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4000 Miles  
Westchester Playhouse 4000 Miles
With a precision that dazzles, playwright Amy Herzog measures the distances between generations -- both vast and nearly microscopic -- in her acclaimed new play 4000 Miles. Exhausted in every way after a cross-country bike journey, 21-year-old Leo ends up crashing and crossing swords with his feisty grandmother Vera at her Greenwich Village apartment. As his overnight stay stretches into a longer engagement, he comes to realize he has more in common with his grandmother, a 91-year-old leftist, than perhaps either would care to admit. Obie winner for Best New American Play and Pulitzer finalist, 4000 Miles was named Time magazine's No. 1 play of 2012. Now the Kentwood Players present an exciting new production of what The New York Times calls "a funny, moving, altogether wonderful drama."
63 Trillion  
Odyssey Theatre Ensemble 63 Trillion
Money. Sex. Bad behavior….just another day at the stock exchange. When global financial markets go radioactive, predators stand poised for a fight to the finish. Partnerships prove to be perilous and laws are meaningless in the jungle of scheming money managers, where the cleverly crafted characters of John Bunzel’s dark comedy dwell.
Theatre 40 at The Reuben Cordova Theatre Accomplice
Accomplice seems like a fairly simple story, at first. A woman, having an affair with her husband’s junior business partner, contrives to seize control of a significant portion of her husband’s company assets and dispose of her annoying spouse by poisoning his drink. Of course, if the plot was this simple, this would be a remarkably short entertainment. However, the play manipulates our perceptions of who will be the perpetrator and who will be the victim with plot twists that occur with increasing frequency and velocity. Central to the action is the fact that there’s an accomplice in there somewhere, whose participation ensures the success of the whole criminal undertaking. Just exactly who is the accomplice? Unless you’re already a dedicated mystery buff, you won’t see this one coming. Rupert Holmes is the playwright of this work, which debuted on Broadway in 1990. Much of Holmes’ other work consists of the books for musicals including Curtains, Twelfth Night, The First Wives’ Club, Marty, Drood, The Nutty Professor, much more.
Alice's Wondrous Adventure  
Kelrik Productions at El Portal Theatre Alice's Wondrous Adventure
A tumble down a rabbit's hole leads Alice to a curious playground filled with fantastic characters. With the help of a Cheshire Cat Alice must find her way home and discover who she really is. Parents will love sharing this childhood story adapted from the whimsical tale by Lewis Carroll with their children.
Almost Perfect!  
Santa Monica Playhouse Almost Perfect!
Buddy falls for the perfect girl of his dreams. One small problem... he's married to Jenny. We watch his hilarious, guilt-ridden affair 'til he finally realizes his perfect dream girl is Jenny,
And All The Dead, Lie Down  
Studio C Artists And All The Dead, Lie Down
Alvin and Foss spend Saturdays together. That’s the rule. That’s the routine - no work, no phone calls and no leaving the apartment. But when an unexpected call from Foss’ delinquent brother upsets the couples’ usual balance, the day becomes a minefield of long suppressed resentments and hurt feelings. The fact that one of them is HIV+ and the other is negative, just exacerbates the situation. AND ALL THE DEAD, LIE DOWN is a portrait of a couple at a crossroads, a couple pondering the questions - Is love enough to sustain us... And is it worth the risk?
Andre and Dorine  
The Los Angeles Theatre Center Andre and Dorine
Performed by Spain’s critically acclaimed Kulunka Teatro, Andre & Dorine tells the story of an elderly couple —Andre with his typewriter, Dorine with her cello— and how they relive and reinvent their love together as Alzheimer’s becomes a permanent part of their relationship. Three actors portray more than 15 different characters through the play, whose story is told through mask, gesture and movement, with no spoken dialogue. The story revolves around Andre, turning to his typewriter to remember his life with Dorine as her mind slips away. Andre & Dorine, last seen at LATC in 2012 for three performances only during Kulunka Teatro’s U.S. tour, returns for a four-week run.
Around The World In 80 Days  
Actors Co-op Theatre Around The World In 80 Days
AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS by Mark Brown, From the Novel by Jules Verne. Phileas Fogg leaves London in 1872 using every means possible to journey the globe encountering villains, foreign tongues and even a damsel in distress. Mark Brown's adaptation of Jules Verne's timeless tale is a whirlwind of a show with five actors portraying 39 characters.
Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo  
Long Beach Playhouse Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo
This tiger is talking and, no, things aren't going "Grrreat." Thanks to the imaginative power of Rajiv Joseph's Pulitzer-nominated play, audiences can peek inside the mind of a ferociously articulate "animal," while chaos reigns outside his cage in the streets of war-torn Baghdad. Encompassing not only the talkative tiger, but two homesick American soldiers, a tormented Iraqi -- and a gold toilet seat -- Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo is a panoramic depiction not only of violence, anger and greed but also of forgiveness and redemption. Now Long Beach Playhouse presents a riveting production of this dark comedy from the acclaimed writer of Gruesome Playground Injuries and The North Pool.
Big Shots  
Bootleg Theater Big Shots
BIG SHOT is a vaudevillian theatrical collage inspired by The Godfather films and novel. The Godfather is an iconic story; the novel and subsequent motion pictures have had significant international cultural influence. Its remarkable success came in part due to its ability to present the gangster genre via a dysfunctional family. Everyone could relate. For BIG SHOT, TMB shakes down this iconic story to create a new work, echoing the source and investigating family dynamics, power, criminal behavior, and being an Italian American. In BIG SHOT, the American gangster is upended through stylized theatrics, dynamic movement, song, dance and pasta.
Theatre West Boxes
In Boxes, medical student Sigourney Cushing has lost her research grant due to temporary cutbacks, but finds a research position with a doctor with an unusual scientific experiment. Sigourney is not merely smart. She’s intuitive and sensitive. She’s attractive and sensuous, if not a movie star. She has no money, but she has a boyfriend, Marvin, even if he is something of a commitment-phobe. She is also self-critical, which makes her vulnerable. Her new boss, Dr. Robert Eden, assigns her to record her responses to a series of objects presented in boxes (hence the title). The objects stimulate her intellect and open her to sensual desires and she soon begins to pursue her erotic attraction to Dr. Eden. But Dr. Eden has a stunning colleague, Dr. Kelly Banford, the woman who initially referred Sigourney to her new job, and who is apparently Eden’s mistress. It soon becomes evident that Sigourney is being manipulated by Eden and Banford in a sinister scheme that can ultimately lead to no good. Soon, Sigourney will be standing over a body on the floor with a literal smoking gun in her hand. Make no assumptions. The story has more twists, turns and dangerous curves than the Topanga Canyon Highway, and you will not foresee the surprising conclusion.
Chicanas, Cholas y Chisme  
Casa 0101 Theater Chicanas, Cholas y Chisme
The successful theater series known as Chicanas, Cholas y Chisme makes a much-anticipated return to Casa 0101's Little Casa Theater in L.A. with a new collection of one-act plays, Un Acto con Impacto, written and directed entirely by Latinas. Originally created to foster and support Latin women's voices, the festival continues to grow and continues its mission with a set of 14 short works, set to premiere over two weekends, and dealing dramatically and comedically with topics like family, friendship and chisme (gossip).
Theatre West Cinderella
Storybook Theatre's version of its award-winning musical is its contribution to the Cinderella mania that is hitting in Spring. There is a new Disney Cinderella in the movie theatrer; there is the Rodgers and Hammerstein Cinderella coming to the Ahmanson, but Storybook Theatre’s joyful Cinderella is a funny version specifically created to appeal to young children and the whole family. Complete with a loopy Fairy Godmother and puppets as the stepsisters, kids get the chance to dance with the Prince, try on the glass slipper, and join in the fun.
The Comedy of Errors  
Theatre Unlimited The Comedy of Errors
In one of Shakespeare's earliest comedic plays, two sets of twins separated at birth collide in the same city (without ever meeting) over the course of one very crazy day, as multiple mistaken identities lead to confusion on a grand scale. When Antipholus and his servant Dromio arrive in the belly dancing world of Greece in search of their long lost brothers, they're shocked to find themselves recognized by total strangers. As these two visitors begin to question their very being, the turmoil continues to escalate. Slapstick, puns, clever wordplay and mistaken identity all add up to a singularly entertaining experience set in a delightfully exotic world, when Jamaica Moon Productions and the GGC Players present Shakespeare's The Comedy of Errors at T.U. Studios.
Death of a Salesman  
Long Beach Playhouse Death of a Salesman
This iconic family drama by Arthur Miller, which won both the Pulitzer Prize and the Tony Award for Best Play when it debuted in 1949, packs a timeless emotional punch as it explores the price paid for pursuing the American dream. After a lifetime unfulfilled as a traveling salesman, the aging Willy Loman finds himself at the end of his career -- and the end of his rope. As dreams of the past collide with visions of what might have been, Willy's wife and sons wage a desperate struggle to engage him in the present. The New York Times calls it "one of the finest dramas in the whole range of the American theater," and it's now appearing at the Long Beach Playhouse.
Den of Thieves  
Stella Adler Theater Den of Thieves
Welcome to the world of unorganized crime. Cracking a safe to steal $750,000 in drug money may not be the perfect road to recovery for kleptomaniacs Maggie and Paul. Watch them join forces with Puerto Rican wannabe Flaco and the ultra-fabulous topless-dancer Boochie in order to pull off the perfect crime in this comedy by award winning playwright Stephen Adly Guirgis.
Dinner With Friends  
Repertory East Playhouse Dinner With Friends
When one of America's most celebrated playwrights holds a mirror up to modern relationships, are you strong enough to look? This the challenge issued in Donald Margulies' Pulitzer-winning Dinner with Friends, now at Newhall's Repertory East Playhouse. Gabe and Karen, a happily married couple, have been friends for decades with Tom and Beth, also married. Everything changes when Beth reveals that Tom has been unfaithful and their marriage is on the verge of imploding. The story is not the divorce, however, but the shockwave effect it has on Gabe and Karen's relationship. At first they feel forced to pick sides, then they begin to notice the cracks in their own marriage. This "rueful comedy" exposes the insecurities that everyone faces when big changes happen in their lives. The characters are real and relatable: They might be your friends, your family ... they might even be you.

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