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Invisible Tango  
Skirball Cultural Center Invisible Tango
Storyteller and master illusionist Helder Guimarães­ returns to the Geffen Playhouse to share his personal perspective on how we can experience mystery in today’s world. In the midst of the information age and our culture of over-sharing, Guimarães challenges our interaction with the unknown and explores how we can embrace chaos, fear and wonder. Mind-blowing illusions, impossible coincidences and entirely new perspectives will leave audiences wondering: Just how did he do it? Directed by legendary film producer and director Frank Marshall (Jurassic World, Indiana Jones, Goonies, Back to the Future) with original music by Moby, Invisible Tango explores the nature of secrets and how far we are willing to go to discover them. Guimarães recently worked with Sandra Bullock and Cate Blanchett for their roles in Ocean’s 8. He last amazed and charmed Geffen Playhouse audiences in the smash hit Nothing to Hide, the two-person magic show that extended four times before transferring to New York.
Jessie's Messy Mind  
Studio Stage Jessie's Messy Mind
Jessie's Messy Mind is a solo performance piece about Knowles’ personal experiences with bipolar and schizophrenia. The show gives the audience a rare look at the world through the lens of a schizophrenic hallucination, a manic episode and a delusional state. Knowles performs the journey she’s taken during her three years of graduate study as she’s been discovering how to live, work and thrive while experiencing these alternate views of reality. The show is lively, humorous, fascinating and actually, surprising.
The Journey of the Little Prince  
Studio Stage The Journey of the Little Prince
Irina Kompa not only adapts The Little Prince into a wonderful script fit for the stage but also directs, produces and stars as the title character in “The Journey Of The Little Prince”. Inspired by an experience that she had at a restaurant where she had to eat in the dark in Moscow, Irina wants the audience to delve more deeply into her adaptation by having the show in the dark… to a certain degree. The actors’ silhouettes and shadows will be transposed against the moving backdrop projection designed by Seb Brown in order to transport the audience to the Little Prince’s universe through the different planets and the several characters he meets along the way played by Patricia Mizen and TranSe Carter. The Journey Of The Little Prince aims to reconnect everyone to their inner child, to innocence lost and the joy we can all find in a rose. This show will reminds us all that we were all “once children, but only a few of us remember it.”
Keith Moon: The Real Me  
2nd Stage Theatre Keith Moon:  The Real Me
Keith Moon: The Real Me explodes on the stage with the turmoil and excitement of the wildest drummer in rock and roll history. A living legend during his lifetime, Keith Moon still stands as the pinnacle of rock-star extremism — both in life and music. The play — which features live drumming to some of The Who’s most iconic recordings — explores the mind of Keith Moon, as he attempts to save himself from the unbearable burden of living up (or down) to his self-created legend of “Moon the Loon.” As Keith attempts to save himself, he takes the audience on a journey through his early struggles, his joining The Who, and their rise as one of the world’s greatest rock bands. By the show’s end, the audience intimately knows the man behind the myth —his acute vulnerability and insecurity, and his struggle to escape the ever-looming rock and roll crash landing.
La Traviata  
Dorothy Chandler Pavilion La Traviata
There's a reason that Verdi's tragic romance La Traviata is one of the most popular operas on the planet. Of course, there's the music, with exquisite arias like "Sempre libera" and the mournful "Addio del passato." Then there's the bittersweet love story of the beautiful, pleasure-loving yet frail courtesan Violetta (played by soprano Adela Zaharia), who unexpectedly finds true (and ultimately tragic) love with a younger man. But above all, what sets La Traviata in a league of its own is its humanity and its heart. It's a truly timeless tale of moral hypocrisy and selfless sacrifice, and in the character of Violetta, Verdi has given us one of opera's most fascinating heroines, a woman of boundless humanity and emotional depth. Now LA Opera brings this iconic 1853 opera to the stage -- and you can get tickets first with this exclusive pre-sale.
LA's Next Great Stage Star  
El Portal Theatre LA's Next Great Stage Star
You’ve cheered on future pop stars, dancers and comedians on TV competition shows; now you can help discover the next big Broadway star in person as LA’s Next Great Stage Star lights up the El Portal Theatre. You can be part of the live voting audience, joining the judges panel of theater pros in determining the winner of each event. Then, be there for the finale, when the winner will receive a cash prize and an agent, who will help them launch their careers. Past competition winners have landed on the Broadway stage, on national tours, and in films and TV shows, so don’t miss this chance to catch a slew of great performances — not to mention the right to brag, “I made them a star!”
Boston Court Performing Arts Center Ladies
Ladies is a fictional account of the real women behind The Blue Stocking Society, the world’s first major feminist movement in 1750’s London, told through a modern lens. The ladies’ ambitious goals soon create scandal in London society and conflicts amongst themselves, escalating into a tangled knot of electric and jagged relationships. These women are emboldened by their righteous cause and burdened by being revolutionaries far ahead of their time. This deliciously funny and irreverent world premiere examines the humanity and passion of these trailblazing ladies, and inspires us to carry on the work they began.
The Last Five Years  
The Actors Company The Last Five Years
From the Ovation award-winning company that brought you One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest: The Immersive Experience comes an intimate, multisensory staging of this classic love story. An emotionally powerful musical about two New Yorkers in their twenties who fall in and out of love over the course of five years. The show follows Cathy, an aspiring actress, and Jamie, a budding novelist, as their story is told both backwards and forwards. Utilizing cutting edge techniques including scent design, 360° sound, curated cocktails, and an interactive pre-show experience, this re-envisioned take on a classic production allows audiences to delve into Cathy and Jamie’s complex relationship and experience their love and heartbreak while engaging all five senses.
Lend Me A Tenor  
Theatre Palisades Lend Me A Tenor
Cleveland, 1934. The local opera company is set to present Pagliacci, starring a world famous tenor. He arrives with his wife, a very jealous woman. After a huge fight with her, Tito receives a double dose of tranquilizers. Can he go on as planned? An angry wife, a presumed death, crazy costumes, secret sex romps, and loads of slamming doors. A delightful, farcical comedy!
Let's Write A Musical  
McCadden Place Theatre Let's Write A Musical
When David is diagnosed with cancer, he turns to his wife, Lucy, and says “let’s write a musical”. While David and Lucy are experiencing the ups and downs of their cancer journey, so are the characters in their musical comedy on a roller coaster ride. Their musical is based in the 50’s. It is the story of Olive and Blake who are smitten after their first date, but then, a friend interferes with their romance and shenanigans ensue. Of course, love wins out in the end.
Life Plan  
Studio Stage Life Plan
In Life Plan, it is 2068 and the world (unsurprisingly) has gone to shit. America lies in ruins following Civil War II, and climate change has made a large swath of the Earth uninhabitable. For the mass of people facing uncertain and dangerous futures, Life Plan offers a solution: Join Life Plan and live your dream life in your real life! Life Plan is immersive satirical sci-fi—the audience is live at a timeshare sales pitch from our dystopian future. Over the course of the show, the audience learns about Life Plan, its tech guru founder, and meets people living their dream on the platform right now. But things are not exactly what they seem, and the audience must reckon with what Life Plan is truly offering them.
Living Between the Lines: When Every Tribe Isn't Your Tribe  
Theatre of NOTE Living Between the Lines:  When Every Tribe Isn't Your Tribe
Born on the Mason-Dixon line, growing up between the Reagan and Clinton administrations, exploring his own sexuality in a time well before anyone knew what #toxicmasculinity even was, and discovering his identity as a first generation Asian-American immigrant, songwriter/actor/writer Michael de Lara discovered a single, undeniable truth: “I don’t fit in with anybody.” What other possibilities for life and living show up when one truly realizes that all his definitions, communities, and prideful delineations are completely contrived? Living Between the Lines is a one-man musical/cabaret about never fitting into any group, scored and performed on a loop pedal and guitar, and told through four days in the 1990s.
The Living Room: A Comedy of Grief  
Theatre of NOTE The Living Room:  A Comedy of Grief
Confined to The Living Room, these two Accountants of Death work tirelessly to record the death toll, while the occupational hazards wear on these two clowns as they learn the meaning of life and death. It makes for an absurd and physical jaunt brimming with existential phone calls, impaired dancing and the love of a goldfish.
Lock Your Heart, Elder P.  
Studio C Artists Lock Your Heart, Elder P.
Based on his actual experiences as a Mormon missionary in Sweden, Perkins’ “reads” from the journal he kept during his two years of service. However, it appears during the performance that he is not the only one with a story to tell, and that his relationship with the divine has perhaps become a bit strained. In his younger persona, Elder P. happily accepts the call to serve as a missionary. He starts out with the best of intentions: to serve the Lord faithfully, chastely, and exclusively for two years. He promises to lay aside all personal relationships, subjecting himself instead to the constant company of a 24/7 working missionary companion. Then she shows up. Lock Your Heart, Elder P. lays bare the struggle to reconcile what the heart wants and what God commands.
Odyssey Theatre Ensemble Loot
Written by Joe Orton and directed by Bart DeLorenzo — a masterpiece of black farce, Loot follows the fortunes of two young thieves. Dennis works for an undertaker. Hal’s old Mum has just died. They rob the bank next door to the funeral parlour and find just the place to hide the loot. With the money hidden in Mum’s coffin, there’s no place for Mum whose body keeps re-appearing at the most inopportune times. When Inspector Truscott turns up, the already thickened plot goes topsy-turvy.
Love, Madness, and Somewhere In Between  
Hudson Theatre Love, Madness, and Somewhere In Between
Love, Madness, And Somewhere In Between is a no holds barred glimpse into a mystical journey filled with love, pain, insanity and redemption. Scattered along the way is a sprinkling of ironic comic commentary that can only come from a true survivor. “Jimmy” is not so much a hero but more a human being traversing an abusive childhood, a descent into alcoholism and finally plunging into a world of fantastical personification which dwell amidst humanity’s darkest sins. Does Pure Love in fact transform and redeem, or are some lives beyond salvation?
Whitmore-Lindley Theatre Center Macbeth
Brace yourself for Shakespeare’s wicked and bloody tragedy coming this June. One fateful decision thrusts Macbeth, a Scottish general, and his wife into a world of shadows and horror that threatens to tear their marriage and lives to pieces. Explore the corruptive side of ambition, and the line between kingship and tyranny. We look forward to plunging you into their world of shadows and taking you on the Bard’s darkest of hell-rides. Christopher Salazar*, fresh off two seasons with the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, plays the titular Scotsman with Renée Torchio MacDonald as his Lady. The cast is completed by Annette Bizal, Matthew Jayson Cwern*, Quinn Francis, Jacques Freydont, Tanya Gorlow, Michael Hoag*, Dylan LaRocque, Ian Runge, and Roger Sebastian. Directed by Method and Madness Artistic Director Will Block. *These Actors are appearing courtesy of Actors’ Equity Association. Equity Approved Showcase

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