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Abducted The Show  
Hudson Theatre Abducted The Show
Abducted- The Show depicts the terrifying true story of the abduction of a 13-year-old youth in America’s heartland, Omaha, Nebraska. It will take all of the teen’s intelligence and resourcefulness if he can escape alive. Other episodes in the show present how we can be abducted in our dreams. A white mainlander visiting Hawaii has a startling encounter with the indigenous culture. An American visiting the ruins of the Warsaw Ghetto experiences a special kind of terror. Writer-performer William Riedmann portrays multiple characters in his solo performance. His adventurous life includes retailing snowboards in Colorado, being a river guide in the Grand Canyon and sojourns in Panama and Costa Rica. His professional experience as an actor and comic includes work with The New Collective and the Upright Citizens Brigade.
Anton In Show Business  
Hudson Theatre Anton In Show Business
Anton in Show Business is a satirical romp across the stage of American Theatre. When Holly, a wildly popular TV star, needs to get theatrical street cred to be considered for film, she signs on to do Anton Chekov’s Three Sister’s in a small repertory theatre in Texas. In contrast to early Shakespeare, women play all of the roles in this true ensemble. With the depth of Chekov and the levity of Bravo, Anton in Show Business holds a hilarious mirror up to entertainment from coast to coast.
Anything Serious  
Actors Workout Studio Anything Serious
Francisco Castro, a writer for the hit CBS series Without a Trace, has written a new play all about the ups and downs, joys and sorrows of modern romance. Anything Serious, coming to you courtesy of the Actors Workout Studio, is a side-splitting comedy about Martin and Jessica, two recently single Portlanders in their 30s. As they bond over their shared dejection, they quickly become drinking buddies, sex partners and emotional supporters. It's the perfect situation, but as their best friends prepare for their upcoming wedding, a hidden connection begins to emerge, and they discover feelings neither knew they had. Will it bring them closer together or ruin everything? This show is not suitable for children, as it features adult content.
The Archer From Malis  
Lounge Theatre The Archer From Malis
A griot is a story teller who preserves the history and culture of a village or community, and that's exactly what the Griot Theatre aims to do with The Archer From Malis. As part of The Getty Villa's 2016 Theatre Lab program, this Greek classic will get a workshop production at the Villa followed by this full production at the Lounge Theatre in Hollywood. The play follows Philoctetes, a loyal friend of Hercules who was entrusted with his bow upon the demi-god's death. The Greeks, who abandoned the snake-bitten Philoctetes on the island of Lemnos 10 years earlier, return, now in need of him and the bow to win the Trojan War. This adaption of Sophocles' play on the subject explores questions of loss, betrayal, loyalty and the human condition.
Around the World in 80 Days  
Long Beach Playhouse Around the World in 80 Days
Around the World in 80 Days is a classic story, but you've never experienced it quite like this. Courtesy of the Long Beach Playhouse, this production features five actors playing more than 40 characters as they traverse four separate continents. The intricate stage production brings Jules Verne's famous adventure to life in a brand new way, following the fearless explorer Phileas Fogg as he agrees to an outrageous and seemingly impossible bet: He must travel around the world in 80 days in a hot-air balloon or lose every penny of his fortune. See why this story has enraptured audiences for over a century with this exciting, silly and thoroughly enjoyable rollercoaster ride filled with stampeding elephants, raging typhoons, runaway trains and so much more.
As You Like It  
Miles Memorial Playhouse As You Like It
Escape with Rosalind and Celia into the Forest of Arden, a world where desire is turned upside-down, women disguise themselves as men and "love is merely a madness." As You Like It boasts one of Shakespeare's most vibrant heroines in Rosalind, the beautiful daughter of an exiled duke who falls madly in love with the dashing Orlando. When she's banished from the duke's court, Rosalind disguises herself as a boy and flees to the forest. Along the way, Rosalind, Orlando and the other motley characters fill the forest of Arden with music, dancing and pure romance. Colonials, an American Shakespeare Company, brings As You Like It to Santa Monica's Miles Memorial Playhouse in a lively, authentic production that places focus on the Bard's original text.
As You Were: Stories And Songs From GI's In WWII  
Lineage Performing Arts Center As You Were:  Stories And Songs From GI's In WWII
“These are American works the critic Alexander Woollcott put into a book for our troops in World War II, “ says Davis. “It’s a sampling of great American writing, including stories that are funny, touching, and inspiring. Picture a 20 year old, far from home, sitting in a trench or hospital and being reminded of why he or she was fighting, through the works of Twain, Whitman, and O. Henry. They’re works that deserve to be known and celebrated by all Americans, especially in these times.”
Baby Oh Baby  
Whitefire Theatre Baby Oh Baby
Half sisters Bella and Angie live together in a small flat a few hours outside London, where they speculate about the gender of their androgynous landlord/landlady and struggle to find Mr. Right. Bella, the older sister, is a hopeless romantic who is equally hopeless at mustering the courage to track down a suitable beau. Angie, meanwhile, has no trouble finding men, but lots of trouble keeping them around longer than one night. When Angie's biological clock goes off and a couple of unexpected guests come knocking, both sisters' lives take a wacky and unexpected turn. Baby Oh Baby is making its world premiere at the Whitefire Theatre in Sherman Oaks. Adult humor appropriate for ages 18 and older.
Bach at Leipzig  
Lonny Chapman Group Repertory Theatre Bach at Leipzig
What if the Marx Brothers and British playwright Tom Stoppard (Shakespeare in Love) collaborated on a play? According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the resulting work might look a lot like Itamar Moses' Bach at Leipzig. Set in Leipzig in 1722, Germany's most renowned music director is dead at the keyboard. Without missing a beat, the country's greatest organists rush to fill his position. Now, it seems that everybody is guilty of trickery and blackmail. Sit back and enjoy the rush of rivalry as these virtuosos scramble for success. Bach at Leipzig is rooted in history, embellished with fiction and raises questions about God, art and humanity. See it in North Hollywood at the Lonny Chapman Theatre.
The Bluff  
Renegade Theatre The Bluff
a darkly comedic drama about a poker night involving five people who all have one common link: and she's not present.
The Boy From OZ  
Celebration Theatre The Boy From OZ
THE BOY FROM OZ was a huge Australian success that found its way to Broadway. Nominated for 5 Tony Awards in 2004, including Best Musical, and won Best Actor in a Musical (Hugh Jackman), the musical focuses on the extraordinary life of legendary singer/songwriter Peter Allen, from his birth in 1944 and humble beginnings to his meteoric rise to fame as an international star. The story covers Peter's life and career in Australia and the United States, as well as his relationships with the legendary singing stars Judy Garland and Liza Minnelli.
Pantages Theatre Chicago
GRAMMY Award-Winner Brandy Norwood stars as “Roxie Hart” and NFL Legend & Heisman Trophy Winner Eddie George stars as “Billy Flynn”. Set amidst the razzle-dazzle decadence of the 1920s, CHICAGO is the story of Roxie Hart, a housewife and nightclub dancer who maliciously murders her on-the-side lover after he threatens to walk out on her. Desperate to avoid conviction, she dupes the public, the media and her rival cellmate, Velma Kelly, by hiring Chicago’s slickest criminal lawyer to transform her malicious crime into a barrage of sensational headlines, the likes of which might just as easily be ripped from today’s tabloids. Ages 13 and up. Children under 5 will not be admitted to the theatre. All patrons must have a ticket, regardless of age.
Cock Tales  
Santa Monica Playhouse Cock Tales
Award-winning actress Debra Ehrhardt has written three long-running autobiographical one-woman plays, including Jamaica Farewell, which ran for 10 years and was optioned for film by Tom Hanks' wife Rita Wilson. The Jamaican storyteller continues to share the intimate details of her life and immigrant journey with Cock Tales, her latest one-woman show at the Santa Monica Playhouse. Running the emotional gamut from guilt and shame to pleasure and elation, Ehrhardt conveys her coming-of-age experiences, covering her entire sexual history in one 75-minute rendition.
The Devil's Bride  
Crown City Theatre Company The Devil's Bride
Set one week after the events of Shakespeare's comedy Much Ado About Nothing, The Devil's Bride finds the villainous Don John the Bastard languishing in Messina's jail. He is given the opportunity to redeem himself by marrying Signore Benedick's sister, Allegra. But the cursed Allegra has already buried three intended bridegrooms. Will Don John be next? The Devil's Bride is a romantic comedy-mystery, written by Joan Silsby and directed by Wendy Gough Soroka. It will be performed at The Belfry Stage by Theatre Unleashed.
The Devil's Bride  
Lounge Theatre The Devil's Bride
The Devil's Bride is a romantic comedy-mystery that takes place a week after the events in Shakespeare’s classic Much Ado About Nothing, with the villainous Don John the Bastard still languishing in Messina's jail after attempting to thwart his rival's wedding. Don John is given a chance to redeem himself, if he consents to marry Signore Benedick's sister Allegra. However, Lady Allegra is under a Gypsy curse. She has already been engaged three times, and all three of her intended bridegrooms have died before reaching the altar. Will Don John be next?
The Dig  
The Los Angeles Theatre Center The Dig
The DIG: death, Genesis + the double helix. World Premiere engagement of a new show.
Dinner At Home Between Deaths  
Odyssey Theatre Ensemble Dinner At Home Between Deaths
When all-star financial advisor Sean Lynch comes home and announces to his wife, Fiona, that they're taking an impromptu vacation, she's immediately suspicious. Sean has always been a workaholic, and the word "vacation" isn't in his vocabulary. As it is, Fiona can't pack up and go -- she's hard at work trying to secure a green card for her housekeeper so she can save her daughter from poverty in Guatemala. When word arrives that one of Sean's employees has gone missing, the truth behind his wish for a speedy vacation is gradually revealed. Dinner at Home Between Deaths at the Odyssey Theatre in Los Angeles is a bleak, comic look at the dark side of the American dream.

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