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  The Old Settler Reviews
The Old Settler
Pico Playhouse

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Los Angeles Times- Recommended

"...What elevates this revival is the riveting interplay between Oliver and Hinds as the estranged siblings facing deep-seated conflicts with naked emotional honesty - there's no plot safety net to coast on here. As icing on the cake, the songs threaded through the play showcase Hinds' background as an opera singer - by the end she had me wishing for an encore."
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Philip Brandes

LA Weekly- Recommended

"...The outcome is predictable, but this doesn't detract from what is a thoroughly enjoyable production with emotionally vibrant performances under the direction of William Stanford Davis."
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Lovell Estell III

The Hollywood Reporter- Recommended

"...Director William Stanford Davis (an Emmy-winning actor currently appearing in the Showtime series Ray Donovan) may block rudimentally but his attention to the nuances of the performances ensures that everyone onstage shines."
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Myron Meisel

LA Splash- Recommended

"...While the story was slow in the first act, the tension built as the play continued ending with a rousing finale. Singing of Ruby Hinds and Jolie Oliver enhanced the telling."
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Serita Stevens Recommended

"...It is a beautifully woven story and it is beautifully performed by this marvelous cast."
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Carol Kaufman Segal Recommended

"...Kudos go to director William Stanford Davis for bringing out the laughs and emotions in this simple but well-written piece."
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Kurt Gardner

Frontiers- Recommended

"...The wonderfully detailed and attractive set by Thomas Brown, lighting by Carol Doehring and costumes by Grace Goodson-Witcher provide the finishing touches to Interact Theatre Company’s wonderfully satisfying offering."
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Les Spindle

Thespian Thoughts- Recommended

"...Sibling rivalry, racism and romance are just some of the issues perfectly handled in this riveting play."
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Sandro Monetti

Culver City News- Recommended

"...The sweet predictability of the first act becomes resigned disappointment as the storyline continues down the implied path without a single twist or turn for interest. It's not a bad road to travel down; it is well performed and enjoyable. Just know that you're on the kiddie-coaster, not Space Mountain. The relationship between the two sisters is marvelous."
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Kat Michels

LifeInLA- Recommended

"...On Sunday, September 1st, a packed house witnessed the triumphant opening of John Henry Redwood's play The Old Settler at the Pico Playhouse in Los Angeles. The remarkably popular play explores issues specific to the African-American experience, while it magnifies themes common to all."
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Tasha Moore

The Los Angeles Post- Recommended

"...Written by John Henry Redwood, an actor and playwright who died in Philadelphia in 2003 and deftly directed by William Stanford Davis, The Old Settler is also a poignant story of love, loss, and family, a tale that resonates long after the curtain closes."
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Shirley Hawkins

Theatre Spoken Here- Recommended

"...William Stanford Davis directs with sensitivity. Set design by Thomas Brown, lighting by Carol Doehring, costumes by Grace Goodson and props by Chuck Loring are all redolent of a bygone era."
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Morna Murphy Martell