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The Accidental Club  
Whitefire Theatre The Accidental Club
A washed-up rock star dies and goes to The Accidental Club, a version of the afterlife that must be heaven because Janis Joplin, Billie Holiday and Amy Winehouse are in it. Powerhouse singer and actor Sherrie Scott plays all three musical icons in this solo musical at Whitefire Theatre in Sherman Oaks, singing her own original songs about life, fame, addiction and death as her protagonist Mira tries to win Angel of the Month so she can go back to earth and do one last concert for her faithful fans.
Act One  
UCLA Campus Act One
Written by James Lapine from Moss Hart’s best-selling autobiography, Act One celebrates Broadway and the life of the playwright whose wit and wisdom charmed the American stage for decades.
Act One  
The James Bridges Theater Act One
Broadway Legend Moss Hart comes alive in James Lapine's stage adaptation of Hart's autobiography, Act One. The Pulitzer-winning co-writer of You Can't Take It with You (with George S. Kaufman) and director of the original run of My Fair Lady, Moss Hart grew up poor in the Bronx before going on to his celebrated career. James Lapine (Into the Woods) brings Hart's incredible story to life. Drama Desk Award winner Mark Jude Sullivan stars in this L.A. Theatre Works production, which will be performed without sets and costumes for later broadcast on public radio nationwide. In Act One's original run, The New York Times raved that it "brims contagiously with ... passion for that endangered religion called the Theater." See it at The James Bridges Theater in Los Angeles.
Ah, Wilderness!  
A Noise Within Ah, Wilderness!
Return to a simpler time in Eugene O'Neill's unabashedly romantic and sweetly funny Ah, Wilderness! As the Connecticut-based Miller clan plans their traditional Fourth of July festivities, their dreamy-eyed middle child, Richard, is wrestling with cultural conventions, political uncertainty, the power of literature and the exquisite pain of young love. The memories of family life were never so delicately portrayed as in O'Neill's only comedy -- a coming-of-age love letter to a simpler time and a beautiful ensemble piece that centers on the universal nature of love. See this slice of Americana come to life from Pasadena's A Noise Within. This show is recommended for ages 12 and older.
Allen Wilder 2.0  
Lounge Theatre Allen Wilder 2.0
Equal parts racy, risqué and poignant, Allen Wilder 2.0 follows a soft-core porn director as he embarks on a trip from his L.A. home to his dead parents' house in Levittown, Long Island. There, he'll sort through old family belongings and re-examine his life. Can a chance meeting with his former babysitter and his estranged niece help soothe the feelings of failure that are plaguing him? Allen's search for redemption gets the comic treatment in Matt Morillo's unconventional new play at the Lounge Theatre. This production is intended for mature audiences.
Archduke and Dinner for Four Strangers  
Mark Taper Forum Archduke and Dinner for Four Strangers
A poetic new play from Pulitzer Prize finalist and Obie Award winner Rajiv Joseph, Archduke tells the astonishing tale of a group of young men and their unlikely path to terrorism during the onset of WWI. Set against the backdrop of Belgrade in 1914, three strangers are diagnosed with a debilitating disease. Terminally ill and with nothing left to lose, they become the perfect candidates for Serbia's secret military society, The Black Hand. Chock-full of Joseph's signature dark humor, Archduke draws startling parallels between the 20th century and our own troubling present. Experience this world-premiere play when it takes the stage of L.A.'s Mark Taper Forum. Then, after the show, you can enjoy delicious Italian cuisine from a prixe menu at Vespaio with other guests.
Artificial Flowers  
Zombie Joe's Underground Theatre Artificial Flowers

Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre Group proudly presents Emily Charouhas’ psychological-drama about two young people exploring the worst sides of their personalities through each other over the course of one intense and life altering evening. Featuring Jason Britt and Emily Charouhas; Written and Directed by Emily Charouhas; Co-Directed by Brandon Slezak and Produced by Zombie Joe. For Ages 14 and up.
Baby Doll  
The New Vic Baby Doll
In the spring, ETC will present the steamy and sensual dark comedy, Baby Doll, by Tennessee Williams, based on the 1956 Golden Globe and BAFTA Award-winning film of the same name. Set in the Mississippi Delta, two rival cotton gin owners, Archie and Silva, are locked in a vicious professional competition. After he suspects Archie of burning down his cotton gin, Silva seeks his vengeance by hatching a plot to seduce Archie’s 19 year-old bride, Baby Doll. Wary of reaching adulthood and being obliged to consummate her marriage to Archie, Baby Doll clings to her childhood with naïve innocence, sleeping in a crib, wearing children’s nightgowns, and even sucking her thumb.
Big Fish  
Simi Valley Cultural Arts Center Big Fish
Adapted from Tim Burton's celebrated film, the musical Big Fish follows the enchanting, touching story of a teller of tall tales and his son, who wants to know who his father really is. After a lifetime of spinning yarns about his epic adventures, Edward Bloom has entered his final chapter, compelling his grown son Will to embark on an adventure of his own -- to unravel his real dad from the myths he's created. Filled with magic, love, luck and crazy coincidences, this rollicking fantasy set in the American South is a tribute to the power of dreaming big. Catch Big Fish on the stage of the Simi Valley Cultural Arts Center.
Block Party  
Kirk Douglas Theatre Block Party
While many see Los Angeles as the place for movies, the city is also home to over 250 theater companies bursting with an abundance of talent and ingenuity. Now, you can experience L.A.'s vibrant theater scene when Centre Theatre Group highlights some of the city's best work in Block Party. With the Party Pass, you'll get to see three recent productions from local companies: Failure: A Love Story, Citizen: An American Lyric and Dry Land. Join the Block Party and celebrate L.A.'s diverse theater community at the Kirk Douglas Theatre in Culver City.
Building The Wall  
Fountain Theatre Building The Wall
The Fountain Theatre premieres the newest play by Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award-winning playwright Robert Schenkkan (The Kentucky Cycle, All the Way, Hacksaw Ridge), the first in a series of productions set to take place at theaters across the U.S. as part of a National New Play Network Rolling World Premiere. In the very near future, the Trump administration has carried out his campaign promise to round up and detain millions of immigrants. As a writer interviews the former supervisor of a private prison, it becomes clear how federal policy has escalated to a terrifying, seemingly inconceivable, yet inevitable conclusion.
Cat On A Hot Tin Roof  
Antaeus Theater Cat On A Hot Tin Roof
Filled to the brim with painful secrets and desperate longings, Tennessee Williams' masterwork is the story of a family breaking down. With iconic roles and beautiful poetry, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof is a sexy, smoldering descent into a world choking on mendacity
Actors Co-op Theatre Cat's-Paw
Torn from today’s headlines, what do you do when your enemy may be smarter than you? William Mastrosimone’s gripping drama about a terrorist who has wreaked madness and destruction on America and is about to use a news reporter to exploit just one more valuable hostage – the world’s supply of clean water. For mature audiences.
Santa Monica Playhouse A DeLUSIONAL Affair
A DeLUSIONAL Affair, by Albert James Kallis, directed by Chris DeCarlo. Just when you thought your life was finally under control, Fate steps in, turns everything on its heels, and you're off on the wild ride of your life. Funny, touching, and just a little bit racy, Albert James Kallis's A DeLUSIONAL Affair will make you question everything you ever thought you knew about love, marriage, fantasy and reality and come away with a new perspective on it all.
Camarillo Skyway Playhouse Dogfight
Based on the 1991 film starring River Phoenix and Lili Taylor, Dogfight takes place in 1963, with three young Marines enjoying one last night of debauchery before their deployment to Vietnam. Part of their "fun" includes a bet on who can pick up the ugliest date. But when one of them meets Rose, an awkward but idealistic waitress, she changes the game by teaching him the power of compassion. See it at Camarillo Skyway Playhouse.
A Doll's House, Part 2  
South Coast Repertory A Doll's House, Part 2
In the final scene of Ibsen’s classic A Doll’s House, Nora makes the shocking decision to leave her husband and children. A door slams. The curtain falls on a stunned audience. Lucas Hnath continues Nora’s story in this intriguing play with a decidedly modern perspective. Fifteen years have passed when there’s a knock on that same door. Why is Nora back—and what will her return mean to those she left behind?
Dr. Du Bois and Miss Ovington  
The Los Angeles Theatre Center Dr. Du Bois and Miss Ovington
Dr. Du Bois is intent on resigning from the NAACP, infuriated by the condescension and opposition he has received from white board members of the organization. Miss Ovington believes such a move would be disastrous both for himself and the organization, and she attempts to dissuade him from what she is convinced is a destructive course of action. Complicating matters is the pair’s evident attraction to each other, a relationship that would be widely condemned in 1915. Dr. Du Bois and Miss Ovington is fascinating examination of two historical figures, flesh-and-blood human beings, whose actions would impact the lives of millions of people for generations to come.

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