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The Roman Catholic Mime Collective  
Eclectic Company Theatre  The Roman Catholic Mime Collective
A one-of-a-kind sketch comedy show, here’s how the Roman Catholic Mime Collective describes itself: “The Roman Catholic Mime Collective is a troupe of three that dedicate themselves to celebrating the life of Jesus with wit, poignancy, and a dash of blasphemous adoration. “It’s all good, Jesus will forgive. “We believe we give Him a good giggle.”
Anna Christie  
Odyssey Theatre Ensemble Anna Christie
Real-life father and daughter Jeff Perry (Scandal) and Zoe Perry (upcoming feature film Cotton) star in Eugene O’Neill’s 1922 Pulitzer Prize winner. After a 20-year separation, a coal barge captain is reunited with the daughter he unknowingly abandoned to a life of hardship. When Anna falls in love with a sailor (Grey’s Anatomy’s Kevin McKidd), certain secrets about her past come to light.
Annabelle and the Snow Queen Express  
Santa Monica Playhouse Annabelle and the Snow Queen Express
Join the Snow Queen and her Icy companions as they help Annabelle close the rift in Time and melt the cold front that is threatening the hearts of the modern world. A host of colorful Dickensian characters, led by a charmingly dotty old lady (or is she the Snow Queen in disguise?) confront the miracles and mysteries of the modern world as they enlist the audience's aid to unthaw the frozen hearts of the MTV Generation and convince a feisty teen that you're never too old to believe in the magic of love and family. Quirky teenager Annabelle would rather do anything than board the train that is taking her home for the family reunion. The fuss, the food, the fads are simply overwhelming. But home she must go, and as the train rattles on from stop to stop, the passengers that join Annabelle become more and more fantastical, the towns they pass more and more unfamiliar and by the time she realizes something is truly amiss, Annabelle and her fellow passengers are hurtling towards the North Pole, the Snow Queen's domain. Come along on a topsy-turvy ride, featuring a magical train, breathtaking Dickensian Steampunk costumes, and special effects that will transport you to an icy North Pole glitter freeze that can only be set right by joyous, warm hearted. Fun audience participation heightens the enjoyment as youngsters interact with cast members to help bring the story to a joyous conclusion.
Avenue Q  
Repertory East Playhouse Avenue Q
Full of humor and hummable tunes, the massively popular, Tony Award-winning adult puppet musical Avenue Q delivers a hilarious look at life in New York, featuring a fantastic cast of people and puppets. In its Broadway debut, Avenue Q scored the "Triple Crown" of Tony wins, grabbing honors for Best Musical, Best Score and Best Book. The lovable cast of characters, both flesh and felt, includes recent college grad Princeton, who moves to Avenue Q full of hope for the future, Kate (the girl/monster next door) and the colorful collection of neighbors who help Princeton discover his true purpose in life. This unique, hilarious and heartfelt show kicks off the Repertory East Playhouse's 11th season with a bang.
Beauty And The Beast  
Santa Monica Playhouse Beauty And The Beast
It's all roses, romance and inner-beauty as Santa Monica Playhouse celebrates the 20th anniversary of the acclaimed Rudie-DeCarlo musical Beauty & The Beast. Based on the original 1740's tale by Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve, this musical twist is set in a fantasy Medieval setting. There, you'll find the lovely and spirited Beauty and the endearing Beast. The pair contends with her ditzy sisters, a spell-binding sorceress and a flamboyant suitor, who are all thorns in the budding lovers' sides. You and your young happy ending-lovers will see the determination and spirit of true love win out in this tale for the ages.
Billy Elliot: The Musical  
La Mirada Theatre for the Performing Arts Billy Elliot: The Musical
Set to what the New York Post called Elton John's "best score yet," and named "Broadway Musical of the Decade" by TIME magazine, the explosive musical Billy Elliot comes to La Mirada. Based on the hit film of the same name, this heartwarming show is about a motherless boy in a small, poverty-stricken mining town who trades his boxing gloves for ballet shoes and fights against social pressure and stereotypes to achieve his dream of becoming a dancer. His talent and ambition becomes a symbol of hope for a town that's enduring more than it's fair share of hardship. Follow Billy's journey as he stumbles out of the boxing ring and into a ballet class where he discovers a passion for dance that inspires his family and community, and changes his life forever.
The Book Of Oded: Chapter 2  
Working Stage The Book Of Oded:  Chapter 2
In this inspiring true story, Oded Yosef Kassirer journeys from the deserts of Israel and the Israeli military to the tree-lined suburbs of Los Angeles. On his way, he deals with coming out, relationships, his family and friends, his inner-demons, and finding love in the most unlikely of places. Join us on this journey as Oded faces love, mortality and acceptance, just like the rest of us, in a tour-de-force performance that is both riveting and emotionally-charged. Because no matter who you are, or where you come from, we all deserve a Chapter 2.
Crown City Theatre Company Cabaret
Travel back with writer Cliff Bradshaw to that little German Cabaret. It's the 1930's and the Nazis are rising to power, but that's only politics to the seedy nightlife at the Kit Kat Klub a place of decadent celebration. The Emcee and the Kit Kat Girls warm up the audience as Cliff recalls arriving in Berlin a young writer coming to work on his Novel. He meets Ernst Ludwig, a German who suggest a boardinghouse, and Fraulein Schneider, who runs the house. At the Kit Kat Klub he meets Miss Sally Bowles. A brief period in their lives is played out in song and dance while the looming menace of impending change coming to Germany forces all to question what their future truly holds.
Chavez Ravine  
Kirk Douglas Theatre Chavez Ravine
Chavez Ravine is the story of Los Angeles' most contested piece of land, the current site of Dodger Stadium and a place where a Latino community once flourished. Celebrating 30 years of theater-making, Culture Clash -- Richard Montoya, Ric Salinas and Herbert Siguenza -- delivers new insights with their signature satirical eye as they perform their revised take on Chavez Ravine 12 years after its world premiere at the Mark Taper Forum. Energized with new material and music from The Rodarte Brothers, Culture Clash returns to one of their most beloved plays and reexamines the constantly changing landscape of Los Angeles in the still Wild West. Sports stadiums, eminent domain, Cuban outfielders and the fight for what's best for the City of Angels -- it's time for a return to The Ravine.
Clean Start  
Casa 0101 Theater Clean Start
When a Beverly Hills socialite loses her fortune, she's forced to move in with the only person kind enough to take her -- her loyal Latina maid -- in the world premiere comedy Clean Start. Adjusting from the top of the heap to the lower class proves to be a tough transition, and making it even more difficult is her maid's superstitious mother and suspicious sister. Will these women give in to their preconceived notions about how the other half lives or will they embrace their differences and start anew? Find out in this raucous comedy written by Josefina Lopez and Kathy Fischer.
Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza Company
The Island of Manhattan makes the perfect destination for the Civic Arts Plaza Professional Premiere of COMPANY. The first-ever “concept” musical is by turns funny, pointed and hopeful. Stephen Sondheim’s score is packed with some of his best-known tunes. And the honest and witty look at love and relationships is as contemporary as ever. Plus, the intimacy of the Scherr Forum provides the perfect locale, bringing the audience into the action, and creating a theatre experience that unique… and uniquely Cabrillo. The winner of 6 Tony Awards, including Best Musical, COMPANY at the Scherr Forum promises to be an electrifying theatre experience, and truly puts Broadway into your Backyard.
The Dairy of Anne Frank  
Theatre Palisades The Dairy of Anne Frank
This powerful stage adaptation of the beloved book, the inspiring young Anne Frank comes to life as a lyrical, intensely insightful girl who confronts her circumstances and the increasing horror of her time with astonishing honesty, wit and determination. This impassioned drama peeks in on Frank, her family and their friends as they hide from the Nazis in occupied Amsterdam in a concealed storage attic, capturing the claustrophobic realities of their daily existence. This Theatre Palisades production of The Diary of Anne Frank is a story of life, not death, and a depiction of the raw determination to survive during the Holocaust.
Dame Edna Glorious Goodbye: Farewell Tour  
Ahmanson Theatre Dame Edna Glorious Goodbye:  Farewell Tour
Of all the great female stars to emerge from Australia -- Olivia-Newton John, Kylie Minogue, Nicole Kidman -- none can hold a candle to the rhinestone-studded awesomeness of Dame Edna Everage, the planet's reigning (and only) "gigastar." The widely-loved neon-haired homemaker, talk show host, fashion icon, swami and sought-after friend, has for more than four decades, dazzled audiences the world over with her one-of-a-kind banter, infinite wisdom and fabulous beauty tips. Now, in a side-splitting, historic finale, Dame Edna (Barry Humphries) is capping her spectacular 50-year career with this celebratory show that finds her surrounded by spectacular sets and gorgeous, talented dancers. With her take-no-prisoners comedy and hijinks, Dame Edna is not going out with a whimper and no one is safe from her wicked-sharp tongue.
Beverly Hills Playhouse Disconnection
Examining perspectives on freedom of ideas...and speech, this entertaining journey indicts what the writer calls “totalitarian, highly-restrictive modes of thought," in popular religions today. Straight out of current headlines, and raising questions about the growing danger of extremists, a family stands to lose all after speaking out against their church.
Geronimo, Life on the Reservation  
Whitefire Theatre Geronimo, Life on the Reservation
Geronimo, Life on the Reservation tells the little-told story of the famed Bedonkohe Apache warrior's 23 years as a prisoner of war. Focusing on Geronimo's resiliency, humor and genius, this new solo show at Sherman Oaks' Whitefire Theatre begins its story with the Apache leader's final surrender in 1886. After stops in Florida and Alabama prisons, Geronimo is finally sent to his final stop -- Fort Sill, Oklahoma -- where he spends much of the last 15 years of his life as a P.O.W. Longtime TV and film actor Rudy Ramos (Beverly Hills Cop II, The Enforcer) brings Geronimo's final years to life on the stage in this dramatic recounting of a fascinating, largely forgotten chapter in American history.
Ghosts Of The Underground  
Zombie Joe's Underground Theatre Ghosts Of The Underground
Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre Group's exciting-new hauntingly-romantic theatrical cliff-hanger, revolving around a mysterious murder. Featuring live music and riveting dance in an all-encompassing, "in the round" spectacular! Directed by Sebastian Muñoz and Produced by Zombie Joe.
God of Carnage  
Morgan-Wixson Theatre God of Carnage
Dark comedy of manners God of Carnage reveals that while kids will inevitably be kids, adults may not always act like grown-ups. The show opens with two sets of high-strung Brooklyn parents meeting to work things out after their young sons squabble on the playground. As their talk progresses and the rum flows, their behavior devolves from civilized to outrageous. Accusations are hurled, secrets are confessed and diplomatic facades crumble before your eyes. Filled with scandalous hilarity, God of Carnage took Broadway by storm and walked away with the 2009 Tony Award for Best Play.

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