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All My Distance Are Far  
Theatre 40 at The Reuben Cordova Theatre  All My Distance Are Far
What happens to a foster teen when she ages out of the system? What happens to an adolescent boy with Asperger’s when he falls in love? What happens to a straight-A student who is being sexually molested? All these characters and others confide to the psychotherapist who sees them at their urban high school. Through each of their monologues, the audience becomes the silent confidant - as well as the witness to the therapist herself - as each teenager grapples with his or her struggle by the end of the school year.
Afros and Ass Whoopings  
Second City Afros and Ass Whoopings
With headline-making cases of racial discrimination, police profiling and rioting in the streets, these have been a highly charged couple of years in America. Now the funny folks at The Second City are tackling these hot-button issues the way they do best: with a little bit of levity -- and a whole lot of musical numbers! Premiering on The Second City Hollywood stage, Afros & Ass Whoopins is an original musical comedy that tells the story of a son who's at odds with his father's old-world views. As the show's producers put it: "Everyone is tired of talking about race and the police ... so we decided to sing about it instead!"
After the Fall  
The Complex After the Fall
Often called the most autobiographical of Arthur Miller's plays, After The Fall probes deeply into the psyche of Quentin, a man who ruthlessly revisits his past to explain the catastrophe that is his life. His journey backward takes him through a troubled upbringing, the bitter death of his mother and a series of failed relationships. With tremendous psychological acuity and depth and a brilliant, dreamlike structure, the play draws on Miller's own life -- the story of a man striving to comprehend his feelings for his friends, family and the women he has loved. Follow Quentin on his quest to make peace with his own history and with the tumultuous world around him as After The Fall unfolds onstage at Dorie Theatre @ The Complex in L.A.
Anais, A Dance Opera  
Greenway Court Theatre Anais, A Dance Opera
This captivating opera incorporates dance, music, and theatre to chronicle the scandalous, enticing, and most of all controversial life of famed literary figure Anaïs Nin.
Author! Author!  
Santa Monica Playhouse Author! Author!
The longest-running Jewish-themed musical in L.A. theater history, Author! Author! -- An Evening with Sholom Aleichem, returns to the Santa Monica Playhouse with Chris DeCarlo reprising his award-winning role as the "Yiddish Mark Twain," the man whose famed folk stories inspired Fiddler on the Roof. Dubbed warm, funny, spirited and entertaining by the Los Angeles Times in its initial run, this musical comedy tracks the author Aleichem's arrival in New York in the early 1900s to have his work produced for the American stage, and recalls his own experience as a Lower East Side immigrant, as well as his childhood and hilariously bumpy courtship with his first girlfriend. The score, written by the award-winning team of Evelyn Rudie and Ben Weisman, features such favorites as "My Ship is Coming In," "Chelm" and "Stepmother."
Awake and Sing!  
Odyssey Theatre Ensemble Awake and Sing!
In Awake and Sing!, the economic ravages of '30s New York threaten to destroy the tenuous ties that bind a working-class family in social dramatist Clifford Odets' acclaimed Depression-era drama. First produced in 1935, Awake and Sing! is the passionate, ultimately hopeful story of the Bergers, a Bronx-dwelling family of Jewish immigrants dealing with the hardships of the times. Bessie, the Berger matriarch, is willing to crush her children's dreams in order to keep the struggling clan intact, but the irrepressible spirit of youth refuses to be extinguished in Odets' timeless ode to the American working class, coming to the Odyssey Theatre in Los Angeles.
Baby Doll  
Fountain Theatre Baby Doll
Darkly comic and crackling with sexual tension, this enthralling tale of prejudice, sexual politics and passion is the first-ever Williams Estate-approved stage adaptation of the Tennessee Williams screenplay. Nineteen-year-old married virgin “Baby Doll” Meighan must consummate her marriage in two days, on her 20th birthday — as long as her middle-aged husband, Archie Lee, upholds his end of the bargain to provide her with a comfortable life. When Archie Lee burns down his neighbor’s cotton gin to save his failing business, his rival, Sicilian immigrant Silva Vacarro, arrives to seek revenge. What ensues is a complex mix of desire and desperation, with Baby Doll as both player and pawn.
Blueprint for Paradise  
Hudson Theatre Blueprint for Paradise
Set in 1941 during the weeks leading up to the attack on Pearl Harbor, and inspired by true events, playwright Laurel M. Wetzork imagines the relationship between African-American architect Paul Revere Williams (designer of landmark L.A. buildings including Saks Fifth Ave and the Los Angeles County Courthouse, as well as private residences for Bert Lahr, Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, and Frank Sinatra) and a wealthy American couple who employed him to design a compound and training ground for Nazi sympathizers in the Pacific Palisades.
Calendar Girl  
Lonny Chapman Group Repertory Theatre Calendar Girl
After the death of her best friend's husband from cancer, a spirited Yorkshire housewife encourages her friends to create a calendar to raise money for the Leukemia Research Fund, using middle-aged women of their village as tastefully photographed nude models.
Sierra Madre Playhouse CarneyMagic
John Carney is a unique blend of comedian, actor and sleight of hand virtuoso. His approach is smart, engaging and often….hilarious. Carney is widely acknowledged by his peers as one of the finest sleight of hand performers in the world, with awards and accolades worldwide. Hollywood’s Magic Castle has awarded Carney more awards than anyone in their history, as well as the Academy of Magical Arts prestigious Performing Masters Fellowship.
Church and State  
Skylight Theatre Church and State
Three days before his bid for re-election in North Carolina, a Republican U.S. Senator makes an off-the-cuff comment to a blogger calling into question his belief in God. The Senator’s devoutly Christian wife and liberal Jewish campaign manager try desperately to contain the damage. Brutally honest and surprisingly funny, Church & State sheds light on how religion, guns, and social media influence our elections.
Cock Tales  
Santa Monica Playhouse Cock Tales
Award-winning actress Debra Ehrhardt continues to share the intimate details of her life in her latest one-woman show, Cock Tales, directed by Joel Zwick (My Big Fat Greek Wedding). Running the emotional gamut from guilt and shame to pleasure and elation, Ehrhardt takes us on a bumpy ride from her early years as a young girl from a religious family through her sexual awakening as a young adult, in one 75-minute rendition. Ehrhardt has written three long-running autobiographical one-woman plays, including Jamaica Farewell, which ran for 10 years and was optioned for film by Tom Hanks' wife Rita Wilson. Now Ehrhardt reveals her colorful history of a lifetime of encounters with a world full of testosterone-fueled gentlemen -- and not-so-gentle-men -- at the Santa Monica Playhouse.
D Deb Debbie Deborah  
Theatre of NOTE D Deb Debbie Deborah
Hailed as a 'dizzyingly clever new play' by the New York Times' Ben Brantley, D DEB DEBBIE DEBORAH tackles questions of self, one’s place in the world, where we fit in, and who, exactly, takes authorship of his or her art. D DEB DEBBIE DEBORAH was developed in The SOHO Rep’s 2014 Writer/Director lab. It premiered in 2015 at Clubbed Thumb; as a part of their Summerworks season and was a critic’s pick in both The New York Times and Time Out New York.
Don't Talk About It Sp!t About It  
Casa 0101 Theater Don't Talk About It Sp!t About It
Don’t Talk About It, SP!T About It, written by Alex Alpharaoh, is a Spoken Word play in the form of an Epic Poem about the circumstances and struggles of 8 heroic denizens that inhabit the city of Los Angeles. Combining meter, prose, and free verse, the play explores the various metropolitan train, rail, and bus stops that contain stories about Love, Loss, Compromise, and ultimately, how people face and live with the decisions that shape their lives.
Doubt: A Parable  
Long Beach Performing Arts Center Doubt:  A Parable
It is 1964, a time of movement and change, but Catholic school principal Sister Aloysius values a stern hand over progressive education. When evidence seemingly points to an inappropriate relationship between Father Flynn and the school’s first black student, she begins a crusade to force Flynn out. John Patrick Shanley’s riveting psychological drama examines the fine line between what seems certain and ambiguity, between conviction and doubt. Winner of the Pulitzer Prize, as well as Tony, Drama Desk, New York Drama Critics’ Circle and Lucille Lortel awards for Best Play.
Drama Queens from Hell  
Odyssey Theatre Ensemble Drama Queens from Hell
Drama Queens from Hell — In the newest outrageous comedy from Emmy Award-winning TV writer / bestselling novelist / playwright Peter Lefcourt, a washed up TV actress, a former Blaxploitation bit player and a pre-op transgender woman compete for the role of Norma Desmond in a remake of Sunset Boulevard. A rollicking farce that skewers Hollywood, ageism, political correctness and everything else in its path.
Dutch Masters  
Rogue Machine at MET Theatre Dutch Masters
Los Angeles is still smoldering and the Crown Heights riots, less than a year old, still hurt. It's 1992, New York City. A chance encounter will lead two young men into a head-on confrontation in a story that goes from Rockefeller Center to 145th St. and everywhere in-between. Dutch Masters is a piercingly insightful comedy-drama that illuminates the continuing problems of race in America.

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