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  Sisters Three Reviews
Sisters Three
Sisters Three

Sisters Three
VS. Theatre Company
Thru - Jan 20, 2019

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VS. Theatre Company

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Stage Scene LA- Somewhat Recommended

"...A pair of quirky contemporary adult siblings bearing more than a passing resemblance to Anne and Emily Brontë generate dramatic sparks aplenty in Jami Brandli’s Sisters Three, that is until Charlotte shows up near the end and the Inkwell Theater World Premiere turns from a mostly quite absorbing two-hander to a solo performance that goes off the deep end … way off."
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Steven Stanley

CurtainUp- Not Recommended

"...The curtain fell on the world premiere of Jami Brandli's play Sisters Three,, and yours truly departed the VS Theatre with Mykola Leontovych's Carol of the Bells lodged ice-pick-like in my cranium. This happened in part because that seasonal favorite is indeed played at the conclusion of Brandli's play (a work that is about as un-yuletide-ish as could be despite being set during Christmas). Then again, given the choice between taking away Leontovych or Charlotte Bronte's jaw-dropping rant about two-headed bunnies and the ensuing apocalypse, I'll take the Bells any day of the week and twice on Christmas morning."
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Evan Henerson

Showmag- Somewhat Recommended

"...I should mention that Inkwell Theater's mandate showcases new and promising workshopped plays, and as such, the play has a stripped down, bare bones feel. Lex Gernon's setting takes advantage of the tiny stage, using actual dimensions and real doorways to manifest the claustrophic, single apartment augmented by Rebecca Carr's set dressing. Alison Dillard's costumes pinpoint the current period, while Joey Guthman's lighting fills in the blanks. John Zalewski, too, fleshes out the feel of the outdoors at key moments. The impressive (and out of context) sword fight between sisters was achieved by Collin Bressie's fight choreography."
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Leigh Kennicott

Stage Raw- Somewhat Recommended

"...As with Moving Arts’ recently mounted Bliss — also an updated spin on classical characters — the play is mildly amusing and provides meaty roles for women performers, which is all to the good. But it offers few insights, nor does it seem to have much of a point."
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Deborah Klugman

Theatre Notes- Recommended

"...The action of the play, under the keen direction of Annie McVey, is crisp and choreographed, a necessity in the intimate space of the VS. Theatre. Dana DeRuyck as Emily carries the emotional weight of the play, while Kara Hume serves up some ditzy comedy as Anne, who might just possibly have a touch of attention deficit. When Robyn Cohen shows up as Charlotte, Sisters Three charts stunning new territory in the category of black comedy."
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Paul Myrvold