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  List Of Children's Shows Now Playing
Goldilocks And The Three Bears  
Theatre West Goldilocks And The Three Bears
Goldilocks befriends the three bears and begins a friendship with Baby Bear. Through Goldilocks and Baby Bear, Goldilocks’ parents and Mama and Papa Bear learn that they have more in common than they thought and learn to respect each other. It’s a happy, original show with a huge amount of opportunities for audience participation. Goldilocks and the Three Bears is perfect entertainment for kids aged 3 to 9 as they get out of their seats and get on stage 7437-aladdinfnto have a great time. The whole family is welcome. Special arrangements are always available for birthday parties, school field trips and groups.
Hansel & Gretel Bluegrass  
24th Street Theatre Hansel & Gretel Bluegrass
The world premiere of a new version of the classic story set in depression-era Kentucky and featuring the rollicking bluegrass sounds of The Get Down Boys. The latest production from LAb24 (Walking the Tightrope), 24th STreet Theatre’s resident experimental theater company dedicated to presenting provocative plays that appeal to kids while maintaining the look and emotional depth of adult theater, is written by Bryan Davidson and directed by Debbie Devine. (Recommended for ages 8+)
Snow White  
Promenade Playhouse Snow White
Snow White is a Creating Arts Company Pint Sized Play and is a one hour interactive-cinematic-theatrical-experience like no other! This audience interactive show combines film and projection with live action, and music for a play that pulls you right in! This show uses blackouts, strobe-lights and fog for special effects and is recommended for ages 3 and up. The show is an interactive-cinematic-theatrical experience like no other that involves animation and projection, music and lots of audience involvement. This show is sure to thrill all ages and is recommended for 3 and up.
  List Of Children's Shows Coming Soon
The Wind In The Willows Opens Apr 26  
Little Fish Theatre The Wind In The Willows
The Wind in the Willows is a joyous story about friendship appropriate for children from ages 3 and up. It follows the adventures of Mole, Rat, Badger, Toad and their friends. LACT’s production highlights adventure, morality, and camaraderie. The story begins as Rat and Mole pay a visit to their friend, Toad. Having given up boating, Toad's current craze is a horse-drawn cart. He persuades the reluctant Rat and willing Mole to join him on a trip. But a few days later, a passing motor car scares their horse, causing the cart to crash. Far from being upset by the loss of his favorite toy, Toad's first thought is that he, too, wants one of those incredible automobiles. Toad’s new obsession leads to trouble, though. He crashes cars, is hospitalized has to spend a fortune on fines. Rat, Mole and another friend, Badger, decide that they should do something to protect Toad from himself. The three of them go to visit Toad, and Badger tries talking him out of his behavior, to no avail. They decide to put Toad under house until Toad changes his mind. But Toad manages to escape. Later, Toad learns that his home, Toad Hall has been taken over by cruel woodland creatures, despite attempts to protect it by Mole and Badger. Although upset at the loss of his house, Toad realizes what good friends he has, and how badly he has behaved. Together, Badger, Rat, Mole and Toad enter Toad Hall via a secret entrance and drive away the intruders. Toad makes up for his earlier wrongdoings by seeking out those he wronged and compensating them. The four friends live out their lives happily ever after. The story confirms the power of close friends and courage to make a difference in the lives of others.