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  The Skin of Our Teeth Reviews
The Skin of Our Teeth
The Skin of Our Teeth

The Skin of Our Teeth
Will Geer Theatricum Botanicum
Thru - Sep 29, 2019

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Will Geer Theatricum Botanicum

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Los Angeles Times- Recommended

"...Director Ellen Geer and a company of 20 have a grand time with all of this ó perhaps too grand, as their exaggerated hilarity sometimes undercuts the gravity of whatís going on. Still, the material delivers chills of recognition as it wraps in environmental calamity, a refugee crisis, mass violence, political and social division, arrogant exceptionalism, smear politics, a presidential sex scandal and more."
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Daryl H. Miller

LA Daily News- Highly Recommended

"...Wilder certainly accomplished his apparent goals here: to provide comfort in the face of global cataclysm, yet to remind us not to sit idly while our species collapses, and to at least face inevitable calamities with wit and with love for our fellow creatures."
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Dany Margolies

LA Splash- Highly Recommended

"...Director Ellen Geer and the ensemble cast do an excellent job of holding together the multiple offshoots of the tale - which could easily get out of control in lesser hands. At the end of it all, everyone must admire the intensity and insight of playwright Thornton Wilder, who seemed to break every law of writing in order to draw attention to his primary theme, a theme of hope. As always, the entire production team keeps pace with the often convoluted tale and provides appropriate backdrop at every turn, even when required to activate a woolly mammoth."
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Elaine Mura

Stage Scene LA- Highly Recommended

"...Check out Theatricum Botanicumís zesty 2019 revival and savor for yourself this Greek Mythology-meets-The Bible-meets-Ancient History-inspired 20th-century classic, as charming as it is mind-blowing and as terrifically directed and performed as any Wilder fan could wish for."
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Steven Stanley

Accessibly Live Off-Line- Highly Recommended

"...Directed by Ellen Geer, THE SKIN OF OUR TEETH was far ahead of its time. It may not have been understood when it was first presented to the theater world, but it got better over the generations. It was not the first artistic piece created that suffered this kind of fate, and never proved itself to be the last! But the early 1940's was still living with the annals of vaudeville, and that device called "television" would not come around for a few more years. But this isn't TV! It's another fine theater production as performed within the rustic canyons of Topanga!"
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Rich Borowy

Theatre Notes- Highly Recommended

"...This mash-up of religion, history, and mythology, written at the start of the United States participation in the conflagration of World War II, is especially pertinent in our own time of crisis, cruelty, and looming worldwide disaster. That it makes us laugh is a bitter blessing."
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Paul Myrvold

Peoples World- Recommended

"...The Skin of Our Teeth is in the end, and through all the disruptions in family life caused by external circumstantial crises, an affirmation of the we-have-no-choice-but-to-get through-this determination of human beings to hang in there against all odds. At different moments it assumes the air of a comic-book telegraph synopsis of human life, with a nod to the Biblical family of Adam and Eve and their violence-prone son Cain, and also to burlesque and a great deal of physical humor. Both Homer and Moses make guest cameo appearances. An audience quickly learns to accept the play on its own quirky terms and go along for the wild ride through myth and history."
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Eric A. Gordon