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McCadden Place Theatre #LastDance
It’s BOYS IN THE BAND with a little PARIS IS BURNING thrown in! #LastDance with make audiences rethink what really is behind the wigs, makeup and heels and find out they are people just like them. 21+
​Pain In My Asperger's​  
Lounge Theatre ​Pain In My Asperger's​
With eight original songs and compositions, Ebenstein chronicles his journey from childhood to adulthood, addressing universal issues like childhood bullying, hopeful romance, and overcoming depression, to his unique take on the struggles of everyday life, from relationships, to being able to hold down the simplest of jobs, yet always striving towards his dreams of being accepted and living a successful life. It’s a story of hope and love, not only for those suffering with Asperger’s Syndrome, who need to overcome the additional challenges that Asperger’s presents, but for all who have ever hoped and dreamed about making something of themselves.
'Till Sunday  
LA Gay and Lesbian Center 'Till Sunday
Jumping through time and two different countries, 'Til Sunday is a one-woman show that reveals the power and complexity of the immigrant experience. The story begins with a 14-year-old Claridad and follows her through a span of 13 years leading up to the day of her "quinces" in 1985 New Orleans. With her father back home in Cuba, and her mother struggling to legally bring him into the U.S. due to the oppressive Castro regime, Claridad finds herself questioning who deserves her loyalty: Cuba or America, her father or her mother? Written and performed by Nairoby Otero, 'Til Sunday takes the stage of the Los Angeles LGBT Center's Village.
Studio C Artists 86'd
86'd tackles the restaurant industry from all angles, as Arnett explores a behind-the-scenes look within the restaurant Sweats. Whether you love dining out or are a server yourself, Arnett will be your host, server, bartender, and manager for the evening as she gives you a look into what your server really thinks of you.
The Absolute Brightness Of Leonard Pelkey  
Laguana Playhouse The Absolute Brightness Of Leonard Pelkey
When a 14-year-old boy goes missing in a small New Jersey town his disappearance is illuminated by memories of his brilliant spirit. This one-man show, written and staring Academy-award winner James Lecesne, tells the story of a young boy who had touched the hearts of his community during his short by richly colorful life. Teens and adults alike will be inspired by this uplifting story about humanity and the dignity of life.
Almost Equal To  
City Garage Theatre Almost Equal To
How much do your earn? How much are you worth? With the economic world built on hierarchies where CEOs make a hundred times the salary of their workers, Almost Equal To exposes the inequality in highly personal terms. A young immigrant tries to find a job; a professor of economics struggles to keep the job he has; a wife nurses fantasies of an ecologically responsible life; a homeless hustler may be more than he seems; and a young woman in a cutthroat office may or may not be responsible for a co-worker's death. With humor and brutal honesty, celebrated Swedish novelist-playwright Jonas Hassen Khemiri reveals the human cost of the system. Over one hundred international companies have performed Khemiri's plays, now coming to Santa Monica's City Garage at Bergamot Station Arts Center.
The AmityCode  
Stephanie Feury Studio (SFS) Theatre The AmityCode
A new dark comedy, The AmityCode tells the story of Pete, a brilliant robotics engineer, who, after being dumped by his girlfriend, builds a robot to replace her. But he may have programmed his creation too well. Ages 16+

Animal Farm  
Will Geer Theatricum Botanicum Animal Farm
How do lies become truths? This brilliant satire about the corrupting influence of power charts the fall of idealism and the rise of tyranny after the animals of Manor Farm rise up against their human owner in a struggle for rights and equality. Originally produced by Britain’s National Theatre, Peter Hall’s stage adaptation of Orwell’s classic novel features music by Richard Peaslee and lyrics by Adrian Mitchell.
Annie Get Your Gun  
Glendale Centre Theatre Annie Get Your Gun
This show hits the target with every song and dance! It's the story of Annie Oakley, one of the Old West's greatest marksmen, and Frank Butler, who was also renowned for his amazing shooting ability. Both proud and headstrong, they compete against each other and eventually fall in love! It's tons of fun from start to finish and of course, filled with some of Irving Berlin's greatest hits! You're going to love this show!
Beauty And The Beast  
Santa Monica Playhouse Beauty And The Beast
Santa Monica Playhouse proudly presents the All-Male Late-Night Date-Night production of the acclaimed musical comedy, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, celebrating PRIDE 2017 with an inclusive twist. Playwrights Chris DeCarlo and Evelyn Rudie mold the magic, romance, humor and grandeur of this timeless tale into a production which touches the hearts, and indeed, almost the fingertips, of its audience members. Based on the original 1740's tale by Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve, this classic musical gets a big twist! Set in a fantasy Medieval milieu "long, long ago," a lovely and spirited Beauty takes charge of her fate and molds herself a most endearing Beast, who offers her a rose garden of a thousand and one delights. Replete with ditzy sisters, a befuddled sire, a spell-binding sorceress and a flamboyantly foppish suitor, who all inadvertently or intentionally strew more than a few thorns along Beauty and her Beast's arduous, and ardor-ous, path, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, is a story where loves wins out, allowing all to find their happily-ever-after endings, and proves that beauty is as beauty does and beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Billy Elliot: The Musical  
Simi Valley Cultural Arts Center Billy Elliot:  The Musical
Set to what the New York Post called Elton John's "best score yet," and named "Broadway Musical of the Decade" by Time magazine, the explosive Billy Elliot: The Musical, presented by Actors' Repertory Theatre of Simi, fills the stage with inspiring songs and high-energy dance. Based on the hit film of the same name, this heartwarming show is about a motherless boy in a small, poverty-stricken mining town who trades his boxing gloves for ballet shoes and fights against social stereotypes to achieve his dream of becoming a dancer. Cheer along as his talent and ambition become symbols of hope for a town that's enduring more than its fair share of hardship, when Billy Elliot: The Musical takes to the stage of the Simi Valley Cultural Arts Center. This show is recommended for ages 10 and older.
Billy....From Como To Homo  
The Complex Billy....From Como To Homo
BILLY... FROM COMO TO HOMO Is it a boy or is it a girl? One thing is for sure it is a Comoette! Juggling a Stage Mom, Gender Confusion and Tap! Told through song impersonation, physical comedy and video. A One Woman Show
Bitch Brow  
Lounge Theatre Bitch Brow
Bitch Brow is a dark comedy set in a Long Island laundromat on one summer night. A tough townie chick and an uptight young woman from East Hampton's upper crust clash over everything from career choices to finger fucking in this hilarious and heartwarming look at the hard choices women are forced to make. These two opposites will try to find common ground... until one of them winds up dead.
LA Gay and Lesbian Center Blackbird
Scottish playwright David Harrower’s drama won the 2007 Laurence Olivier Award for Best New Play and had a critically acclaimed run on Broadway last year. Inspired in part by the crimes of sex offender Toby Studebaker (though in no way a literal dramatization of actual events) the play depicts a young woman meeting a middle-aged man 15 years after being sexually abused by him when she was 12 years old.
The Book Of Mormon  
Pantages Theatre The Book Of Mormon
Ben Brantley of The New York Times calls it “the best musical of this century.” Entertainment Weekly says it’s “the funniest musical of all time.” From South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, it’s THE BOOK OF MORMON, winner of nine Tony Awards including Best Musical. Jon Stewart of The Daily Show calls it “a crowning achievement. So good it makes me angry.” Contains explicit language.
BRAVO 25: Your A.I. Therapist Will See You No  
The Actors Company BRAVO 25: Your A.I. Therapist Will See You No
Writer & solo performer Eliza Gibson plays an A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) avatar therapist and six humans in a support group unlike any you’ve ever seen. Broken hearts, addicts in recovery, a polyamorous lesbian awaits the arrival of Super intelligence, someone needs a piece of somebody’s liver? Wait. Amber, the A.I. therapist likes donuts? 16 and older
BRAVO 25: Your A.I. Therapist Will See You Now  
BRAVO 25: Your A.I. Therapist Will See You Now
BRAVO 25 premiered in Fresno at The Rogue Festival in March 2017 to rave audience reviews: “I was absolutely blown away!” “Each character was superbly defined and imaginable.” “I laughed like crazy!!!” An early excerpt was selected to compete in San Francisco’s PianoFight’s ShortLived competition in February 2016. The show has been in development over the last year, with excerpts being performed in the Bay Area at various venues, including The Marsh, the Red Poppy Art House and Solo Sundays. The show was produced by Beyond Words at Stage Werx Theatre in San Francisco in April 2017. Admission: 16 and older

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