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Theatre 40 at The Reuben Cordova Theatre  Patterns
There have been dramatic narratives warning us that Big Corporations Are Bad for nearly a hundred years, from The Adding Machine (1923) to Too Big to Fail (2011), but it was Rod Serling’s television drama Patterns (1955) that would (you should pardon the expression) take us to another dimension. Patterns, like no other drama before nor since, depicts the emotional wreckage that corporate culture can inflict on individuals. Fred Staples is a Bright Young Man on his way up as a rising executive at Ramsey & Company. In addition to the great job, he has a beautiful wife who truly loves him (even if she is a bit pushy; after all, she’s pushy for the two of them). And he’s found a Best Friend in a senior executive at his new firm, Andy Sloane. It’s not too long, however, before Fred is brought to the chilling realization that he is being groomed to replace his buddy Andy, whom the firm’s president wants removed from the company. How far will Fred go to further his ambitions? Can he possibly advance in the business world without losing sight of his morals and ideals? What compromises will he be willing to make? What will they do to his relationships with his wife and his best friend?
Adam and Eve and Steve a Musical  
NoHo Arts Center Adam and Eve and Steve a Musical
A world premiere musical farce based on Biblical Adam and Eve story, which is interrupted through the Devil’s interfering so that Steve is added to the mix to create a lot of fun, mischief and struggle. The three of them get tangled and fight to unwind as they all try to figure out the many definitions that love has to offer.
Almost Perfect  
Santa Monica Playhouse Almost Perfect
Buddy falls for the perfect girl of his dreams. One small problem... he's married to Jenny. We watch his hilarious, guilt-ridden affair 'til he finally realizes his perfect dream girl is Jenny, his wife. "It's male idiocy that get savaged most by author Mayer who does such a remarkable job, in fact, that the men in the audience are laughing their heads off even as they're being gutted," says The Good Life about ALMOST PERFECT. "Highly recommended."
Always....Patsy Cline  
Sierra Madre Playhouse Always....Patsy Cline
Always….Patsy Cline depicts the legendary singer backed by a live band performing twenty-seven of her greatest hits in this jukebox musical.
Second City Armagayddon
Now that same-sex marriage is legal, a scared straight couple is on the run to escape the gay's "evil agenda" in The Second City Hollywood's newest musical Armagayddon. With music and lyrics by Dan Wessels (composer of the hit Off-Broadway and Las Vegas show 50 Shades! The Musical), Armagayddon takes you on a journey to see who the real sinners are when it comes to marriage. With a stellar cast of Second City all-stars, including Gina Brown, Josh Callahan, Marion Dunham, Martin Garcia and Pip Lilly, you'll be eager to say "I do" to this hilarious look at gay rights and "scared straights."
As You Like It  
Will Geer Theatricum Botanicum As You Like It
Director Ellen Geer moves the tale of two sets of brothers — one alienated by ambition, the other estranged by envy — to the divided South of the post-Civil War era, adding traditional American folk music and dance from the period. Rosalind is forced to flee camp when her uncle Frederick, usurper of his brother’s position as a general in the Union army, threatens to have her killed. Accompanied by her cousin Celia, Rosalind disguises herself as a man for safety's sake. The disguise comes in handy when she tests the devotion of her noble admirer, Orlando, on the run from his hostile older brother. Meanwhile, the rebel camp is alive with music — banjo, guitar, ukulele, mandolin and more. With Rosalind's wit leading the way, the forces of true love, justice and song eventually triumph.
Astro Boy and the God of Comics  
Sacred Fools Theater Astro Boy and the God of Comics
Delve into the action-packed world of Japanese manga comics and anime in a retro-sci-fi performance about the man considered the father of the genres. Through on-stage drawing, interactive video and even puppetry, Astro Boy and the God of Comics centers on Osamu Tezuka, sometimes referred to as the "Walt Disney of Japan." His most famous character, Astro Boy, came about during his country's post-war era as an embodiment of a peaceful use of nuclear energy. This riotous comic book-style adventure combines the fictional world of that crime-fighting boy robot with Tezuka's life story and the history of Japanese animation.
August: Osage County  
Will Geer Theatricum Botanicum August: Osage County
A vanished father. A pill-popping mother. Three sisters harboring shady little secrets. When the large Weston family unexpectedly reunites after Dad disappears, their Oklahoman family homestead explodes in a maelstrom of repressed truths and unsettling secrets. A major new play that unflinchingly — and uproariously — exposes the dark side of the Midwestern American family. Winner of the 2008 Pulitzer Prize for Drama and Tony Award for Best Play. (Mature audiences)
Bare Naked Angels: Angels Unabated  
Actors Workout Studio Bare Naked Angels:  Angels Unabated
The Actors Workout Studio lives up to its name as the eight performers who chose to become part of Fringe Theatre Company's Bare Naked Angels spent four months bravely digging deep into their pasts to write their own autobiographies. When they take the stage for this very personal show, they'll reveal stories about their lives that are bound to amuse and resonate with you, in recognition of your own life's journey. Join them for a unique and especially intimate night of theater. This show contains some adult content, and is not recommended for anyone under the age of 16.
The Ben Hecht Show  
Zephyr Theatre The Ben Hecht Show
In this solo performance, James Sherman portrays Ben Hecht, one of America’s greatest writers who achieved fame as a playwright, novelist and screenwriter. James Sherman depicts Ben Hecht’s brilliant wit and humor by expressing Hecht's passion for his work and how he used his talents to engage with world events.
Mark Taper Forum Bent
In 1934 Berlin, two men are thrown on a train to Dachau as part of the Gestapo's plan to cleanse the city of "perverts." One vehemently denies his lover to the guards, but at the camp, he learns that true dignity lies in acknowledging who he is. Bent is an award-winning WWII drama written by Martin Sherman that tracks the persecution of homosexuals in Nazi Germany. The play is historically significant because, before Bent's first staging in London in 1979, there was little awareness of Nazi treatment of homosexuals. With its potent statement, the play has helped increase historical research of and education about their abuse. Compelling, heartbreaking and witty, Bent can now be seen in Los Angeles at the Mark Taper Forum.
Brighton Beach Memoirs  
Westchester Playhouse Brighton Beach Memoirs
Neil Simon sealed his place in American culture when he created Oscar and Felix, the two characters in his wildly popular play The Odd Couple. Known for writing zingers, rapid-fire jokes and believable characters, Simon is one of the most beloved and most produced playwrights in the country. The semi-autobiographical Brighton Beach Memoirs follows the witty, sex- and baseball-obsessed 15-year-old Eugene living through the Great Depression. Thanks to Simon's comedic touch, this coming-of-age story at the Westchester Playhouse resonates no matter in what era you grew up.
Zombie Joe's Underground Theatre Campfire
Zombie Joe's Underground Theatre Group Proudly Presents their explosive new theatrical symposium of love, mystery, terror and abduction hovering over a flickering campfire, underneath the summer's night sky.
Citizen: An American Lyric  
Fountain Theatre Citizen: An American Lyric
A provocative meditation on race fusing poetry, prose, movement, music and the video image. Shirley Jo Finney directs the world premiere of Stephen Sachs’ stage adaptation of Claudia Rankine’s internationally acclaimed book of poetry about everyday acts of racism in America.
Cumming Of Age  
Son Of Semele Cumming Of Age
One is a young overweight girl at her birthday party. Nobody comes. The second is a teenager giving her first blow job. The third is a 40-year-old divorcee from Argentina discussing chorizo & yeast infections, and the last is an old trans woman facing life's regrets on her deathbed. What ties these characters together reflects Tam’s own way of coping with real life events. These characters tell sad stories, but sad, depressing things can also be hilarious. These are stories of growing up, and growing up is never over. They share a sense of humor when facing life’s biggest challenges, embracing the absurdities and the shifts of life.
Dating: Adults Embracing Failure  
Hudson Theatre Dating:  Adults Embracing Failure
Dating: Adults Embracing Failure is a hilarious and thoughtful take on what makes a relationship succeed or fail. Featuring Josh Lanzet and Lindy Voeltner, “Dating” showcases eight eclectic couples as they discover if they have the right chemistry to make a match that lasts.
Dorothy's Adventures In Oz  
Santa Monica Playhouse Dorothy's Adventures In Oz
Dorothy's Adventures In Oz explores the author's most oft visited themes - love, friendship and family. Audience participation allows young people of all ages to discover some valuable lessons about the importance of truth, honor and self-esteem, as they follow the escapades of Dorothy and her companions along the windy road to that mystical place where dreams really do come true and nothing is as it seems. Along the way, they will do battle with the vain but glorious Queen Coo-ee-oh, join forces with a vagabond princess who is revolting (although she doesn't look it), meet a Patchwork Girl, a Rainbow Maiden, face such looming monsters as war, drought and mortgages, learn a great deal about the world around them, and even a little bit about themselves.

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