connection. Gasp and guffaw as four talented actors re-enact the entire film (including every train chase, plane crash and murder), gleefully portraying the many spies, villains and other intriguing characters that inhabit this action-packed world.
4000 Miles  
Sierra Madre Playhouse 4000 Miles
The 4000 miles of the title refers to the distance between Seattle and New York Leo, in his early twenties, has traveled that distance on his bicycle and intends to make a very brief stop at the West Village apartment of his grandmother, a nonagenarian widow and a leftist who has retained her sharp wits despite her years. He winds up staying one week, then another, then another…. Leo is still reeling from the sudden death of his traveling companion and best friend. Not grounded (his bicycle travels could be interpreted as a metaphor for his rootlessness), he seeks and finds a connection in his grandmother Vera that he cannot make with his family in St. Paul. Leo is beginning his life’s journey as an adult; Vera is nearing the end of hers. There is much she can contribute to him before he faces the long ride back home.
Absolutely Halloween  
Santa Monica Playhouse Absolutely Halloween
Absolutely Halloween, the heartwarming tale of the aptly named "Candy," a sweet young girl who learns some surprising lessons about life, love, laughter and sugar, from a delightful array of characters who take her on a magical All Hallows' Eve adventure, enlisting the audience's aid to help save Halloween for one more year. A delightful holiday tradition, back by audience demand.
The Little Theater LA Aladdin
ALADDIN combines interactive play, music, magic, and creative movement and features professional actors bringing to life this classic story.
Theatre of NOTE Banshee
BANSHEE cuts to the heart of what ails a New York family headed by an impossible matriarch, Irish immigrant Kit Sullivan. Kit is disappointed with son Junior and makes no secret of it. Junior, turning 40 and having recently suffered a nervous breakdown after years of caring for his widowed mother, wants life to return to normal. He is helped by his well-meaning cop brother, Neil, and his new girlfriend, Cara. Soon the girlfriend meets the mother, Kit, and Mother has some supernatural suspicions about this young Irish woman. All might be well if Junior weren’t having terrifying visions of his own. Be it the psychological trauma or the Irish legend plaguing their home, both beg the question, which is this family’s true tormentor?
Studio Stage Beirut
Would you die for love? If your lover or soul mate was infected with a contagious disease would you abandon them or stay beside them and possibly be infected yourself? These are the questions that Studio Theater West’s production of “Beirut” unequivocally asks. Directed by Mark Freeman and performed by a stellar cast, Alan Bowne's “Beirut” is as timely and resonant today as it was when it was produced in the mid-1980’s. A man infected with an unnamed disease is quarantined in the East Village, and his girlfriend breaks through security to be with him. They fight, rage, argue, and love. In order to protect her from the deadly virus, he asks her to leave. In order to love and care for him, she must stay. In this push/pull of love and survival, “Beirut” vibrates with intensity, dark humor, love, sensuality and heart break. Once recognized as an allegory for the AIDS epidemic, “Beirut” is as relevant today as the recent outbreak of the Ebola virus attests. It is a star-crossed love story as timeless as Romeo and Juliet or West Side Story: Love prohibited; love in chains; a real-life “kiss of death”.
Atwater Village Theatre Better
The world premiere of a gentle, funny examination of family and mortality — a Jewish, Midwestern Chekhov for the 21st century. Annie returns to her childhood home in the Midwest to escape marital discord and visit her father, who is dying of cancer. As dramatic changes outside of her control take place around her, she reconnects with family and childhood friends. Secrets are revealed, wine is drunk, songs are sung and relationships rekindled.
Boss: The Untold Tony Danza Story  
Theatre Asylum Boss: The Untold Tony Danza Story
“With ExtravaDANZA, we wanted to create something unique, fun and different that surpassed the average theatre experience,” said Luvara. “The ExtravaDANZA is a multi-disciplined exploration of everything 80s that will transport the audience to an entire hit era through one hit TV show.” Tony, played by Damien Luvara, having been a huge star on Taxi suddenly finds himself out of a job and looking for work in this off-the-cuff comedy about Danza’s early career life. After finding fame on the small screen as Tony Banta, the sweet-natured and somewhat dimwitted cab driver, on Taxi, Tony finds himself out of a job and looking for work. A strange man makes him an offer he can’t refuse, but how much is Tony willing to sacrifice in order to regain his fame?
Third Street Theatre Bronies
BRONIES: THE MUSICAL tells the story of three outsiders who find purpose, meaning, love – and each other – all thanks to those fantastical cartoon ponies so many may love as the ultimate super-fans! BRONIES: THE MUSICAL explores the phenomenon of fandom through the lens of pony fans – including all the passion, the awkwardness, the creativity, and the community it can inspire. BRONIES; THE MUSICAL won Best Musical at Hollywood Fringe Festival 2014, as well as the THIRTY90NE Golden Elephant for best director/producers, and a Producers’ Encore Award.
Fountain Theatre Broomstick
Trick or Treat. Set in Appalachia and written entirely in verse, the West Coast premiere of John Biguenet’s charming and mesmerizing solo play stars Jenny O'Hara as a wacky, bizarre old woman living in an odd little shack deep in the woods… who just may happen to be a witch. A funny, poignant and “spell” binding tale of the magic of the human heart.
Choir Boy  
Geffen Playhouse Choir Boy
At the Charles R. Drew Prep School for Boys, a young black man knows what is expected of him. Work hard, fall in line and if you’ve got the voice for it, use it to praise God in the school choir. Within these walls, Pharus Young, with the voice of an angel and a keen mind, should be a star. But in the face of Drew’s time-honored traditions, can music overcome silence? Award-winning playwright Tarell Alvin McCraney navigates expectation, alienation and the overwhelming desire to be heard.
The Dance of Death  
A Noise Within The Dance of Death
No one drilled deeper into the underworld of human intimacy than August Strindberg. It's there, in the pitch-black depths of the human soul, he found theatrical gold: his enduring masterpiece, The Dance of Death. Long before Martha ripped into George in Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, Alice laid deep into Edgar in this startling and ever-contemporary drama. Living on an isolated island, the deeply dissatisfied couple "celebrates" their silver wedding anniversary in ways that amaze, repulse and engross. Now A Noise Within presents the West Coast premiere of a new translation acclaimed by The New York Times and the Chicago Tribune. These taut scenes from a marriage sing with sexual tension and spark with bursts of brilliant revelation.
The Diviners  
Actors Co-op Theatre The Diviners
THE DIVINERS by Jim Leonard, Jr. This Depression-era fable weaves the humorous, beautiful, and tragic into the story of a disturbed young boy and his friendship with a conflicted preacher in southern Indiana. THE DIVINERS is a powerfully theatrical journey, both touching and compelling.
Don't Hug Me, We're Married  
Lonny Chapman Group Repertory Theatre Don't Hug Me, We're Married
Billed as "Fargo Meets Bridesmaids (without the wood chipper or food poisoning)," Don't Hug Me, We're Married tracks the trap-filled path down the aisle for a couple of couples in Bunyan Bay, Minnesota. Group Rep premieres the fifth in this series of raucous musical comedies by Phil and Paul Olson, which follows their last entry Don't Hug Me, I'm Pregnant. The latest edition boasts a bevy of comical complications, starting with a pair of unconventional proposals and running right up to a rapping minister. More than 15 new tunes are on tap for the premiere, including "The Greatest Love Song Ever," "The Marriage Test," "The Day that Bob Dylan Was Here" and "We're All Gonna Die."

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