Night Hawks Los Angeles

Crown City Theatre Company presents a World Premiere play, NIGHT HAWKS by Dennis A. Pratt & Robert Vincent O'Neil, directed by Barry Pearl and Robert Vincent O'Neil. NIGHT HAWKS is a unique and provocative story about 2 old men caught in the crossfire of their own personal purgatory.

Dennis A. Pratt: Famed TV actor (JUDGING AMY, ALIAS, HIGHWAY TO HEAVEN and too many more to name) and writer (THE CABIN, THE STORM, DEPTH CHARGE, etc.) Dennis brings his snappy, creative dialogue to the stage with writing partner...

Robert Vincent O'Neil: Writer, director of such films as ANGEL and AVENGING ANGEL and writer of VICE SQUAD, DEADLY FORCE and TV's LADY BLUE, Robert returns to his first passion the stage. Having worked along side such greats as Jack Nicholson and Bruce Dern, he comes to Crown City with his latest creation.

CO-DIRECTED BY: Barry Pearl: Barry started his acting career 52 years ago in the original Broadway productions of BYE BYE BIRDIE and OLIVER. More recently he added THE PRODUCERS and BABY IT'S YOU! to those Broadway credits. Having done numerous tours and regional stage productions as well as several TV series and scores of episodics, he is best known as Doody in the film GREASE. Some of his directorial credits include: OLIVER! (starring Sid Caesar), Sam Bobrick's THE CRAZY TIME and, most recently, the stage version of GREASE for Cabrillo Music Theatre.

Robert Vincent O'Neil: In his early career Robert directed many stage plays throughout Arizona and Texas as well as directing the west coast premiere in L.A. of Neil Simon's PRISONER OF SECOND AVENUE.

THE STORY: Harry and Ray are partners who've had each other's back for decades. They've always met for breakfast at their favorite deli because Harry's a creature of habit. However, today Harry has chosen to meet at a rundown diner in a low class neighborhood. In this mysterious diner is a strung-out, young waitress. When it becomes obvious to Ray that this isn't Harry's first time coming to this joint and that Harry may have some feelings for this woman half his age he demands to know why they're there. Harry explains that he wants Ray to help him kill a man. When the waitress's boyfriend comes in with his associate things start to heat up and the machismo between two old goats and two young thugs escalates. It's not the "who, what, where or how" that makes this "hit" difficult for the two, it's the "why" Harry wants this man dead that is so damned disturbing. A unique and provocative story about 2 old men caught in the crossfire of their own personal purgatory.