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Barnyard Madness with the Three Pigs  
Santa Monica Playhouse Barnyard Madness with the Three Pigs
Barnyard Madness with the Three Pigs is a zany 1940s Country and Western romp and toe-tapping, finger-snapping musical comedy that follows the romantic antics and show business aspirations of the singing McPig Sisters and their wolverine admirers, proving once and for all that true friendship does not depend on size, color, background, nationality or even "species." A cross between "Grand Ole Opry", "The Three Little Pigs", and drawing from all the happy moments of "Romeo & Juliet", Barnyard Madness offers humorous, yet keen, insights into the dangers of falling in with the "wrong crowd," the deceptive nature of stereotypes, and the importance of following your heart. Barnyard Madness is one of fifteen original fairy tales that are part of the Santa Monica Playhouse award-winning Family Theatre Musical Matinee Series that cut across the imaginary generation gap by providing an experience that the entire family can enjoy.
Jack and the Giant  
The Little Theater LA Jack and the Giant
The Los Angeles Children’s theater is proud to presents its newest fairy tale production, Jack and the Giant. Based on the fairy tale classic, they bring this exciting adventure to life with a little modern twist. Sad and Happy take the audience on an adventure as they watch the story unfold. The story starts out as any Jack and the Giant story does, with the poor cow, Drusilla, having to be sold. However, Drusilla is a smart, beautiful and talented cow who is determined to stay with her best friend Jack however possible.
  List Of Children's Shows Coming Soon
Peter Pan Opens Aug 9  
South Coast Repertory Peter Pan
Late one night, three children wake up to find Peter Pan searching for his shadow—in their nursery! Because they love adventure, off they go—with the boy who refuses to grow up—all the way to Neverland, where they meet the Lost Boys, battle Tiger Lily and her tribe and escape from pirates led by the dastardly Captain Hook. Let your imagination fly with them—because soon it will be time for all of us to grow up. It’s the 110th anniversary of J.M. Barrie’s beloved classic (and the 60th anniversary of the award-winning Broadway musical)! We’ll sprinkle pixie dust as we celebrate Peter Pan with SCR’s Summer Players, talented young actors who audition for roles in the annual product after at least a year in the Theatre Conservatory. If you believe in fairies, join us!