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  Show Me A Hero at Write Act Repertory Theatre

Show Me A Hero

Write Act Repertory Theatre
6128 Yucca Avenue Hollywood

Fallaci and Panagoulis met in 1974 when she came down from Italy to interview him after the collapse of the military dictatorship in Greece. Panagoulis, who had been imprisoned and tortured for his actions against the Colonels, fell passionately in love with Fallaci, and vice versa. She was by his side when he once again risked his life to gather evidence against corrupt government leaders.

Thru - Mar 29, 2020

Saturdays: 8:00pm
Sundays: 3:00pm

Price: $20

Show Type: Drama

Box Office: 323-469-3113

  Show Me A Hero Reviews
  • Highly Recommended
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  • Somewhat Recommended
  • Not Recommended

LA Splash - Highly Recommended

"...SHOW ME A HERO is a fascinating study taken from real life and should appeal to audiences interested in history, especially Greek history. At the same time, this is a love story which will draw in audiences captivated by deeply emotional themes. The parallel between stories from ancient Greek theater and these contemporary characters will certainly keep the audience involved."
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Elaine Mura

The Tolucan Times - Recommended

"...The acting and directing are riveting. Ilia Volok is completely believable as the convicted, unstoppable Alexander. The set perfectly recreates the interior of the residence in Greece, where all the heated conversations take place. We often hear stirring music, and sometimes the consoling sounds of the sea."
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Bob Rich

Hollywood Progressive - Somewhat Recommended

"...Despite compelling performances by the impassioned leads, this low budge production in an intimate theater is limited in scope – and perhaps in imagination. To drive home Petros’ heroism one has to be familiar with the Colonels’ coup and the horrors that they perpetrated. Manus is – he reported from Greece for decades, so as a firsthand observer of the junta the ex-journo may take for granted that Yankee Doodle Dandy audiences will be familiar with and care about these crimes against humanity. His play may be called Show Me a Hero, but too often instead of showing the viewers, the characters tell them about the regime’s terrors. Plot points such as torture need to be dramatized in order to engage the audience more fully (although, to be honest, I’m glad they didn’t act out the specific torture Petros suffered that he describes to Luisa)."
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Ed Rampell

NoHoArtsDistrict - Highly Recommended

"...I love how Write Act rises to everything they produce. They are boldly driven toward stories of freedom, excellence and sacrifice, and their productions never miss their mark. This production is as successfully executed and deftly directed as everything they do and I can highly recommend it. Lisa Robins as Fallaci is strong, sexy and fabulous to watch and Ilia Volok as Panogoulis is inspiring and heartbreaking. Rico Simonini as Panogoulis's friend and business partner is also really wonderful and the writing, by the prolific Willard Manus, is vivid and convincing. Bravo!!!"
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Samantha Simmonds

Stage Raw - Not Recommended

"...Daniel E. Keough’s direction is, for the most part, messy and convoluted. Many of the characters’ movements are too broad and melodramatic in a way that doesn’t correspond to the tone of the dialogue. Moreover, whenever Luisa and Petros show affection, whether embracing or holding hands while sitting next to each other, it comes across as awkward. There is a strained quality to their physical interactions not in keeping with those of a couple meant to be hopelessly in love."
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Nikki Munoz

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