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  List Of Children's Shows Now Playing
Adventures in Neverland  
Promenade Playhouse Adventures in Neverland
When Peter Pan gets back to Neverland after spending some time away, he finds the whole place turned upside down -- Captain Hook has captured Tinkerbell and Tiger Lilly, turned the Lost Boys into pirates and renamed the island Pirateland! Peter has to save the day, but he can't rescue Tink, take back the island and defeat Captain Hook all on his own. The audience is a part of the action in this all-new interactive production, where you'll cheer for the good guys, boo the bad guys and sing and dance along as you're swept away to Neverland. Adventures in Neverland is a fun-filled one-hour theatrical experience at Santa Monica's Promenade Playhouse that's a blast for the whole family. For kids ages 3+
Finding Belle  
Santa Monica Playhouse Finding Belle
Santa Monica Playhouse Family Theatre Musical Matinee series adds a new show, Finding Belle, to its much loved repertoire of family friendly classics. A host of enchanting fairytale characters are unceremoniously plunked into 2017. Cinderella, Snowhite, Little Bo Peep and even Mother Goose confront the mysteries of modern living as they try to find the lost Belle, save the fairytale world, and prove that you're never too old to believe in imagination, happily-ever-afters, and most importantly, yourself. Finding Belle gives us a whole new perspective on fantasy and reality, sharing and caring, and the importance of family togetherness. The perfect way for families to kick-off the near year - with hope!
Hansel and Gretel Bluegrass  
24th Street Theatre Hansel and Gretel Bluegrass
A new version of the classic story set in depression-era Kentucky narrated by Bradley Whitford (in a special video performance) and featuring the rollicking bluegrass sounds of The Get Down Boys. Multiple award-winning 24th Street Theatre (Walking the Tightrope, Man Covets Bird) specializes in sophisticated theater with emotional depth that appeals to kids as well as adults — appropriate for ages 8+.
The Princess and the Frog  
Theatre West The Princess and the Frog
There's plenty of adventure, laughs, songs and interactive fun in this play where a Prince becomes a frog, and the children of the audience join in dance numbers and attend a banquet at the castle with the Princess and the King and the magical fairy.
The Snow Queen  
Glendale Centre Theatre The Snow Queen
If Frozen has been playing non-stop in your household, Glendale Centre Theatre has just the thing to get your kids out of the house for a live show. The Snow Queen also features a beautiful and magical queen who saves the day. When her sister is banished by an evil troll and the King is transformed into a reindeer, Queen Emmeline must step up to save Snowdonia and the people she loves. With the help of her new friends Willa and Kay (who are dealing with a curse of their own), the Snow Queen will do her best to restore her kingdom and family back to normal.
Tangled Fairy Tales 2  
Promenade Playhouse Tangled Fairy Tales 2
Your favorite princesses are back and "once upon a time" gets even more mixed up in Creating Arts Company's latest musical sequel Tangled Fairy Tales 2. An evil warrior has rescued all the villains, unleashing them back into Fairytale Land to wreak havoc on everyone's stories. Now it's up to Mulan, Cinderella, the Pacific Seas Princesses, Jasmine and more to team up with Robin Hood and Tarzan to defeat the villains and ensure happily-ever-after for all. Filled with humor, action and fun songs, this interactive musical at Santa Monica's Promenade Playhouse is sure to enchant audiences of all ages. This show is recommended for children age 3 and older.
  List Of Children's Shows Coming Soon
Peter Rabbit Tales Opens Apr 1  
Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza Peter Rabbit Tales
"Once upon a time there were four little Rabbits, and their names were � Flopsy, Mopsy, Cotton-tail and Peter ...." These famous opening lines of "The Tale of Peter Rabbit" have enchanted young audiences for over one hundred years with the exploits of a charming hero, who, going against his mother's wishes, has adventures in Mr. McGregor's garden. Beatrix Potter created an instant classic with the little blue-coated rabbit who we recognize as both boy and rabbit, wild and civilized, and who has become an icon of childhood since he first hopped out of the pages of a storybook and into children's hearts. "When Enchantment Theatre decided to make a play based on some of Beatrix Potter's stories, we wanted to use the tales about Peter Rabbit and his family; not only are they are delightful adventures, filled with humor, bravery and loyalty, but these stories are remarkably true to both animal and human nature," says Enchantment Theatre Company�s Artistic Director, Leslie Reidel. Featuring exciting costumes and fantastic animal masks, whimsical puppets, gorgeous scenery, and original music, the approximately one-hour show will transport young audiences and their parents into an enchanted story world where a now grown-up Peter Rabbit and his cousin, Benjamin Bunny, together embark on a breathtaking adventure reminiscent of their youthful escapades in Mr. McGregor's garden. The performance is recommended for children ages 3 - 9.
Gossamer Opens Apr 1  
South Coast Repertory Gossamer
Lowry’s enchanting story follows tiny creatures who gather happy memories and whisper them into the dreams of humans who need them most; the Junior Players portray all the characters, including the humans (and Toby the dog), the invisible dream-givers and even the rampaging horses that represent the worst nightmares.
Snow White: A Children's Comedy Opens Apr 1  
Cupcake Theater Snow White: A Children's Comedy
With its sights set on appealing to youngsters and the still-young-at-heart, Snow White: A Children's Comedy is a humorous retelling of the classic story. Utilizing puppets, magic and even sword-fighting, this fast-paced adaptation breathes exciting new life into the tale of the beautiful girl who is forced to fight the powers of a Wicked Queen, her Magic Mirror and her Huntsman. Enjoy an afternoon of laughter and joy with your whole family at North Hollywood's Cupcake Theater and Snow White: A Children's Comedy.
Junie B.'s Essential Survival Guide to School: Stage Show for Kids Opens Apr 9  
La Mirada Theatre for the Performing Arts Junie B.'s Essential Survival Guide to School: Stage Show for Kids
Inspired by Barbara Park's sassy and spirited children's book series, Junie B.'s Essential Survival Guide to School will have everyone in your family reliving those bumpy grade school days. Now that Junie B. Jones has been going to school for over one-and-a-half years, who better to teach you the ropes than her? From bus rules to band-aids, carpools to cookies, Junie B. and friends will teach you how to survive and succeed in those challenging elementary school years. Catch a serious case of the grade-school giggles when this funny musical comes to La Mirada Theatre for the Performing Arts. Recommended for ages five and up.
Elephant and Piggies "We Are In A Play!" Opens Apr 22  
Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts Elephant and Piggies
The wildly popular Elephant & Piggie children's book series comes to life on the stage of the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts in Los Angeles. Written by the books' author, Mo Willems, this upbeat musical explores the world of best friends Gerald the Elephant and Piggie the Pig. When these two get together, anything is possible. They might get invited to a fancy pool costume party, learn a crazy new dance or decide to spend the day skipping and playing ping-pong in silly hats. In the lively "We Are in a Play!" the dynamic duo and their delightful back-up singers, the Squirrelles, discover all the fun of starring in a play. Get ready to do the "Flippy Floppy Floory" dance at this hilarious and imaginative songfest that aims to teach kids the true meaning of friendship.
Goldilocks and the Three Bears Opens Apr 29  
Lewis Family Playhouse at Vicotria Gardens Cultural Center Goldilocks and the Three Bears
The spring brings a fun confection from the hilarious writing team behind the very popular The Three Little Pigs, a highlight of MainStreet's 2014/2015 season. In this light-hearted show, when the worlds of bears and people collide, everyone learns that girls and bears aren't as ferocious as they may seem! Featuring an unforgettable score and some contemporary twists to a classic story every child knows and loves, this humorous adaptation is "just right" for the whole family! Recommended for ages 4 and up.