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4000 Miles  
Sierra Madre Playhouse 4000 Miles
The 4000 miles of the title refers to the distance between Seattle and New York Leo, in his early twenties, has traveled that distance on his bicycle and intends to make a very brief stop at the West Village apartment of his grandmother, a nonagenarian widow and a leftist who has retained her sharp wits despite her years. He winds up staying one week, then another, then another…. Leo is still reeling from the sudden death of his traveling companion and best friend. Not grounded (his bicycle travels could be interpreted as a metaphor for his rootlessness), he seeks and finds a connection in his grandmother Vera that he cannot make with his family in St. Paul. Leo is beginning his life’s journey as an adult; Vera is nearing the end of hers. There is much she can contribute to him before he faces the long ride back home.
Theatre 40 at The Reuben Cordova Theatre Affluence
Affluence is a pitch-dark comedy that may cause one to reflect on the true meaning of wealth. The fortunes of the once-wealthy Woodley family have been savaged by the most-recent Great Recession. Grandma, however, is dying and will leave her kin a bundle. But (and there’s always a but), thanks to a quirk in the estate tax laws, the Woodleys stand to gain even more millions from Grandma if she dies before Midnight on New Year’s Eve: Enough millions, in fact, not only to erase their debts, but also to return them to financial abundance. Will Grandma simplify things by cooperatively dying before the stroke of twelve? If she is still clinging to life as the hour of twelve approaches, might someone in the Woodley household be motivated to give her a shove over the edge into the Abyss? Grandma is terminal, after all. But such an assist would in fact be murder, wouldn’t it?
Little Fish Theatre Aladdin
On a break from work in their shop, a family decides to act out the story of Aladdin, and they'll need your advice to get out of sticky situations. Professional actors mix music, magic and creative movement as they tell the classic story of young Aladdin, who's duped by an evil sorcerer into fetching the genie's magic lamp from the Cave of Wonder. Along the way, he falls in love with a beautiful princess, learns magic tricks and flies from place to place on a "magic carpet."
Animals Out of Paper  
David Henry Hwang Theater Animals Out of Paper
The quirky and complicated creatures featured in Animals Out of Paper aren't pieces of origami, but the characters written by playwright (and Pulitzer Prize finalist) Rajiv Joseph. Meet Ilana, a famous origami artist reduced by a series of tragedies to living in her studio, surrounded by paper cranes. Her seclusion is broken by Andy, an energetic high school teacher, and his student Suresh, an origami prodigy with some major attitude problems. Through the interactions of these three, Animals Out of Paper traces the complex ways in which people hurt, heal and love those around them. This funny, inventive and heart-wrenching drama stars C.S. Lee (Dexter), Tess Lina (Revenge) and Kapil Talwalkar.
Lounge Theatre Armitage
Noisy Nest theater company takes a headfirst dive into the dark, funny and hypnotic world of celebrated American playwright Don Nigro with its production of Armitage, part of Nigro's epic cycle of Pendragon County plays. Set in 19th-century Ohio, Nigro crafts a tale of desperate love, suspicious deaths, desire, murder, madness, grief and terror. Through beautiful language and storytelling, this dark and labyrinthine saga of happenings in the Pendragon mansion builds to a stunning conclusion that's guaranteed to surprise.
Theatre of NOTE Banshee
BANSHEE cuts to the heart of what ails a New York family headed by an impossible matriarch, Irish immigrant Kit Sullivan. Kit is disappointed with son Junior and makes no secret of it. Junior, turning 40 and having recently suffered a nervous breakdown after years of caring for his widowed mother, wants life to return to normal. He is helped by his well-meaning cop brother, Neil, and his new girlfriend, Cara. Soon the girlfriend meets the mother, Kit, and Mother has some supernatural suspicions about this young Irish woman. All might be well if Junior weren’t having terrifying visions of his own. Be it the psychological trauma or the Irish legend plaguing their home, both beg the question, which is this family’s true tormentor?
The Behavior of Broadus  
Sacred Fools Theater The Behavior of Broadus
This incredible, sort-of-true story centers on Dr. John Broadus Watson, the father of Behaviorism and modern advertising. Famous for his "Little Albert" experiment in which a baby was conditioned to fear things he had previously loved, Dr. Broadus lost his job at John Hopkins after an affair with a lab assistant. He then applied his behavioral methods to the world of advertising and forever changed the world. Over 10 years in the making, the hilarious musical comes from the comedy writing team Burglars of Hamm and was completed with a commission from the Center Theatre Group and a Kickstarter funding campaign. You'll laugh, you'll cry, but it's probably all just emotional conditioning.
Black Coffee  
Theatre Palisades Black Coffee
Agatha Christie's master detective Hercule Poirot appears in 33 novels, a slew of movies (where he's been played by Peter Ustinov, Tony Randall and Albert Finney), tons more TV (where David Suchet and Alfred Molina had the honors) but only one play. Now Theatre Palisades brings the dapper Belgian and his "little gray cells" to the stage in Christie's thriller Black Coffee. In this suspenseful mystery, the charming and ingenious Poirot is summoned by England's most prominent physicist, Sir Claud Amory, who fears that someone in his household is attempting to steal his latest discovery, a formula critical to England's defense. Poirot and Captain Hastings rush to get there, but upon arrival they find that Amory's been murdered, his formula's missing and anyone in his country house -- full of visiting relatives and friends -- could have been responsible. Ken MacFarlane directs.
Boss: The Untold Tony Danza Story  
Theatre Asylum Boss: The Untold Tony Danza Story
“With ExtravaDANZA, we wanted to create something unique, fun and different that surpassed the average theatre experience,” said Luvara. “The ExtravaDANZA is a multi-disciplined exploration of everything 80s that will transport the audience to an entire hit era through one hit TV show.” Tony, played by Damien Luvara, having been a huge star on Taxi suddenly finds himself out of a job and looking for work in this off-the-cuff comedy about Danza’s early career life. After finding fame on the small screen as Tony Banta, the sweet-natured and somewhat dimwitted cab driver, on Taxi, Tony finds himself out of a job and looking for work. A strange man makes him an offer he can’t refuse, but how much is Tony willing to sacrifice in order to regain his fame?
Third Street Theatre Bronies
BRONIES: THE MUSICAL tells the story of three outsiders who find purpose, meaning, love – and each other – all thanks to those fantastical cartoon ponies so many may love as the ultimate super-fans! BRONIES: THE MUSICAL explores the phenomenon of fandom through the lens of pony fans – including all the passion, the awkwardness, the creativity, and the community it can inspire. BRONIES; THE MUSICAL won Best Musical at Hollywood Fringe Festival 2014, as well as the THIRTY90NE Golden Elephant for best director/producers, and a Producers’ Encore Award.
Buried Child  
Whitefire Theatre Buried Child
Buried Child, the powerfully mysterious play that won Sam Shepard a 1979 Pulitzer Prize for Drama, is a darkly comic meditation on the theme of "You can't go home again." The story begins when 20-something Vince decides to bring his girlfriend back to his family's decaying farm. A sweet idea, but there's a hitch: No one "back home" -- neither his folks nor his grandparents -- seems to remember him. Eviscerating Rockwell-ian notions of American rural life, the play oozes with a spookiness that takes a long while to shake off. Buried Child is a bona fide classic masterfully conveying the mystical, cannibalistic pull of family ties even as they unravel.
Choir Boy  
Geffen Playhouse Choir Boy
At the Charles R. Drew Prep School for Boys, a young black man knows what is expected of him. Work hard, fall in line and if you’ve got the voice for it, use it to praise God in the school choir. Within these walls, Pharus Young, with the voice of an angel and a keen mind, should be a star. But in the face of Drew’s time-honored traditions, can music overcome silence? Award-winning playwright Tarell Alvin McCraney navigates expectation, alienation and the overwhelming desire to be heard.
Cockfight Play  
Theatre/Theater Cockfight Play
Cited for its toe-curling frankness and comedic twists, that have nothing to do with battling poultry, this Olivier Award winning play makes its Los Angeles debut at Rogue Machine. The worst of men's (and women's) behaviors explode in a lustfulicious triangle. John desperately needs some straightening intermission, no retreat, and no surrender.
Will Geer Theatricum Botanicum Equivocation
At once an explosive comedy of ideas and a high-stakes political thriller, this bold new work deftly reveals the cat-and-mouse games in politics and art, and the craft of learning how to speak the truth in difficult times. In London in the year 1605, a down-and-out playwright called “Shagspeare” receives a royal commission from King James to write a play promoting the government's version of the Gunpowder Plot, a recent failed attempt to blow up Parliament and the Monarchy. As Shag navigates the dangerous course between writing a lie and losing his soul — or writing the truth and losing his head — his devoted theater troupe helps him negotiate each step of the way. Winner of the 2010 Steinberg/ATCA New Play Award. “One of the most bracingly intelligent, sizzlingly theatrical American plays in a decade.” — Variety
The Face In The Reeds  
Ruskin Group Theatre The Face In The Reeds
Passover is a celebration of freedom, it is also a quarrel about the meaning of freedom, the value of life, and the shadow of death, which symbolically “passes over” the house. During the course of the evening, conflicts emerge about the merit of faith over conversion, the truth in religion, and the nature of parental responsibility. This night is different from all other nights and of course, this being a Jewish family, it is also a comedy. We're all going to die--but first, you should eat.
Gene Kelly: The Legacy  
Laguana Playhouse Gene Kelly:  The Legacy
A world-renowned dancer, director and choreographer, Gene Kelly brought astonishing grace and athleticism to the big screen. In this unique, live performance, Patricia Ward Kelly, his wife and biographer, takes audiences behind the scenes with rare and familiar film clips, previously unreleased audio recordings, personal keepsakes, and stories Kelly shared with her over their decade together. She guides us on an unforgettable journey into the life and heart of the man who changed the look and style of dance on film and became one of the world’s most beloved and iconic stars
Ghost In The Meadow  
Little Fish Theatre Ghost In The Meadow
Two sisters flee the big city to enjoy the simple country life, not knowing that the fixer-upper they bought with their life savings is also the earthly haunt of restless and violent spirits. They soon learn the eerie past of this house, and the link to the erstwhile orphanage across the meadow, which lend credence to the increasing reality that they are witnessing life-threatening paranormal events.

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