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  The Secret of Chimneys Reviews
The Secret of Chimneys
The Secret of Chimneys

The Secret of Chimneys
Lonny Chapman Group Repertory Theatre
Thru - May 5, 2019

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Lonny Chapman Group Repertory Theatre

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Broadway World- Not Recommended

"...What is right with the play? It's a lost Agatha Christie mystery. What is wrong with it? Just about everything. The plot is too contrived and uninteresting. One of the inspectors talks about "routine". This pretty much describes the whole play...talky and dull. It lacks a central character like Hercule Poirot or Miss Marple who may lend humor and eccentricity to the storyline. There are many eccentrics among the crowd, but they don't fit together well or provide enough appeal."
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Don Grigware

The Tolucan Times- Recommended

"...Director Jules Aaron keeps the story light and tight with spot-on timing and fine chemistry between the romantic leads. Though the production begins somewhat slowly, it picks up the pace and keeps the audience guessing."
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Mary Mallory

NoHoArtsDistrict- Highly Recommended

"...I personally love Agatha Christie, and the Group Rep at the Lonny Chapman Theatre has the rarely seen Christie play, "The Secret of Chimneys," a comedy spiked with a murder mystery, and directed by the incomparable Jules Aaron. And, itís fun, fun, fun."
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Cathy Wayne

Theatre Notes- Recommended

"...The good news? The Group Repís current production, Agatha Christieís rarely done 1931 play, The Secret of Chimneys, is satisfying on all accounts. In terms of plot and characters, it doesnít measure up to her greatest creations, such as Hercule Poirot and Murder on the Orient Express, or Miss Marple and Murder at the Vicarage, but it does quite well for an evening at the theatre, even though it is an unfashionable three-act play. Two ten-minute intermissions allow for a leg stretch, conversation with you seat mate, and phone games, which gets you out the door by10:30pm."
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Paul Myrvold

Los Angeles Post-Examiner- Highly Recommended

"...The Secret of Chimneys has more twists and turns than a renegade tornado. Lord Caterham has been persuaded to host a party at his country estate Chimneys. In attendance a British politician and the presumed heir to the throne of Herzoslovakia and others. AS the party progresses eventually bon vivant Anthony Cade arrives and connects with Virginia Revel. Suddenly a gun shot rings out and Cade and Revel discover the body of the Herzoslovakia royal; now dead from the gun shot. Now the full force of renown writer Agatha Christie takes full effect."
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Ron Irvin