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  True West Reviews
True West
True West

True West
VS. Theatre Company
Thru - Aug 31, 2019

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VS. Theatre Company

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Hollywood Progressive- Highly Recommended

"...I found this well-acted, superbly written, superior production about writing to be riveting and upsetting. It is highly recommended for those who love their drama to be thought-provoking, hard-hitting, to pull no punches about the human condition yet leavened by a wry wit and mounted in an intimate setting. For viewers who prefer wearing seatbelts while experiencing cathartic theater, this is your cup of hemlock. True that!"
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Ed Rampell

Stage Raw- Recommended

"...Both Clark and Hawkes establish solid personas in the first act: Clarks polite, cautious and controlled screenwriter, a man whos pulled himself up to the middle class and now treats his brother almost as a social worker might treat a volatile client, and Hawkes lurking time bomb of an itinerant, aware of his power to instill fear and quite prepared to decimate at any time."
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Deborah Klugman