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  True West Reviews
True West
True West

True West
VS. Theatre Company
Thru - Nov 2, 2019

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VS. Theatre Company

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Broadway World- Highly Recommended

"...And just as Austin is about to strangle Lee with the cord from the broken-off-the-wall telephone, their mother (Carole Goldman) walks in and gets the shock of her life. That mind-altering moment changes the family forever, and its brilliance cannot be fully described without revealing more than I should about the ending due to the all-encompassing sibling rivalry. Just go see it and be grateful you don't have to clean up the mess afterwards, as that task falls on the dedicated shoulders of Production Stage Manager Samantha Ramsey."
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Shari Barrett

Stage and Cinema- Recommended

"...What stays sure is the drama's cage-match ferocity - perhaps its own reason for being - erupting between two mutually exclusive brothers. To cite one of the many Western cliches that Shepard undermines, this house ain't big enough for the both of them."
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Tony Frankel

Hollywood Progressive- Highly Recommended

"...I found this well-acted, superbly written, superior production about writing to be riveting and upsetting. It is highly recommended for those who love their drama to be thought-provoking, hard-hitting, to pull no punches about the human condition yet leavened by a wry wit and mounted in an intimate setting. For viewers who prefer wearing seatbelts while experiencing cathartic theater, this is your cup of hemlock. True that!"
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Ed Rampell

Stage Raw- Recommended

"...Both Clark and Hawkes establish solid personas in the first act: Clark’s polite, cautious and controlled screenwriter, a man who’s pulled himself up to the middle class and now treats his brother almost as a social worker might treat a volatile client, and Hawke’s lurking time bomb of an itinerant, aware of his power to instill fear and quite prepared to decimate at any time."
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Deborah Klugman