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Altar Boyz  
Attic Theatre Altar Boyz
Altar Boyz is a foot-stomping, rafter-raising musical comedy satire about a fictitious Christian boy-band on the last night of their national "Raise the Praise" tour. The Boyz are five all-singing, all-dancing heartthrobs from Ohio — Matthew, Mark, Luke, Juan, and Abraham. With their tight harmonies and spectacular choreography, the Altar Boyz will delight as they perform their signature hits such as "Rhythm In Me," "The Calling," and "I Believe," all the while trying to reduce the number of burdened souls in the theatre to zero by the end of the concert.
B. Franklin  
Stephanie Feury Studio (SFS) Theatre B. Franklin
Scientist. Inventor. Politician. Diplomat. Statesman. Writer. Wit. Rebel. Hero of the American Revolution. Founding Father. Ladies Man. Family man. Benjamin Franklin (1706- 1790) accomplished more in his 84 years than most men could in several lifetimes. In his new theatre piece “B. Franklin,” writer-performer Robert Lesko brings this fascinating individual vividly to life. We join Franklin at his home on Market Street in Philadelphia. He relives for us his many triumphs, including his diplomatic success in the French court, his romantic conquests, his contributions to establishing the new nation called the United States of America; and also his sorrows, among them his greatest heartbreak: estrangement from his sole surviving son.
Be A Good Little Widow  
NoHo Arts Center Be A Good Little Widow
Young wife Melody has never been to a funeral – until her husband dies in a plane crash. Expected to instantly assume proper widowhood, Melody is left to wonder, what’s the right way to grieve? Fortunately, her mother-in-law is a professional. Widow, that is. Under her guidance, Melody must try her best to be a good little widow. A sad comedy about loss and longing, BE A GOOD LITTLE WIDOW had its world premiere at Ars Nova in New York City and its West Coast premiere at the Old Globe in San Diego.
The Book Of Mormon  
Pantages Theatre The Book Of Mormon
Ben Brantley of The New York Times calls it “the best musical of this century.” Entertainment Weekly says it’s “the funniest musical of all time.” From South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, it’s THE BOOK OF MORMON, winner of nine Tony Awards including Best Musical. Jon Stewart of The Daily Show calls it “a crowning achievement. So good it makes me angry.” Contains explicit language.
City Garage Theatre Bulgakov/Moliere
Over the course of a mysterious, hallucinatory night, the Devil and his entourage pay a midnight visit to Russian author Mikhail Bulgakov, whose recent work Moliére has just been shut down by the authorities. By magic, these characters, having escaped from Bulgakov's novel The Master and Margarita, transform themselves and perform the play, transposing the playwright's 1930s attack on censorship and hypocrisy in Stalin's Soviet Union to the America of today: a government paralyzed by vicious partisanship and a society obsessed with celebrity. Is the Artist a revolutionary and provocateur or does the machinery of mass culture co-opt every act, even the act of subversion itself?"
Cash On Delivery  
Glendale Centre Theatre Cash On Delivery
An amateur con artist claims benefits for imaginary residents of his household in a scheme to defraud welfare, to the chagrin of his neighbors. But in this quintessential British farce by Michael Cooney, his not-so-carefully constructed plan is in danger of falling apart when various bureaucrats show up to investigate his boarding house, resulting in a bevy of comic complications, mistaken identities and slamming doors. Glendale Centre Theatre brings back its successful 2006 production of this raucous comedy by popular demand.
La Mirada Theatre for the Performing Arts Cats
As much a cultural phenomenon as a theatrical event, Cats enjoyed a record-breaking run on Broadway and in London, thanks to its feline-inspired costumes, sets, dancing and memorable songs by famed composer Andrew Lloyd Webber. The story, inspired by a collection of poetry from T.S. Eliot, revolves around a tribe known as the Jellicle cats, and their leader Old Deuteronomy, who'll choose one of their group to be reborn that night after their annual ball. The longest-touring Broadway musical in history, Cats features 20 of Webber's timeless melodies, including the hit song "Memory," and was the winner of seven 1983 Tony Awards, including Best Musical.
Classic Couples Counseling  
Secret Rose Theatre Classic Couples Counseling
Dr. Patricia Cataldo is a psychotherapist with a special celebrity clientele: They’re all couples from Shakespeare! She analyzes Kate and Petruchio; Macbeth and Lady Macbeth; Romeo and Juliet; Othello and Desdemona; Hamlet and Ophelia. She also has them all come in for group sessions. They all trust her with their tender psyches. However, she has a few kinks of her own. Dr. Cataldo’s case load is occasionally reduced by attrition. If you know any of Shakespeare’s plays, you’ll know how that happens.
The Columbine Project  
Whitmore-Lindley Theatre Center The Columbine Project
Reliving one of the most shocking days in recent history, The Columbine Project is a docudrama that explores the various perspectives before, after and during the school shooting event that occurred in April 1999. On the fifteen-year anniversary of this tragedy, this mix of fact and drama handles the subject with raw honesty. Writer/director Paul Storiale has received the support of several victims' families for the measured portrayal of this horrible chapter in U.S. history.
Come Back, Little Sheba  
A Noise Within Come Back, Little Sheba
When middle-aged couple Lola and Doc Delaney rent a room to Marie -- a beautiful, vivacious 18-year-old college student full of youthful sensuality -- their declining marriage begins to unravel completely. Soon, their home's populated with the ghosts of their own failings, both personal and professional. As the precarious balance of their life together is upset, their tiny domestic tragedy becomes a gripping drama. This classic by William Inge premiered in 1950 with Shirley Booth, who reprised her role and won an Oscar in the 1952 film adaptation starring Burt Lancaster.
Detective Partner Hero Villain  
A Theatre Connection and SkyPilot Theatre Company at NoHo Arts Center Detective Partner Hero Villain
Superheros and crime noir are smashed together in the West Coast Premiere of Brett Neveu's DETECTIVE PARTNER HERO VILLAIN presented by A Theatre Connection and SkyPilot Theatre Company. As Detective Baker scrambles to find a serial killer, superhero Fantastic Phenomenon doesn't offer his usual help. Baker pursues the clues with help from his partner Warren and super villain Supernova, but is he ready to uncover the truth? A truth that exposes the realities of life and death, and the ultimate consequences of trusting those who tell us to “keep the faith.”
Doctor Anonymous  
Zephyr Theatre Doctor Anonymous
Doctor Anonymous – The mask comes off! Set during the Frank Rizzo campaign for mayor of Philadelphia and the dawn of Gay Pride, and inspired by the true story of Dr. John E. Fryer, this world premiere drama by New York-based playwright/psychiatrist Guy Fredrick Glass tackles the controversial subject of gay conversion therapy in a tale of love, liberation and opera.
Don't Dress For Dinner  
Theatre Palisades Don't Dress For Dinner
From the playwright who penned the highly successful Broadway revival Boeing Boeing comes another zesty and hilarious farce. Bernard plans a weekend tryst with his delectable mistress, but you know what they say about the best-laid plans . . . Don't Dress for Dinner is a deliriously convoluted comedy that gets zanier by the minute.
Don't Leave It All to Your Children  
Whitefire Theatre Don't Leave It All to Your Children
Two women and two men, all seasoned veterans of love, life, and living, delight you with an afternoon of sustained laughter, with witty songs, snappy sketches, and lots of jokes. The title “Don’t Leave It All to Your Children” shouldn’t be construed to mean that we should deprive our offspring, but rather that now that we’re living longer, don’t allow anyone to marginalize us after we reach certain milestone birthdays; There’s plenty of all kinds of living left to do.
Everything You Touch  
Boston Court Performing Arts Center Everything You Touch
Victor is a ruthless fashion designer in the 1970s at the top of his game. Esme, his glamorous protégé and muse, is pushed aside when an ordinary Midwestern woman inspires Victor to make his artistry accessible to the masses. A generation later, a woman grappling with a healthy dose of self-loathing must wrestle her own family demons to find her way through the world of fashion that won’t give a woman her size a second look. Skipping back and forth in time, Everything You Touch is a viciously funny look at the struggle to find an identity that's more than skin deep.
False Solution  
Santa Monica Playhouse False Solution
In FALSE SOLUTION, Anton Seligman is a renowned architect, working on his designs for a new Holocaust museum to be built in Poland. He encounters Linda Johansson, a beautiful young intern and first-year architecture grad student, who challenges his conceptions. The tensions created by their differing ideas are complicated by their mutual attraction to each other: The lovely young woman is drawn to this man by his accomplishments and influential position in addition to his considerable personal charm; He, in his turn, is stimulated by her beauty, vitality, and probing intellect. Given the subject matter of the project, identity politics are also part of the mix.
Fat Pig  
Hudson Theatre Fat Pig
Neil LaBute’s award-winning, stingingly witty romance about love in the modern age of body image and peer pressure tells the story of Tom, a young career guy who hits it off with Helen, a bright, sexy woman who happens to be plus-sized. As he reluctantly finds himself falling in love, Tom's colleagues are brutal in their assessment of his new mate. LaBute probes our carb-counting, extreme makeover nation by asking tough questions. How much has our relentless pursuit of beauty turned us into an uglier species?

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