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South Coast Repertory Amadeus
The story begins with composer Antonio Salieri in the 1820s and then flashes back to 1781 Vienna. The city of drama, intrigue and scandal is abuzz with the arrival of a Mozart, who can write an opera a week, but can’t control his exuberant giggling or his notorious libido. Salieri—until then the royal court’s most-lauded musician—recognizes Mozart’s genius, calling him “God’s magic flute.” Pious, but calculating, Salieri tries everything to subvert the success of the enfant terrible.
As You Like It  
Zombie Joe's Underground Theatre As You Like It
Zombie Joe's Underground Theatre Group proudly presents Shakespeare's AS YOU LIKE IT, Director Denise Devin's rollicking romantic and sexy romp through the magical Forest of Arden, which follows the adventures of banished heroine Rosalind as she flees her fate - dressed as a man, looking for true love, and her father...while fending-off the amorous advances of a shepherdess! For Ages 15 and up.
Baby Oh Baby  
Whitefire Theatre Baby Oh Baby
Half sisters Bella and Angie live together in a small flat a few hours outside London, where they speculate about the gender of their androgynous landlord/landlady and struggle to find Mr. Right. Bella, the older sister, is a hopeless romantic who is equally hopeless at mustering the courage to track down a suitable beau. Angie, meanwhile, has no trouble finding men, but lots of trouble keeping them around longer than one night. When Angie's biological clock goes off and a couple of unexpected guests come knocking, both sisters' lives take a wacky and unexpected turn. Baby Oh Baby is making its world premiere at the Whitefire Theatre in Sherman Oaks. Adult humor appropriate for ages 18 and older.
Billie Holiday: Front and Center  
Fremont Centre Theatre Billie Holiday:  Front and Center
Billie Holiday (1915-1959) was a trail-blazing musical artist, known as perhaps the first female vocalist to use her voice in the style of jazz improvisation. Recording first with Benny Goodman, she became the first Black female vocalist to front a white band, that of Artie Shaw. She also performed with Count Basie and Duke Ellington. She had long professional associations with saxophonist Lester Young (who named her Lady Day; she called him Prez) and pianist Teddy Wilson. Born to poverty in Philadelphia, she was a victim of sexual assault while still a child and sentenced by the court to a Catholic correctional institution. It was only her first experience with the court, however. She was convicted at age 13 (along with her mother) of prostitution. Subsequent arrests involved possession of narcotics and substance abuse. Despite a turbulent life, abusive relationships, and racism, she prevailed to become one of the greatest jazz and blues artists of her time, before her untimely demise at age 42 from cirrhosis of the liver. In addition to multiple hit recordings, she sold out Carnegie Hall three times.
Lankershim Arts Center Birder
BIRDER follows middle-aged accountant Roger, who, upon discovering a house finch nesting outside his home in Los Feliz, finds himself forced to question his most basic assumptions about what it means to be a father, husband, and breadwinner. But do his avian explorations represent a deep search for meaning, or just a city-dweller’s mid-life crisis? This funny, moving world premiere by Jerome Fellow and award-winning playwright Julie Marie Myatt explores the human need for silence, as Roger finds both terror and solace in Los Angeles’ unique urban ecology. BIRDER was Commissioned and Developed by Center Theatre Group.
The Boy From OZ  
Celebration Theatre The Boy From OZ
THE BOY FROM OZ was a huge Australian success that found its way to Broadway. Nominated for 5 Tony Awards in 2004, including Best Musical, and won Best Actor in a Musical (Hugh Jackman), the musical focuses on the extraordinary life of legendary singer/songwriter Peter Allen, from his birth in 1944 and humble beginnings to his meteoric rise to fame as an international star. The story covers Peter's life and career in Australia and the United States, as well as his relationships with the legendary singing stars Judy Garland and Liza Minnelli.
The City of Conversation  
Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts The City of Conversation
Vicious rumors, juicy gossip and political slander are all a daily part of life in the District. Sure to open a dialog this campaign season, playwright Anthony Giardina brings Washington, D.C.'s social scene to life in his play The City of Conversation, starring Christine Lahti (The Good Wife), Jason Ritter (Girls) and Georgia King (One Day). Opening in the late '70s, the play portrays a time when political rivals would duke it out on the Senate floor before smoothing things over with drinks at the bar later in the day. Hester Ferris throws fabulous parties and is the liberal toast of Georgetown, but when her son shows up with a Reaganite girlfriend and a new conservative perspective, Hester's life is thrown into a spin. Spanning 30 years from the Carter administration to Obama, The City of Conversation runs at the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts. The cast also features Steven Culp, Michael Learned, Deborah Offner, Nicholas Oteri, Johnny Ramey and David Selby. A New York Times Critics' Pick, The City of Conversation has been hailed by Entertainment Weekly as "stirring and entertaining," and "lively and engrossing" by Newsday.
City of Dreadful Night  
Collaborative Artists Ensemble Staff at The Sherry Theatre City of Dreadful Night
The Sherry Theatre is breaking out the popcorn and dimming the lights for a trip back in time to the dark, gritty world of film noir blended with the urban despair of an Edward Hopper painting. Inspired by the crime dramas of the 1940s and the characters in Nighthawks, Hopper's iconic painting, City of Dreadful Night takes place just after World War II, when a small-time New York crook's paranoia reaches the breaking point. Convinced that his girlfriend Anna might be hiding something from him, he gets a friend to tail her, and this leads all three into a dangerous entanglement as secrets begin to emerge from the shadows. This JEFF-recommended tale of mystery, suspense and romance will have you on the edge of your seat. It's a rich and stylish tribute to the classic films of Hollywood's heyday, performed by Collaborative Artists Ensemble Staff.
Santa Monica Playhouse Climax
Santa Monica Playhouse presents the return of Lisa Phillips Visca's delicious black comedy-drama, CLIMAX, back by audience demand. A delightfully chilling portrait of love, betrayal and twisted passion, CLIMAX has audiences laughing, gasping, and on the edge of their seats from first caress to final showdown.
Clybourne Park  
Westchester Playhouse Clybourne Park
Clybourne Park is a clever and provocative comedy on race, class and real estate that puts a new spin on Lorraine Hansberry's landmark A Raisin in the Sun by contrasting the same cultural issues in a northwest Chicago neighborhood. In 1959, a white couple sets off a community controversy when they inadvertently sell their bungalow to the area's first black family. Half a century later, gentrification issues arise when a black couple clashes with the white couple who want to buy and remodel the same house. Winner of the Pulitzer Prize in 2010 and the 2012 Tony Award for Best Play, Clybourne Park now comes to Los Angeles courtesy of the Kentwood Players.
Cock Tales  
Santa Monica Playhouse Cock Tales
Award-winning actress Debra Ehrhardt continues to share the intimate details of her life in her latest one-woman show, Cock Tales, directed by Joel Zwick (My Big Fat Greek Wedding). Running the emotional gamut from guilt and shame to pleasure and elation, Ehrhardt takes us on a bumpy ride from her early years as a young girl from a religious family through her sexual awakening as a young adult, in one 75-minute rendition. Ehrhardt has written three long-running autobiographical one-woman plays, including Jamaica Farewell, which ran for 10 years and was optioned for film by Tom Hanks' wife Rita Wilson. Now Ehrhardt reveals her colorful history of a lifetime of encounters with a world full of testosterone-fueled gentlemen -- and not-so-gentle-men -- at the Santa Monica Playhouse.
Dancing At Lughnasa  
Actors Co-op Theatre Dancing At Lughnasa
Winner of the 1992 Tony Award for Best Play, this is master playwright Brian Friel’s best! Set in a small village in 1936 Ireland, five unmarried sisters share a small home and dreams of life beyond their native land. A radio dramatically changes their lives and sets in motion unforeseen changes.
Diary of a Madman  
Eclectic Company Theatre Diary of a Madman
Eclectic Company Theatre performs Nikolai Gogol's Diary of a Madman in a stunning adaptation first debuted on the Australian stage by Oscar-winning actor Geoffrey Rush. Based on Nikolai Gogol's short story, the play follows Poprishchin, a minor civil servant in Russia during the oppressive reign of Nicolas I. Driven mad by the bureaucracy, he yearns to be noticed by the beautiful daughter of a senior official. As he spirals further into insanity, reality goes off the rails and he begins to experience incredible and terrifying events. Only when he topples all the way off the deep end does he finally experience the greatness that has eluded him in his sane life. Catch this compelling one-man show, adapted for the stage by Eugene Lazarev and Ilia Volok, when Diary of a Madman comes to North Hollywood.
The End Times  
Skylight Theatre The End Times
Born and raised in a religious cult that calls itself the Lord's Restoration, Tim has always been a devout follower of his ministry. He's young, loyal and a true believer -- but when his best friend is cast out of the Church for "living in his mind," Tim's life slowly unravels as he begins to question the foundations of his faith in this new drama presented at Skylight Theatre in Los Angeles. Emmy Award-winning actor Joe Spano (NCIS, Hill Street Blues) appears in this thought-provoking and timely rumination about the questions we must dare to ask ourselves -- and the hard truths that just might shatter our most fervently held beliefs.
The Engine of Our Ruin  
Victory Theatre Center The Engine of Our Ruin
Wells' richly eccentric characters fiercely compete to maintain their own personal power, not to mention a shred of their own personal beliefs and integrity. The misadventures that ensue continue to raise the stakes of hilarity to a fevered pitch.
The Fantasticks  
Crown City Theatre Company The Fantasticks
When Matt and Luisa fall in love against the wishes of their feuding families, a modern-day Romeo and Juliet unfolds, with plenty of comedy, drama and music, along with a healthy dose of moonlight and magic. Featuring the beloved songs "Try to Remember," "They Were You" and "Soon It's Gonna Rain," the original off-Broadway run of this timeless musical lasted an astonishing 42 years and continues to charm sold-out audiences all over the world. See why when the fantastical musical hits the Crown City Theatre in Los Angeles.
The Giving Tree: The Play  
The Little Theater LA The Giving Tree: The Play
You and your children will love Los Angeles Children's Theater's live re-creation of Shel Silverstein's touching and tender storybook parable The Giving Tree. The classic children's book is about the simple gifts nature offers each of us. Through a boy and a loving apple tree, Silverstein's story follows the seasons of life from young child to old age, from joyous youth to self-centered adolescence, from somber adulthood to bittersweet old age. Each stage of love, loss, heartache and heartbreak is expressed through words, gestures, dance and music that will delight people of all ages.

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