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  Slowgirl Reviews

Geffen Playhouse
Thru - Apr 26, 2014

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Geffen Playhouse

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Los Angeles Times- Recommended

"...But Pierce has caught the rhythms of teenage girl-speak, and Gray, a credentialed actress and University of Chicago student (no relation to this reviewer) revels in them. Her wonderfully gravelly voice and quirky delivery make Becky thoroughly entertaining. And the characters’ developing bond despite their differences is touching and persuasive."
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Margaret Gray

LA Weekly- Recommended

"...Director Randall Arney’s avenue staging (with audience on both sides of the playing space), along with Takeshi Kata’s spare but flexible set, Richard Woodbury’s rich soundscape (especially the iguana on the tin roof) and Daniel Ionazzi’s angular lighting, accentuates the openness of Sterling’s front door – less shack and the immediacy of the jungle outside it. Gray’s unfiltered volubility is a perfect foil to Petersen’s more philosophical calm, keeping us engaged throughout this resonant exploration of regret and redemption."
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Mayank Keshaviah

Edge- Recommended

"...Under the helm of Geffen Playhouse’s artistic director Randall Arney, who staged the Chicago premiere rendition, Pierce’s intimate seriocomedy about a reunion between two relatives who confront their pasts and help one another find new outlooks for their futures, is graced with superb performances and a crisply atmospheric production design."
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Les Spindle

Stage and Cinema- Recommended

"...Slowgirl is like a fine meal, meant to be savored for its nuance and subtlety with each bite revealing new and intriguing flavors. Sit back, relax and let it simmer. Your palate will thank you and your appetite for tasty theater will be satiated."
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Tom Chaits

The Hollywood Reporter- Somewhat Recommended

"...Director Randall Arney, also the artistic director at the Geffen, shares the Steppenwolf patrimony and knows his way around this kind of material, so everything is impeccably sure-footed, tastefully suggestive, and so polished the effort required is rarely noticeable. What feels lacking is urgency, originality and the sense of something too essential to ignore. To be implicated in the mistakes the characters make, maybe the audience needs to share the compulsion that these messy people are some inescapable expressions of ourselves."
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Myron Meisel Not Recommended

"...The pace of the production is slow. The awkwardness of two people of disparate generations, though related, are basically strangers, and being thrown together in the environment in which we find them, seems incongruous with reality, and I could not feel empathy for either character."
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Carol Kaufman Segal

Examiner- Recommended

"...I would have liked to have seen more in terms of character development in Sterling and I don’t know if it was in the writing, the directing or acting that more did not come across. That awkward silence, fumbling and deliberate restraint held through to the very end. Despite this, the story was compelling and the developing relationship very meaningful."
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Audrey Linden

ArtsBeatLA- Recommended

"...It’s not often that a playwright provokes an internal dialogue; I found myself wanting—needing—one character to say something and the other character to do something… And yet, by the play’s low-key conclusion, those things had not happened, nor were they necessarily going to happen, and yet I felt satisfied."
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Pauline Adamek

ArtsInLA- Recommended

"...Two very human, rather intriguing characters reveal their wounds and their coping mechanisms in this Greg Pierce play. Under Randall Arney’s direction, their story plays out with universality and specificity. But the crux of the work is in the seconds when nothing is said, building to an electrifying moment of crushing silence."
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Dany Margolies

Total Theater- Recommended

"...Slowgirl, Greg Pierce’s quirky drama about two wounded souls confronting each other — and their demons — in the Costa Rican jungle, comes to the Geffen after a successful run at the Steppenwolf Theater in Chicago. Because the director (Randall Arney) and the actors (William Peterson and Rae Gray) worked together on the play in Chicago, the L.A. production is uncommonly polished and assured."
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Willard Manus

Culture Spot LA- Not Recommended

"...Unfortunately, neither of the characters in this two-person drama evokes any sympathy or exhibits any personality traits to root for. When the big reveal of the tragic incident’s actual details comes to light, no satisfaction results — except for the shared desire with Becky to get off this languorous island."
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Gil Kaan

Grigware Blogspot- Recommended

"...Starting at a snail’s pace, Slowgirl does build gradually, piquing your interest and pulling you in with increasing curiosity, kind of like a well-directed cable TV movie… due primarily to the riveting direction and fiercely connected performances of its two actors."
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Don Grigware