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Spoon River: The Cemetery on the Hill  
Eclectic Company Theatre  Spoon River: The Cemetery on the Hill
Spoon River is the name of the body of water that flows past Lewiston, Illinois, the small town where Masters (1868-1950) spent part of his early life. The local cemetery is located on Oak Hill. In Masters’ anthology, Spoon River becomes the name of the town where the departed souls of his narratives once lived and are now buried. A community of long standing, their stories extend as far back as the mid-Nineteenth Century. Some of the peoples’ lives have been rich and full; others have not been so well-lived. Masters’ language gives the story of each of these lives a compelling urgency, no matter how rich or common. The late inhabitants of that little town share the stories of their lives, sometimes instructively, sometimes nostalgically, sometimes lovingly, sometimes bitterly, sometimes to insure the record of the simple fact that they were there and lived a life and that it was important. One hundred years after their initial publication, the stories and their evocation of an earlier America still have a grasp on our imagination. For ages 12 to adult.
The American Dream  
Lonny Chapman Group Repertory Theatre The American Dream
An early classic from Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Edward Albee (Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?), The American Dream hilariously undermines the false ideal of the all-American family. Albee helped revolutionize American theater in the late '50s and early '60s, thanks in part to inspiration from Europe's Theatre of the Absurd and writers like Samuel Beckett and Jean Genet. Now coming to the Lonny Chapman Theatre in North Hollywood, this absurdist one-act comedy features Albee's trademark biting dialogue and is, as the playwright put it, "a stand against the fiction that everything in this slipping land of ours is peachy-keen." Premiering during the age of Father Knows Best, The American Dream remains as vital as ever.
American Wee-Pie  
Theatre 40 at The Reuben Cordova Theatre American Wee-Pie
F. Scott Fitzgerald was once quoted as saying that there are no second acts in American lives. He was so wrong. Zed, a textbook editor, returns to his small hometown in the Midwest, following the death of his mother, there to grieve with his sister, Pam. Death isn’t the only thing that collapses people’s lives. It’s a recessionary moment in American history, and companies crumple along with people’s means of livelihood. Zed doesn’t lose his job. He walks away from it. Because, in his old hometown of all places, his life’s second act begins. Following his bliss, he becomes an apprentice to a master cupcake chef. Then, one inspired day, Zed uses his good old American ingenuity to invent a new delicacy: the wee-pie, a cupcake inside a pie crust. His new creation will prove a blessing to everyone around him.
La Mirada Theatre for the Performing Arts Carrie
Taunted by her peers at school and terrorized by her religious zealot mother at home, CARRIE tells the haunting tale of 17-year-old Carrie White. Lonely and tormented, Carrie discovers she has a shocking secret power. But when a prank at her high school prom goes horribly wrong, everyone finds just how powerful a secret can be...
Catch Me If You Can  
Simi Valley Cultural Arts Center Catch Me If You Can
Based on the hit film starring Leonardo DiCaprio and the incredible true story that inspired it, Broadway musical Catch Me If You Can follows the life of Frank W. Abagnale Jr., who uses charm, imagination and millions of dollars in forged checks to create his ideal future. Abagnale successfully poses as a pilot, a doctor and a lawyer -- and wins the girl of his dreams -- before FBI agent Carl Hanratty finally catches up to him. The Tony Award-winning dream team behind Catch Me If You Can includes playwright Terrence McNally (The Full Monty, Ragtime) and composers Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman (Hairspray).
Chicanas, Cholas y Chisme  
Casa 0101 Theater Chicanas, Cholas y Chisme
When a group of strong-willed, feisty Latinas get together for a series of writing, acting and directing workshops, powerful new works are bound to emerge. The 14 short plays that comprise this year's Chicanas, Cholas y Chisme were mined from CASA0101's pay-what-you-can workshops over the last year and will be performed as a two-hour stage production during Women's History Month (or as CASA0101 calls it, "Womyn's Herstory Month"). These inspiring new works about familia, breaking tradition, healing, chisme and more celebrate the Latina experience and bring their inspiring stories to a wider audience.
Theatre West Cinderella
Storybook Theatre's version of its award-winning musical is its contribution to the Cinderella mania that is hitting in Spring. There is a new Disney Cinderella in the movie theatrer; there is the Rodgers and Hammerstein Cinderella coming to the Ahmanson, but Storybook Theatre’s joyful Cinderella is a funny version specifically created to appeal to young children and the whole family. Complete with a loopy Fairy Godmother and puppets as the stepsisters, kids get the chance to dance with the Prince, try on the glass slipper, and join in the fun.
Ahmanson Theatre Cinderella
When Rodgers and Hammerstein, perhaps the greatest composing team in history (The Sound of Music, South Pacific), got together to adapt the enchanting fairy-tale story of Cinderella, the results were magical. A new book by five-time Tony nominee Douglas Carter Beane (Sister Act, Xanadu) presents a delightfully romantic and hilarious take on the tale, featuring an incredible orchestra, jaw-dropping transformations and everything you love about the story -- the pumpkin, the glass slipper, the masked ball -- plus some surprising new twists. Rediscover Rodgers and Hammerstein's beloved songs, including "In My Own Little Corner," "Impossible/It's Possible" and "Ten Minutes Ago," in this outrageously fun, Tony-winning musical for dreamers of all ages. After watching this charming production, you'll leave the theater thinking "glass slippers are so back."
Cinderella: Classic Musical Tale Explores Bullying  
The Little Theater LA Cinderella: Classic Musical Tale Explores Bullying
See the classic fairy tale come to life on stage in the intimate Little Theater LA. This musical adaptation by the Los Angeles Children's Theater emphasizes the moral high ground by exploring the theme of bullying through the classic tale of Cinderella, who, even though she has a heart of gold, must toil all day under the smirking demands of her awful stepsisters -- and then sleep among the cinders come night. Cinderella finds a way to make it to the Prince's ball, though, and even manages to capture his heart with her character and sweet nature. Yes, she loses one of her shoes in the process, but what she gains is more precious than all the gold in the kingdom. This show is best-suited for ages 3 and up, although all ages are welcome.
Odyssey Theatre Ensemble Corktown
A powerful family drama set in the Philadelphia Irish community of “Corktown,” a seething hotbed of pro-Irish Republican activity. Emotions run high and battle lines are drawn when family and political loyalties collide.
A Dog's House  
Elephant Theatre A Dog's House
On the surface, Michael and Eden are a solid pair with a bright future. When their beloved dog Jock grows unexpectedly violent - chewing through furniture, biting people, killing another dog - the strength of the couple's relationship is tested. Inadvertently drawn in as accomplices to their canine's crimes, Michael and Eden find themselves telling a series of increasingly complex lies to another couple, Nicole and Bill, whose small pup is Jock's latest casualty. But every dog will have his day, and it's only a matter of time before the truth, like a buried bone, is dug up and laid bare.
Doubt, A Parable  
Repertory East Playhouse Doubt, A Parable
Bronx, 1964. Sister Aloysius, the principal of a Catholic school, takes matters into her own hands when she suspects that young newcomer Father Flynn has sexually abused the school's only black student. As she wrestles with her doubts, she questions an idealistic young nun and the mother of the alleged victim, perhaps changing them forever. Meryl Streep, Amy Adams, Viola Davis and Philip Seymour Hoffman all earned Oscar nominations for their roles in the 2008 film adaptation of the Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award-winning play Doubt, A Parable. Now see John Patrick Shanley's gripping drama about suspicion, scandal and the elusiveness of moral certainty live on stage in L.A. at Repertory East Playhouse.
Einstein Is A Dummy  
Sierra Madre Playhouse Einstein Is A Dummy
Einstein Is A Dummy is a fictional treatment of what the young genius Albert Einstein might have been like at age 12. Unsure of himself, competing with the classroom bully, coping with a self-centered jerk of a music teacher, hoping to impress his first crush: a pretty girl named Elsa. In other words, Albert is in many ways a typical 12-year-old; typical except for the fact that he comes to understand the fundamental principles of existence with far more clarity than you or me. Accompanied by his sole buddy, a loyal cat, Einstein’s thirteenth year is one of discovery, in which the ways in which our universe works appear so clearly that even adults in the theatre audience will be able to understand them.
The English Bride  
The Road on Magnolia The English Bride
The mystery wasn’t what happened; the mystery was why. Inspired by the real-life failed bombing attempt of an El Al flight in 1986, this play centers around an Israeli agent’s desperate search for the truth as he interrogates an Englishwoman and her Arab lover. Who put the bomb on the plane and why? Deceptions and manipulations abound in what the New York Times calls, “A mystery wrapped in a love story — or the other way around.”
A Noise Within Figaro
This production of Figaro marks A Noise Within’s inaugural collaboration with LA Opera as part of Figaro Unbound: Culture, Power and Revolution at Play. The lasting legacy of French playwright Pierre-Augustin Caron de Beaumarchais’ (1732-1799) plays about the free thinking barber, one of the most glorious and influential of fictional creations, will be investigated in this three-month-long exploration of the revolutionary spirit organized by L.A. Opera.
Hell County, Florida  
Second City Hell County, Florida
FRIDAYS: Florida is a hell hole. Literally. The devil has retired to Florida and is running amuck, as if the humidity, hurricanes and bugs weren’t enough! Using real headlines from the Sunshine State, this original comedic play premiers at Second City Hollywood and is performed byThis original comedic play premiers at Second City Hollywood and is performed by: Rich Baker, Gillian Bellinger, Craig Cackowski, Kevin Hoffman, Hans Holsen, Maya Imani, Monique Madrid, Chrissy Swinko and Irene White. Written and Directed by Carla Cackowski. Assistant Director, Chris McGowan. Musical Director, Brian Sturges.
Henry IV, Part I  
Antaeus Theater Henry IV, Part I
Shakespeare’s growing-up tale of a young man caught between the joys of hanging around London pubs with the drunken and immoral Falstaff, and taking his rightful place beside his father as a prince fighting to maintain the crown amidst civil war, is part comedy and part tragedy. From drunken revelry to the bloody battlefield, this engaging tale of fathers and sons remains one of Shakespeare's most exciting histories.

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