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  The Art of Dining at Gloria Gifford Conservatory

The Art of Dining

Gloria Gifford Conservatory
6502 Santa Monica Blvd. Los Angeles

Juicy. Delicious. Salivate your way through The Art of Dining, a hilarious exploration of tantalizing appetites and desires. Then eat with the cast. Gourmet meals at every show (for V.I.P. ticket holders). ​The play takes place in the late-’70s in upscale New Jersey at the Shore. Ellen and Cal have opened a restaurant, The Golden Carousel, and after four weeks, the place is taking off with the dinner crowd. Ellen is the passionate gourmet chef, and Cal is the passionate Maitre’D, host, waiter and bartender. They have been married for eight years and this restaurant is their baby. Gloria Gifford directs this exciting new production.

Thru - Dec 8, 2019

Saturdays: 7:30pm
Sundays: 8:00pm

Price: $30

Show Type: Comedy

  The Art of Dining Reviews
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Broadway World - Recommended

"...Kudos to set designers' (Gifford, Hamilton and Lucy Walsh) vivid, three-roomed set - living/waiting room with footless purple couches donated by José Eber, a carrousel horse and Asian art panels; the main dining room with a 70s pop artist Patrick Nagel piece hanging high overhead, and a working kitchen full of various foods and cooking paraphernalia."
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Gil Kaan

Showmag - Recommended

"...But the most fun of all comes from the action in the working kitchen (part of the overall design by Gifford, Hamilton, and Lucy Walsh). An ever more frenzied Ellen keeps churning out the food, with Cal blithely ignoring her distress. When at last she goes on strike, the shenanigans begin, topped off with a live-at-the-table crepe suzette."
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Leigh Kennicott

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