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  The Magic Bullet Theory at Sacred Fools Theater

The Magic Bullet Theory

Sacred Fools Theater
1076 Lillian Way Los Angeles

Who was behind the assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy is a question for the ages. Various people from Earl Warren to Norman Mailer have tried to answer this question, but facts get lost, warped, and changed by our memories until fact and fiction collide. The Sacred Fools Theatre world premier production of The Magic Bullet Theory is the latest to weigh in on the controversy. The Magic Bullet Theory doesn’t shy away from the clear inconsistencies in the generally accepted version of the truth. On the contrary, The Magic Bullet Theory embraces them. The play takes the audience by the hand and leads it through the looking glass to the moment of the assassination of John F. Kennedy then safely deposits them back into the America created that fateful November day, in Dallas 1963.

Thru - Apr 28, 2012

Price: $20

Show Type: Drama

Box Office: 310-281-8337

  The Magic Bullet Theory Reviews
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Los Angeles Times - Recommended

"...What recommends “Bullet” is the garage-show confidence with which Mayes, choreographer Natasha Norman, the design team and a laudable ensemble attack the mayhem."
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David C. Nichols

LA Weekly - Somewhat Recommended

"...Whether the show is cause for celebration or indignation probably depends on what side of the ’60s divide one’s birth year falls. Whether you laugh or cry when Tocantins flashes a full-color glossy of Kennedy minus his brainpan will depend on what you smoke before the show."
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Bill Raden

Buzzine - Recommended

"...Theories about the Kennedy assassination have been explored in film and stage many times, but not like this mad romp and wild chaotic ride at Sacred Fools — L.A.’s delightfully irreverent theatre company."
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Clare Elfman

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