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Shen Yun Mar 28 - Mar 29, 2017  
Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza Shen Yun
World-famous performing-arts troupe Shen Yun summons an ancient Chinese world to vibrant life via traditional music, dance and acrobatics, along with spectacular animated backdrops, historically authentic costumes and thunderous orchestral sound. Their latest exciting stage extravaganza, Experience a Divine Culture, stars a cast of 100 in a wildly colorful, exhilarating and heartfelt journey through 5,000 years of glorious civilization, now on the verge of disappearing completely. You'll see more than a dozen dance pieces, each with its own story, as well as several solo vocal and instrumental performances as part of the show Broadway World calls "extravagantly beautiful," when it arrives on stage at Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza's Fred Kavli Theatre. The performance runs two hours and 15 minutes, including intermission. Opera or ballet performance attire is recommended.
The Sirens of Titan Mar 31 - May 6, 2017  
Sacred Fools Theater The Sirens of Titan
Kurt Vonnegut's counterculture masterpiece The Sirens of Titan returns to the stage for the first time in 40 years, courtesy of L.A.'s Sacred Fools Theater. This recently rediscovered adaptation pieces together what happens when the richest man in the world loses everything. It's a visually dazzling and darkly humorous science fiction epic that blasts off on an unbelievable journey through space and time, discovering nothing short of the meaning of life.
Anarchy Chiapas Mar 31 - Apr 1, 2017  
Highways Performance Space and Gallery Anarchy Chiapas
Anarchy Chiapas follows a Puerto Rican playwright who travels from New York to Mexico to produce her new drama. As the play approaches its opening night on New Year's Day in 1994, the production's two indigenous actors disappear, leading to a chaotic rehearsal led by thousands of local Mayans in black ski-masks. A clever play-within-a-play filled with new songs and tap dancing, Anarchy Chiapas takes the stage of Highways Performance Space and Gallery in Santa Monica.
The Inventor and the Escort Mar 31 - Apr 23, 2017  
Lounge Theatre The Inventor and the Escort
In the midst of the worst blizzard New York City has ever seen, a call girl named Julia makes her way to an appointment with Jeffrey, a reclusive man who made his wealth as an inventor of best-selling sex toys. At first, this is little more than a routine "trick" with some extra trimmings, complete with fake palm trees, suntan lotion and lots of margaritas -- but before long, Jeffrey and Julia are helping each other get to the roots of who they are, getting far more out of this "first date" than either of them ever expected. Called "an engaging, funny sex romp," by NY Theater Wire and "undeniably funny ... even touching," by The Stage, The Inventor and the Escort now returns to Los Angeles. Catch it at The Lounge Theatre during its 12-performance run. This show is recommended for mature audiences.
The Hollow Mar 31 - May 7, 2017  
Theatre Palisades The Hollow
Long-simmering passions boil over when Dr. John Cristow takes his wife Gerda to visit friends at their manor, The Hollow, for a relaxing weekend in the English countryside. As it turns out, of course, the weekend is anything but relaxing. Cristow finds himself surrounded by his wife, his lover and an old flame, setting off a chain of events that leads to murder. Now it's up to Inspector Colquhoun and Sergeant Penny to solve the crime. The Hollow is a thrilling story of love, lust and madness, with the kind of plot twists that you'd expect from the Grand Dame of the mystery genre. Step into The Hollow at the Theatre Palisades.
Peter Rabbit Tales Apr 1  
Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza Peter Rabbit Tales
"Once upon a time there were four little Rabbits, and their names were � Flopsy, Mopsy, Cotton-tail and Peter ...." These famous opening lines of "The Tale of Peter Rabbit" have enchanted young audiences for over one hundred years with the exploits of a charming hero, who, going against his mother's wishes, has adventures in Mr. McGregor's garden. Beatrix Potter created an instant classic with the little blue-coated rabbit who we recognize as both boy and rabbit, wild and civilized, and who has become an icon of childhood since he first hopped out of the pages of a storybook and into children's hearts. "When Enchantment Theatre decided to make a play based on some of Beatrix Potter's stories, we wanted to use the tales about Peter Rabbit and his family; not only are they are delightful adventures, filled with humor, bravery and loyalty, but these stories are remarkably true to both animal and human nature," says Enchantment Theatre Company�s Artistic Director, Leslie Reidel. Featuring exciting costumes and fantastic animal masks, whimsical puppets, gorgeous scenery, and original music, the approximately one-hour show will transport young audiences and their parents into an enchanted story world where a now grown-up Peter Rabbit and his cousin, Benjamin Bunny, together embark on a breathtaking adventure reminiscent of their youthful escapades in Mr. McGregor's garden. The performance is recommended for children ages 3 - 9.
Defending A Caveman Apr 1  
La Mirada Theatre for the Performing Arts Defending A Caveman
The longest-running solo show in Broadway history, Defending the Caveman is bringing its hilarious insights about the dynamics between men and women to the La Mirada Theatre for the Performing Arts. A blend of stand-up comedy, lecture and therapy session, Defending the Caveman manages to stand up for the male viewpoint, while still being sympathetic to the female side of the "battle of the sexes." The wildly popular comedy was written by Rob Becker over a three-year period, during which he made an informal study of anthropology, prehistory, psychology, sociology and mythology. The situations are so real (and so funny) that you'll find yourself nudging your partner and friends when you recognize yourself and others in the show.
Gossamer Apr 1 - Apr 9, 2017  
South Coast Repertory Gossamer
Lowry’s enchanting story follows tiny creatures who gather happy memories and whisper them into the dreams of humans who need them most; the Junior Players portray all the characters, including the humans (and Toby the dog), the invisible dream-givers and even the rampaging horses that represent the worst nightmares.
Supper Apr 1 - May 20, 2017  
Theatre of NOTE Supper
The Koch Brothers are infamous, super-rich, right-wing reactionaries from Wichita, Kansas. Trained in business and politics at their father's knee, and bestowed with his oil wealth and his company, Koch Industries, the brothers are litigious multibillionaires who fund ultra-right-wing causes and candidates in an attempt to shape America in their image. This play is definitely NOT about the Koch Brothers.
Snow White: A Children's Comedy Apr 1 - May 6, 2017  
Cupcake Theater Snow White: A Children's Comedy
With its sights set on appealing to youngsters and the still-young-at-heart, Snow White: A Children's Comedy is a humorous retelling of the classic story. Utilizing puppets, magic and even sword-fighting, this fast-paced adaptation breathes exciting new life into the tale of the beautiful girl who is forced to fight the powers of a Wicked Queen, her Magic Mirror and her Huntsman. Enjoy an afternoon of laughter and joy with your whole family at North Hollywood's Cupcake Theater and Snow White: A Children's Comedy.
Urban Death Apr 1 - Apr 29, 2017  
Zombie Joe's Underground Theatre Urban Death
Zombie Joe's Underground's all-new signature horror-theatre spectacular that dives deep into the depths of inexplicable horrors, unfathomable monstrosities, and the disturbed spirits that walk among us! Directed by Zombie Joe and Jana Wimer, with Original Musical Score by Christopher Reiner; Featuring Patrick Beckstead, Emily Charouhas, Michelle Danyn, Shayne Eastin, David Wyn Harris, Ian Heath, Jetta Juriansz, Dasha Kittredge, Amanda McKenna, Iana Neville, Daniel Palma, James Sanger, Adam Shows and Matthew Vorce. For Ages 15 and up.
Postmortem Apr 1 - Apr 30, 2017  
Archway Theatre Postmortem
During the golden age of American theatre, one man was bold enough to bring the role of Sherlock Holmes to the live stage: William Gillette, an inimitable theatrical force of legendary proportions. Postmortem's story centers on Gillette and the cast of actors from his current (which is to say, 1920s) production of Sherlock Holmes, all of whom have been invited to spend the weekend at his castle in Connecticut. But when a nighttime seance reveals a murder, everyone becomes a suspect. See if you can solve the mystery with your own sharp wits before the curtain closes on Ken Ludwig's Postmortem at the Archway Studio/Theatre in Los Angeles. This show contains some foul language and adult subject matter.
I'm Not Famous Apr 2 - May 28, 2017  
Santa Monica Playhouse I'm Not Famous
A dynamite world premiere musical with "tiny, talented terrific Barbara Minkus...Her energy never flags, smile never dims, voice never falters." (Backstage) Join us for a funny, poignant and powerful evening of theatre as film, television and Broadway star Barbara Minkus shares private moments, personal tidbits, and a plethora of musical delights. Barbara may not be "famous," but she is certainly one of the most widely adored artists in the business. Helmed by renowned performer/director Susan Morgenstern, with musical accompaniment by Ron Barnett.
Tales From Tomorrow Apr 2 - Apr 30, 2017  
Eclectic Company Theatre Tales From Tomorrow
Join forces of nature for a dark night of stories from an unknown future. Five original tales from a world eerily similar, yet far stranger and more twisted than our own.
Into The Woods Apr 4 - May 14, 2017  
Ahmanson Theatre Into The Woods
Venture Into the Woods with the acclaimed Fiasco Theater production that became New York's surprise hit of this season. Unanimously lauded by critics and extended twice on Broadway, the Tony Award-winning musical by Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine is now on its national tour. This witty and wildly theatrical re-invention is Into the Woods like you've never seen it before, and it's coming to the stage of the Ahmanson Theatre in Los Angeles. Including dazzling songs like "Children Will Listen" and "No One Is Alone," this thrillingly clever version made Ben Brantley of The New York Times fall "head over heels." Mind the wolf, heed the witch and honor the giant in the sky at this extraordinary musical about the power of wishes and the tradeoffs sometimes required to make them come true.
The Legend of Georgia McBride Apr 4 - May 14, 2017  
Geffen Playhouse The Legend of Georgia McBride
What is a person to do when their Elvis act gets the ignominious ax? With a pregnant wife, a woefully empty bank account and an eviction notice coming his way any minute, Casey is left with no choice but to trade in his signature jumpsuit for sequins and start strutting his stuff around the Florida panhandle as the area's newest drag queen. A music-filled comedy about finding your true voice, this Geffen Playhouse production and west coast premiere of The Legend of Georgia McBride in Westwood will have you laughing and rooting for the underdog inside of us all.
Murder, Anyone? Apr 5 - Jun 7, 2017  
Whitefire Theatre Murder, Anyone?
Emmy-winning writer Gordon Bressack directs his world premiere comedy about two writers who argue relentlessly as they work on their god awful play that just keeps getting worse and worse, when several bloody murders occur to the delight of all.

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