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13 Things About Ed Carpolotti  
The Broad Stage 13 Things About Ed Carpolotti
They say you can't take it with you, but you can certainly leave plenty of messes behind for others to clean up after you kick the bucket. Just ask Virginia Carpolotti, a devoted widow with loving memories of her recently deceased husband. Though Virginia's love endures, her confidence in her dearly departed Ed begins to flounder as one shady character after another comes calling for debts he put in her name. Things really heat up when a mysterious $1 million ransom note appears in this delightful musical comedy -- featuring Tony-nominated Broadway vet Penny Fuller (Neil Simon's The Dinner Party) -- at The Edye at The Broad Stage in Santa Monica. This show contains adult language.
Adler and Gibb  
Kirk Douglas Theatre Adler and Gibb
This multilayered satire focuses on an actress determined to dig up the truth behind the sketchy disappearance of a celebrated 20th-century American artist, Janet Adler, who rejected life in the public eye and escaped to a house in the woods with her lover Margaret Gibb, only to die several years later under mysterious circumstances. Award-winning playwright Tim Crouch wrote, co-directs and co-stars in the U.S. premiere of Adler & Gibb at Culver City's Kirk Douglas Theatre, a co-commission by the Center Theatre Group with London's Royal Court Theatre that Time Out London calls an "hilarious, harrowing and maddening interrogation of the value of art." This performance is recommended for ages 16+ for mature language, graphic imagery and adult subject matter. There’s no intermission.
Bakersfield Mist  
Fountain Theatre Bakersfield Mist
Stars Jenny O’Hara and Nick Ullett reprise the roles they created in a revival of Stephen Sachs’ smash hit comedy that premiered at the Fountain, then went on to see productions around the world including London’s West End. Maude Gutman, an unemployed, chain-smoking ex-bartender living in a run down California trailer park, believes the painting she bought in a thrift store for $3 is really an undiscovered masterpiece worth millions. When stuffy New York art expert Lionel Percy arrives to evaluate the work, the result is a fiery and often hilarious debate over class, truth, value and the meaning of art. Inspired by true events.
Beckett 5  
Odyssey Theatre Ensemble Beckett 5
The KOAN Unit kicks off the new year at the Odyssey with a quintet of darkly humorous, seldom-seen short plays by Samuel Beckett: Krapp’s Last Tape; Come and Go; Footfalls; Act Without Words II; and Catastrophe.
Sierra Madre Playhouse Bee-luther-hatchee
To fully understand the significance of the title Bee-luther-hatchee, you’ll have to see the show. The concerns of the play include cultural appropriation and who has the right to tell certain stories, both of them newsworthy topics. Playwright Thomas Gibbons is the resident playwright of InterAct Theatre Company in Philadelphia, the setting for several of his plays. Bee-luther-hatchee is the first of a trilogy of plays that Gibbons has written on the subject of contemporary race relations.
Brilliant Traces  
Underground Annex Theater Brilliant Traces
In a remote cabin in the wilds of Alaska, as a blizzard rages outside, a lonely figure lies sleeping under a heap of blankets. Suddenly, he is awakened by the insistent knocking of an unexpected visitor, and a distraught young woman bursts into the cabin dressed in full bridal regalia, driven up from... somewhere warm, it would seem. Exhausted, she throws herself on his mercy, but after sleeping for two days straight, her vigor—and combativeness—return. First presented by New York's prestigious Circle Repertory Company, this imaginative absurdist allegory used fantastic and often outlandish situations and characterizations to probe into the nature of modern relationships, both sexual and otherwise.
Laguana Playhouse Chapatti
What do you get when you mix an Irish tale with 19 cats, one dog named after a pancake, and two eccentric animal lovers? Annabella Price and Mark Bramhall star in this humorous and heartwarming tale about two animal lovers in Dublin, and their unexpected spark as they re-discover the importance of human companionship. This second-chance comedy celebrates these unforgettable characters who still believe in love.
Disney's Aladdin  
Casa 0101 Theater Disney's Aladdin
In this special dual-language version of Disney's Aladdin, the royalty in the palace of Agrabah speak Spanish, while the common folk speak English. When a rebellious princess and a delinquent street rat meet in the market place, they find something special in one another. Together, they overcome all obstacles, and with a little magic, help create a better future for Agrabah. This production is performed in both English and Spanish and is fully understandable in both languages.
End Up Here  
Zombie Joe's Underground Theatre End Up Here
Zombie Joe's Underground Theatre Group Proudly Presents a rare and magical late-afternoon performance of music and prose from The Underground's very own Christopher Reiner, who has composed music and songs for 23 productions with ZJU in Los Angeles, off-Broadway, and Cape Town, including Urban Death, Alice, Tell-Tale Heart, and Nightmare’s Trio. Mr. Reiner is author of three books of poetry and prose, most recently, I Want Nothing But You In The World (Spuyten Duyvil 2016), and his writing has appeared in many journals and anthologies. His video - The Man Who Ate a Car, was selected for the L.A. Freewaves Festival and is available on YouTube. "Reiner is a master lyricist . . . his rhythmic imagery and narrative drive are hallmarks of each song." -Backstage West. Directed by Zombie Joe. For Ages 13 and Up.
The Found Dog Ribbon Dance  
Atwater Village Theatre The Found Dog Ribbon Dance
Dog lovers of Los Angeles, rejoice! The world premiere of playwright Dominic Finocchiaro's The Found Dog Ribbon Dance features professional cuddler Norma and her quest to return a lost dog to its rightful owner. Along the way, she meets a set of oddballs and even snags a second chance at love. This romantic comedy at the Atwater Village Theatre shows attendees a little something about loneliness, the enticing yet adorable power of oxytocin, and the healing ways of Whitney Houston.
Morgan-Wixson Theatre Glorious!
This comedy traces the life of New York socialite Florence Foster Jenkins, who was determined to become a famous singer despite her complete lack of talent. The sweet and joyful Jenkins persevered in her '40s-era quest, bolstered by the response of amused -- yet thoroughly entertained -- audiences, until she finally made it to Carnegie Hall. Peter Quilter's Glorious! was nominated for a prestigious British theater award and has since been translated into 27 languages and performed in more than 40 countries, while Jenkins' story made it to the big screen in 2016 in Meryl Streep's film Florence Foster Jenkins. Now, this determined diva's life story is coming to the stage at the Morgan-Wixson Theatre in Santa Monica.
Grimly Handsome  
City Garage Theatre Grimly Handsome
Winner of the 2013 Obie Award for Best New American Play, Julia Jarcho's Grimly Handsome plays out as both a crime drama and a darkly funny fairy tale, complete with wild animals lurking in the urban jungle. In a trio of interrelated segments, you'll be introduced to an intriguing young woman, a pair of distinctly creepy Christmas tree salesmen. a pair of cops after a serial killer and other creatures of the night. Santa Monica's City Garage Theatre stages this West Coast premiere of the New York Times Critics' Pick. The show features brief nudity. Parental discretion is advised.
Hansel and Gretel Bluegrass  
24th Street Theatre Hansel and Gretel Bluegrass
A new version of the classic story set in depression-era Kentucky narrated by Bradley Whitford (in a special video performance) and featuring the rollicking bluegrass sounds of The Get Down Boys. Multiple award-winning 24th Street Theatre (Walking the Tightrope, Man Covets Bird) specializes in sophisticated theater with emotional depth that appeals to kids as well as adults — appropriate for ages 8+.
I'm Just Wild About Harry  
Crown City Theatre Company I'm Just Wild About Harry
In turn-of-the-century Milwaukee, Jack and Harry are in need of a chaperone so they can entertain their sweethearts. Enter their friend Benjamin Babberley to impersonate Harry's Aunt, a rich widow from Brazil. Hilarity ensues when Harry's Aunt actually arrives on the scene, and this musical farce of mistaken identity climaxes in a delightfully happy conclusion. An exciting musical romp based on Charley's Aunt, featuring nostalgic favorites such as "Daisy Bell (A Bicycle Built for Two)," "Aba Daba Honeymoon," "You Made Me Love You," and, of course, the title tune, "I'm Just Wild About Harry."
Imaginary Invalid  
Westchester Playhouse Imaginary Invalid
Written by legendary playwright Molière, The Imaginary Invalid takes aim at both sides of the medical profession -- caretakers and their patients. As his medical debts mount, severe hypochondriac Argan concocts a scheme to marry his daughter off to a family of physicians. High comedy ensues, replete with thwarted love, dexterous wordplay, musical interludes and a healthy dose of derision towards the medical profession. This is Molière at the top of his form: a sparkling, effervescent, incisive romp that will leave you in stitches. Enjoy all the hysterical romantic triangles, double entendres and mistaken identities at Westchester Playhouse in Los Angeles.
Inspecting Carol  
Westminster Community Theatre Inspecting Carol
Catch the holiday spirit with the infectious Inspecting Carol, a madcap comedy written by Tony Award-winning director Daniel J. Sullivan. Set somewhere in the Midwest, the play follows a regional theater company gearing up for their umpteenth annual production of A Christmas Carol. With their funding about to be cut, though, they've got to convince a government inspector that they're deserving of an arts endowment -- or the show won't go on. Unbeknownst to them, however, they've mistaken a would-be actor for the inspector and are pulling out all the stops to impress the wrong guy. They've done this show so many times before, what could possibly go wrong? The answer, of course, is everything ... and then some! Punctuated by hilarious sequences of physical comedy, this entertaining show will have you laughing your way into the holidays.
The Last Five Years  
La Mirada Theatre for the Performing Arts The Last Five Years
THE LAS FIVE YEARS is for anyone who’s been in love – or wants to be. A beautifully intimate, vivid picture of the five-year relationship between a young, ambitious author and a struggling actress. Cleverly, the show unfolds in reverse chronological order: we see her experiences from the painful ending of the relationship, while we see his from the passionate beginning. This endearingly funny, poignant, and insightfully honest two-person musical has enraptured audiences around the world with its spellbinding, emotional score. Recommended for ages 13 and older.

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