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  List Of Children's Shows Now Playing
Barnyard Madness with the Three Pigs  
Santa Monica Playhouse Barnyard Madness with the Three Pigs
Barnyard Madness with the Three Pigs is a zany 1940s Country and Western romp and toe-tapping, finger-snapping musical comedy that follows the romantic antics and show business aspirations of the singing McPig Sisters and their wolverine admirers, proving once and for all that true friendship does not depend on size, color, background, nationality or even "species." A cross between "Grand Ole Opry", "The Three Little Pigs", and drawing from all the happy moments of "Romeo & Juliet", Barnyard Madness offers humorous, yet keen, insights into the dangers of falling in with the "wrong crowd," the deceptive nature of stereotypes, and the importance of following your heart. Barnyard Madness is one of fifteen original fairy tales that are part of the Santa Monica Playhouse award-winning Family Theatre Musical Matinee Series that cut across the imaginary generation gap by providing an experience that the entire family can enjoy.
Santa Monica Playhouse Cinderella
This summer, Santa Monica Playhouse presents the 30th anniversary production of the internationally-acclaimed original musical CINDERELLA. Playing for four weeks only, the beloved Rudie-DeCarlo musical offers romantics of all ages the chance to try on the glass slipper and help Cinderella find her happily-ever-after. This "innovative musical version" (DRAMA-LOGUE) of CINDERELLA features the requisite handsome prince, zany fairy godmother, silly stepsisters, a zealously well-meaning stepmother, "an enchanting Cinderella" (LA Times)
Pippi Longstocking  
Promenade Playhouse Pippi Longstocking
Everybody falls in love with Pippi Longstocking's mischievous spirit and kind heart. The strongest girl in the world, there's a pot of gold in her cupboard and her best friend is a monkey. Based on the beloved children's stories by Swedish author Astrid Lindgren, Pippi Longstocking showcases the fun-filled adventures of the fiery girl with braids akimbo. Her unbounded imagination and absolute disregard for the rules of polite society excite and shock her pals, Tommy and Annika. Pippi's tales are so enticing, you can't resist following her as she leads burglars, policemen and circus strongmen on a merry chase filled with outrageous tricks and heroic humor.
Your A Good Man Charlie Brown  
Promenade Playhouse Your A Good Man Charlie Brown
Based on the timeless Peanuts comics by Charles M. Schulz, You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown features familiar and beloved characters like Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Linus, Sally, Lucy and Schroeder. Some of the gang's most memorable situations from both the comic strip and TV specials come to life on stage, with appearances from the Kite-Eating Tree, the Little Red-Haired Girl, Lucy's psychiatry booth and Snoopy's battles with the Red Baron. This show is audience-interactive and only lasts one hour, so it's perfect for both younger audiences and adults. All children will receive a free toy musical instrument upon arrival.
  List Of Children's Shows Coming Soon
Walking With Dinosaurs: The Arena Spectacular Opens Sep 11  
Staples Center Walking With Dinosaurs: The Arena Spectacular
Imagine coming face-to-face with a giant T-rex -- hearing its awesome roar and staring right into its hungry eyes -- without worrying about becoming a snack. That's what the Walking With Dinosaurs: The Arena Spectacular offers, as you thrill to the sights and sounds of 20 life-size dinosaurs roaming the arena floor -- feeding, fighting, protecting their young and defending their territory. These amazing creatures might've roamed the earth 65 million years ago, but they've also been stomping into major cities across the globe with this theatrical event, marveled at by millions. Based on the award-winning BBC TV series and developed by scientists and internationally renowned designers, Walking With Dinosaurs is both a fascinating study in natural history and an engaging, innovative piece of live entertainment.
Charlotte's Web Opens Nov 7  
South Coast Repertory Charlotte's Web
Shhh! Listen to the sounds of morning! They tell of something exciting that happened during the night. A pig was born. His name is Wilbur. And he’s destined to become tomorrow’s bacon—until a spider with amazing skills hatches a plan. This beloved children’s fable about love and friendship comes alive onstage—in a warm and witty production that helps young people understand the ever-changing cycle of life.