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Afros and Ass Whoopings  
Second City Afros and Ass Whoopings
With headline-making cases of racial discrimination, police profiling and rioting in the streets, these have been a highly charged couple of years in America. Now the funny folks at The Second City are tackling these hot-button issues the way they do best: with a little bit of levity -- and a whole lot of musical numbers! Premiering on The Second City Hollywood stage, Afros & Ass Whoopins is an original musical comedy that tells the story of a son who's at odds with his father's old-world views. As the show's producers put it: "Everyone is tired of talking about race and the police ... so we decided to sing about it instead!"
Airplane! Live!  
Archway Theatre Airplane! Live!
Very few show titles earn their punctuation -- but Airplane! deserves its exclamation mark and then some. From jive-talking grandmas to glue-sniffing air-traffic controllers, the classic movie is stuffed, crammed, bursting with zany characters as well as killer one-liners and a sustained silliness that comes close to comedy perfection. Now the Godfather of movie parodies is parodied itself in the hilarious stage production Airplane! Live! Get ready for a fast-flying gooney bird of a show that proudly celebrates the "splendid tackiness" (Time) of the original. So be there when the "fit hits the shan" as jet-powered gags get going at the Archway Theatre.
All In The Timing  
Bucket List Theatre at The Complex All In The Timing
This critically acclaimed, award-winning evening of comedies by David Ives combines wit, intellect, satire and just plain fun!
The James Bridges Theater Amadeus
Swelling with the glorious music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the psychological mystery Amadeus has played to thunderous applause the world over. The scene is set in Vienna, 1781: the young Mozart can write an opera a week but can't control his exuberant giggling and notorious libido. Antonio Salieri -- until now the royal court's most lauded musician -- recognizes Mozart's genius, calling him "God's magic flute," and tries everything to subvert the success of this enfant terrible. But will Salieri's scheming include murder? Peter Shaffer's Amadeus won five Tony Awards on Broadway, including Best Play, and the 1984 film adaptation won eight Academy Awards, including Best Picture. LA Theatre Works presents this beloved masterpiece at James Bridges Theater in a bare-bones production performed without sets or costumes for later broadcast on public radio nationwide.
And Then They Fell  
Atwater Village Theatre And Then They Fell
And Then They Fell tells the story of Jordan and Cal, two teenagers who find themselves without stable homes. Jordan has fled a home wrecked by alcoholism and sexual abuse while still trying to graduate high school with honors. Cal is a young transgender boy set adrift by his family’s intolerance and the failure of adults and institutions to help him through a severely vulnerable period of his young life. These two teens find each other, and for a while, they give each other the hope and security they so desperately need.
Angel's Flight  
Three Clubs Angel's Flight
Angel’s Flight follows McKagan’s search for the missing dame through seedy bars, back alleys and awkward dream sequences. He’s hot on the doll’s trail, but barking up the wrong tree and other such noir-ish clichés. Every time he gets close, something gets in the way. Things aren’t always as they seem in the City of Angels, and the chase becomes a downward spiral of betrayal, murder and perhaps most deadly of all…marijuana! Angel’s Flight blends elements of film noir, quick-witted comedy and sexy burlesque for a truly unique theatrical experience.
A Noise Within Arcadia
Deemed "the greatest play of its time" by London's The Independent, Tom Stoppard's Arcadia crosses the boundaries of time to present big ideas and compelling characters. Set in a sprawling English country house, this A Noise Within production moves between the 19th century and the present day, allowing the viewer a glimpse at the romances and scandals hidden in the manor's history. The audience sees the action in both time periods, while the characters -- even as they begin to share the same stage -- weave past each other in Arcadia's intricate dance, never able to connect because they are lost in time.
Around the World in 80 Days  
The Matrix Around the World in 80 Days
British gentleman Phileas Fogg bets members of his London club the substantial sum of 20,000 pounds that he can circumnavigate the globe in 80 days. He is accompanied by his new French butler Passepartout. But Fogg has become the prime suspect in a bank robbery and is relentlessly pursued in his global travels by Fix, a bumbling detective. Along the way, Fogg engineers the daring rescue of a beautiful woman in deadly danger who, naturally, falls in love with him. From the wilds of the Indian jungle to the even wilder American West, Fogg and Passepartout race to meet the deadline as the days fall short.
Simi Valley Cultural Arts Center Assassins
Maybe the most controversial Broadway musical ever written, Assassins aims to thrill and rarely misses. The great genius of contemporary musical theater, creator of Sweeney Todd, Into the Woods and Company, Stephen Sondheim leads audiences on a tuneful revue of presidential assassins and would-be killers from John Wilkes Booth to John Hinckley. This darkly comic journey takes the form of a carnival game, where the sounds of each era accompany riveting portrayals of history's most impassioned and deranged. Thought-provoking and darkly delightful, Assassins won five Tony Awards in its first revival on Broadway. Now Simi Valley Cultural Arts Center presents a new staging of this theatrical tour de force.
The Atlas Pit or The Garbage Man's Son  
Working Stage The Atlas Pit or The Garbage Man's Son
Atlas Pit or The Garbage Man’s Son is the tale of 18-year-old Ozzy, whose girlfriend Gray drowns in an old gravel quarry in Milton, Wisconsin. Gray’s sudden death sends Ozzy into a severe depression; he runs away from home and shuts himself up in a seedy apartment. In his continued quest to find escape, Ozzy stumbles upon a brand of heroin that brings users so close to death that “they see those waiting for them on the other side.” Atlas Pit is inspired by the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice and explores the ideas of addiction, love, life, and faith.
Awake and Sing!  
Odyssey Theatre Ensemble Awake and Sing!
In Awake and Sing!, the economic ravages of '30s New York threaten to destroy the tenuous ties that bind a working-class family in social dramatist Clifford Odets' acclaimed Depression-era drama. First produced in 1935, Awake and Sing! is the passionate, ultimately hopeful story of the Bergers, a Bronx-dwelling family of Jewish immigrants dealing with the hardships of the times. Bessie, the Berger matriarch, is willing to crush her children's dreams in order to keep the struggling clan intact, but the irrepressible spirit of youth refuses to be extinguished in Odets' timeless ode to the American working class, coming to the Odyssey Theatre in Los Angeles.
Baby Doll  
Fountain Theatre Baby Doll
Darkly comic and crackling with sexual tension, this enthralling tale of prejudice, sexual politics and passion is the first-ever Williams Estate-approved stage adaptation of the Tennessee Williams screenplay. Nineteen-year-old married virgin “Baby Doll” Meighan must consummate her marriage in two days, on her 20th birthday — as long as her middle-aged husband, Archie Lee, upholds his end of the bargain to provide her with a comfortable life. When Archie Lee burns down his neighbor’s cotton gin to save his failing business, his rival, Sicilian immigrant Silva Vacarro, arrives to seek revenge. What ensues is a complex mix of desire and desperation, with Baby Doll as both player and pawn.
Geffen Playhouse Barbeque
Bet you didn't see a crisis intervention coming out of this family barbecue! When drug-addicted sister Zippity Boom arrives to her family's gathering, she comes armed and prepared -- with pills and a whole lotta booze. Upon arriving drugged out and out of control, her family decides that enough is enough and pauses the grill to stage an intervention. While the play switches between one white and one black cast of the O'Mallerys, the plot slowly reveals her own siblings' similar addictions to cigarettes and marijuana. Their clumsy attempts to get her into rehab make for a hilarious new comedy that skews your view of the "average American family." Featuring hit stars like Breaking Bad's Dale Dickey, Vice Principal's Kimberly Hébert Gregory, American Horror Story's Rebecca Wisocky and more, this barbecue is sure to be a doozy. Have a laugh at the Geffen Playhouse in Los Angeles. This production contains adult content, graphic language and the smoking of herbal cigarettes.
Bars and Measures  
Boston Court Performing Arts Center Bars and Measures
Two brothers, both musicians. The classical pianist is Christian. The jazz bassist is Muslim. When Bilal is accused of being a terrorist and jailed awaiting trial, Eric tries to stay connected by pushing aside his own classical aspirations in order to learn big brother's jazz style. Separated by prison bars and religious convictions, the brothers scat and be-bop through their shared language of music. As his brother's trial progresses, Eric becomes disillusioned and struggles to decide if he believes the charges levied against his beloved older brother, or if false accusations make him a beleagured martyr to a prejudiced, paranoid nation.
The Beauty, The Banshee and Me  
Whitefire Theatre The Beauty, The Banshee and Me
Adopted at 3 months old by celebrated entertainers, Peter Lind Hayes and Mary Healy, Cathy Lind Hayes embarks on a decades-long journey to learn the truth about where she came from and why she was given up. Her search takes many turns as she tries to make sense of how she is the daughter of two very different women. This is her journey, an entertaining account of searching for the truth.
Blueberry Toast  
Atwater Village Theatre Blueberry Toast
Ever wonder what evil lurks in the heart of suburbia? Every family has a dark underbelly — especially the perfect ones. Playwright Mary Laws puts the “days” in family dysfunction with this modern-day, darkly comic revenge tragedy.
Calendar Girl  
Lonny Chapman Group Repertory Theatre Calendar Girl
After the death of her best friend's husband from cancer, a spirited Yorkshire housewife encourages her friends to create a calendar to raise money for the Leukemia Research Fund, using middle-aged women of their village as tastefully photographed nude models.

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