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  The Fix at Long Beach Performing Arts Center

The Fix

Long Beach Performing Arts Center
300 E. Ocean Blvd. Long Beach

The West Coast premiere of a hard-boiled, darkly comic rock musical about the American political machine. A popular presidential candidate is dead, and his widow thrusts their son into the political spotlight. Her maniacal scheming is matched by that of her crippled brother-in-law, who will stop at nothing to see the boy elected. Together, the three of them make up one of the most dysfunctional almost-first families this side of real life Washington politics. Nominated for London’s 1998 Olivier Award for Best New Musical.

Thru - May 20, 2012

Price: $37-$55

Stage: International City Theatre

Show Type: Musical

Box Office: 562-436-4610

Long Beach Performing Arts Center Seating Chart

  The Fix Reviews
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  • Somewhat Recommended
  • Not Recommended

Los Angeles Times - Not Recommended

"...Yet, for all its wit, the staging feels over-housed and under-populated. What might dazzle in a 99-seat venue diffuses its impact in the mid-sized ICT. Still, the chief problem isn’t execution, but an intractable core deficiency. Between the trope-heavy, overripe plot and Rowe’s mega-generic melodies, the property, alas, remains less coruscating statement than predigested high concept where a show should be, which not even the admirable forces on tap here can fix."
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David C. Nichols

Backstage - Somewhat Recommended

"...The show would have you believe that its cachet lies in its combination of timelessness and ripped-from-the-headlines immediacy, but what book writer–lyricist John Dempsey and composer Dana P. Rowe have created is an odd, sitcomlike, soapy rock opera."
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Eric Marchese

Talkin Broadway - Somewhat Recommended

"...But none of that really matters if the show is good and the performances rock. Unfortunately, it’s a bit of a mixed bag."
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Sharon Perlmutter

Stage Scene LA - Recommended

"...ICT Artistic director caryn desai has smartly decided to bring back MTG’s Adam Simmons (a 2008 Scenie winner for his lead performance as Cal), director Randy Brenner, and choreographer Heather Castillo for The Fix’s first fully-staged West Coast production. Otherwise, The Fix at ICT is brand new from the ground up, and as exciting as can be."
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Steven Stanley - Recommended

"...The new Rock Musical The Fix is now on stage and stands as another example of ICT’s commitment to presenting entertaining and well-produced theatrical works."
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Robert Lilly

Neon Tommy - Recommended

"...Having enjoyed the performances and score of “The Fix,” one may be left to wonder what it was all for. Though it seems to be at first, the musical is not simply a wry satire of today’s political world; it grows too dramatic for that."
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Sara Itkis

TheatreMania - Recommended

"...Even more fortuitously, director Randy Brenner (who helmed a previous production of the show at Musical Theatre Guild), manages to balance the book’s melodrama and the satire. He makes sure that the actors on the stage aren’t mouthpieces, but convey that they believe every line they say and sing."
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Jonas Schwartz

Musicals In LA - Recommended

"...If theatre’s purpose is to make you think and feel then The Fix will give you an opportunity to do both. It isn’t subtle and it doesn’t intend to be. “Graceful exits were never your forte,” says Violet to Grahame, the polio victim, in one of her ugliest episodes. It’s enough to make your skin crawl."
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Ellen Dostal

Greater Long Beach - Not Recommended

"...What I know for sure is that I wish ICT had chosen different material, because no director or cast can repair all that is wrong with The Fix."
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Greggory Moore

Grigware Blogspot - Recommended

"...It’s pure political satire with music, in the style of a rock opera, but , but unlike pure rock opera, with spoken dialogue as well as the music to move the plot along. Reminding one of a vaudeville at times with its broad playing mood, it is an intensely dark, hard-hitting, gritty drama that socks a big wallop. Its one major drawback is its lack of comedic flair; it is so serious and razor sharp, it forgets to lighten up at times to let its audience digest it properly. Now in a finely staged engagement through May 20 at ICT, Long Beach, The Fix boasts above all else… a splendiferous cast."
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Don Grigware

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