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The War In Heaven  
2nd Stage Theatre  The War In Heaven
The term “The War in Heaven” originally referred to the theological concept that God and his archangels defeated a rebellious Lucifer, hurling him and his forces from Heaven, giving rise to the term “fallen angels.” This precedes the Fall of Man in most ancient accounts. In the new narrative by Angelo Michael Masino, Lucifer makes a new attempt to control the destiny of mankind in The War in Heaven. In the present time, humanity is on the brink of disaster. But there is hope, as a new, biracial Christ child will be born in the Twenty-First Century to a new Mary and Joseph to redeem the people of the world. Archangels Michael and Gabriel walk the earth in human form to ensure the survival of the new Christ child, aided by Mary M. (the Magdalene) and the original Jesus, a supportive if somewhat faded presence. Arrayed against them are Lucifer, his son Damien and the forces of darkness. A wild card in the proceedings is the presence of Lilith (originally a figure from apocryphal Jewish folklore). With whom is the modern Lilith allied? A previous association with Michael runs counter to her own shadowy origins. Will her actions tip the balance of fate and determine the ultimate destiny of humanity in the young century? Will the new Christ child be a bearer of light to save us all?
Thicker Than Water  
Theatre West  Thicker Than Water
Fifteen years ago, Thicker Than Water had its world premiere at Theatre West, and the side-splitting comedy proved to be one of the biggest ticket sellers in the 53-year history of the theatre. The world has just been through a pretty rough year and can use some laughs, so it’s time to bring Thicker Than Water back. Tommy Corelli, a successful Hollywood TV writer, is called to return home to his family in New York, believing that his father may be having a health crisis. What’s actually going on is that several of his family members want to involve him in a conspiracy to assassinate his unlikable Aunt Gertrude. The Corellis have a modestly successful construction business. Gertrude plans to upset things by establishing a competing firm of her own, designed to bring down the Corellis. But she’s also considered such a pain-in-the-butt that everyone in the family (other than her husband) wants her dead. It turns out that there are not one but several plans in the works to bring about her demise. Will the Corelli Construction Company endure? Will Gertrude survive?
An Act of God  
Ahmanson Theatre An Act of God
After conquering Broadway, the King of the Universe is coming to Los Angeles for the first time ever! God takes the form of Emmy Award winner Sean Hayes in An Act of God, a 90-minute comedy direct from Broadway where the Almighty and His devoted Angels answer some of the deepest questions that have plagued mankind since Creation. He's finally arrived to set the record straight -- and He's not holding back! An Act of God, which arrives at the Ahmanson Theatre straight from Broadway, is based on the critically acclaimed book written by God and transcribed by David Javerbaum. Javerbaum is a 13-time Emmy Award winner for his work as a head writer and executive producer for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, as well as curator of the Twitter account @TheTweetOfGod, which has over two million followers.
Afros and Ass  
Second City Afros and Ass
With headline-making cases of racial discrimination, police profiling and rioting in the streets, these have been a highly charged couple of years in America. Now the funny folks at The Second City are tackling these hot-button issues the way they do best: with a little bit of levity -- and a whole lot of musical numbers! Premiering on The Second City Hollywood stage, Afros & Ass Whoopins is an original musical comedy that tells the story of a son who's at odds with his father's old-world views. As the show's producers put it: "Everyone is tired of talking about race and the police ... so we decided to sing about it instead!"
Alice And The Wonderful Tea Party  
Santa Monica Playhouse Alice And The Wonderful Tea Party
The ever-popular Family Theatre Musical ALICE AND THE WONDERFUL TEA PARTY, "a winning blend of vaudeville, English pantomime and music hall." (DRAMA-LOGUE) was a sell-out 2013-14 holiday hit, and is now back by audience demand. Join Alice as she goes back through the looking glass to visit the wonderful Wonderland characters of her youth. Will she prevail or are the Cards stacked against her? Will the Queen suffer a heart attack? Will the surprise tea party come off with civili-TEA or hostili-TEA? Lovely audience participation helps Alice set things aright in this zany musical comedy for kids ages 2 to 102. Birthday and Tea Parties (of course), hosted by a favorite fairy tale character, are available. "Alice and the Wonderful Tea Party is strongly recommended," says L.A. Parent. "A splendid children's theatrical experience with a terrific new twist."
Altman's Last Stand  
Zephyr Theatre Altman's Last Stand
Analyzed at age seven, by Sigmund Freud, the Viennese-born Franz Altman has lived and loved all over the world. Now, his mid-town Manhattan second hand shop, King Solomon’s Treasure, is the target of powerful developers, who have bought up all the buildings around him to erect a high-rise. Altman refuses to sell and his battle with the developers becomes a highly rated episode of CBS’s 60 Minutes. Everyone wants a piece of Franz Altman, including a beautiful young woman from People magazine who arrives at his shop to interview him. Altman takes her on a titillating journey through the tumultuous Twentieth Century that he has lived through.
Second City Armagayddon
Now that same-sex marriage is legal across the land, a scared straight couple is on the run to escape the gay's "evil agenda" in The Second City Hollywood's newest musical Armagayddon. With music and lyrics by Dan Wessels (composer of the hit off-Broadway and Las Vegas show 50 Shades! The Musical), Armagayddon takes you on a journey to see who the real sinners are when it comes to marriage. With a stellar cast of Second City all-stars, including Gina Brown, Josh Callahan, Marion Dunham, Martin Garcia and Pip Lilly, you'll be eager to say "I do" to this hilarious look at gay rights and "scared straights."
Geffen Playhouse Barcelona
A casual hookup on a trip to the title city morphs into something much more serious in Bess Wohl's Barcelona. Irene's a drunk and not-too-ugly American, who meets the suave Spaniard Manuel at a bar during a bachelorette party and retreats to his apartment for a one-night stand. But the romantic and comic aspects of the evening soon turn deeply personal and political, as the pair's histories and agendas are revealed. This West Coast premiere appears as part of The Geffen Playhouse's 20th anniversary season and stars Betty Gilpin, best known as Dr. Carrie Roman on Nurse Jackie, who's also been seen in Elementary, The Good Wife, Mysteries of Laura and Law & Order: SVU, as well as award-winning actor Carlos Leal (Casino Royale, Broken Embraces, Snow White). Bess Wohl is a hot new playwright, whose work Small Mouth Sounds was named one of the best plays of 2015 by The New York Times, The Guardian, The Hollywood Reporter and others.
Atwater Village Theatre Bed
The world premiere of a funny, sexy and unconventional romance with music. Raw, racy, spanning 10 years in less than 90 minutes and featuring original songs, BED explores issues of love, abandonment and betrayal through the unique and inimitable lens of playwright Sheila Callaghan.
Broadway Sings Disney  
Rockwell Table and Stage Broadway Sings Disney
Rockwell Table & Stage presents Broadway Sings Disney, a concert drawn from the Walt Disney catalog's 80-plus years of magical music moments. From the cartoon that started it all, Steamboat Willie, to the global sensation of Frozen's "Let It Go," Broadway Sings Disney will take you on a soaring journey through some of Hollywood's most iconic music. Hosted by Kate Pazakis (The Big Gay Musical ), this whimsical show tune showcase is part of SiriusXM On Broadway's Supper Club Live, a monthly Los Angeles broadcast sung by some of the brightest stars of the stage and screen.
Broken Fences  
The Road on Magnolia Broken Fences
In a neighborhood on Chicago’s deep West Side, the momentum of gentrification has taken hold and things have begun to change forever. As property taxes rise and demographics shift, Hoody and D struggle to keep the only home they have ever known. But when April and Czar––a white couple intent on starting a family––buy their first home and move in next door, the very definition of home is called into question. With unflinching honesty and unapologetic humor, Broken Fences attempts to examine identity and invisibility, community and security, hope and hostility in a modern American urban village that is at once foreign, and the place that these people call home.
Building Madness  
Grove Theater Center Building Madness
Building Madness is a new screwball comedy complete with a dashing architect, a steadfast designer, a gorgeous socialite, a mafia mamma, a bumbling gangster and the ditzy secretary who controls them all. When Max and Paul accept a new commission to help to keep their architecture company afloat, they accidentally hire the mob to build a police retirement home. Luckily, one of the mobsters falls in love with their ditzy secretary who manages to save the day without even knowing it. Set in 1930, the play features the nonstop action and zany humor of the great screwball comedies from that era. This world premiere comedy, penned by award-winning writer Kate Danley, breaks ground at the Grove Theater Center at GTC Burbank.This production is recommended for children ages 12 and older.
Cancer! The Musical  
Second City Cancer! The Musical
Cancer! is one musical that earns its exclamation mark. For while many musical comedies entertain, few are this affirming, introspective and empowering. The so-called "business of cancer" is needled in a deftly interwoven tale of a researcher on the cusp of a discovery, a scheming "Big Pharma" executive and a doctor desperate to save the woman he loves. An off-Broadway hit featuring 15 original songs, Cancer! was written by Tom Donnellon (a cancer survivor and surgeon) and Shawn Handlon (Second City alum). Now Second City Hollywood presents the West Coast premiere of this fiercely clever comedy at its Studio Theatre.
Candidate Confessions  
Candidate Confessions
With a ballot full of song, Candidate Confessions – A 2016 Cabaret is the new way to indulge in primary season fodder. Learn about your candidates, laugh in their faces, and spoil in the mysteries of a presidential hopeful’s heart! Follow along with @Cabaret2016. Directed by Rani O’Brien. Written by Jose Acain, Julian Clark, Erin Coleman, Zane Grant, Katie Wilbert, Corey Wilburn, Josh Willis and Billy Zimmer.
Cavalia - Odysseo  
Under the Big White Top - Irvine Cavalia - Odysseo
Following extended sold-out engagements around the world, Cavalia is back with its latest equestrian and acrobatic extravaganza: Odysseo. With a production double the size of the original, Odysseo marries equestrian and stage arts with high-tech theatrical effects at never-before-seen levels and leads you on a fabulous journey to discover some of the planet's most unforgettable landscapes. You'll be transported to a whole new level of beauty, grace and magic, this time featuring 70 magnificent horses and 45 artists from all over the globe. Odysseo is the world's largest touring production and has the largest touring tent on Earth, the biggest stage, the most breathtaking visual effects and the greatest number of horses at liberty. Be prepared to be amazed and enchanted when Cavalia's Odysseo gallops into Irvine!
Closer Than Ever  
Long Beach Performing Arts Center Closer Than Ever
Filled with hilarious and poignant songs about dating, parenting, aging and dreams both fulfilled and unrequited, Closer Than Ever is like a musical “how-to” manual for life. With each song a self-contained story inspired by real-life experiences, its message to value the little things in life remains timeless. ICT opens its 2016 season with a recently updated version of this Outer Critics Circle Award winner for Best off-Broadway Musical that also netted Drama Desk nominations for lyricist Richard Maltby, Jr. (Fosse, Miss Saigon) and composer David Shire (Big: the musical).
Theatre 68 Connect
A play about intimacy, truth, courage…And phone sex!The wife of a Hollywood producer languishes in quiet desperation with her husband. The son of an Arizona welfare recipient and recovering alcoholic fights in turbulent confrontation with his mother. Both are recluses. Then, one day, fate intervenes and brings this unlikely pair together. Samantha works as a “model” for a phone sex service. Toby becomes a patron. As these two become closer, we learn the secrets that have fettered their lives…and explore the unexpressed desires and fantasies that each harbors.

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